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Mary Oliver
“You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.”
Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

Ransom Riggs
“To have endured horrors, to have seen the worst of humanity and have your life made unrecognizable by it, to come out of all that honorable and brave— that was magical.”
Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Lewis Carroll
“Look after the senses and the sounds will look after themselves”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

“What's life without whimsy?”
Dr Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Bertolt Brecht
“On a certain day in the blue-moon month of September
Beneath a young plum tree, quietly
I held her there, my quiet, pale beloved
In my arms just like a graceful dream.
And over us in the beautiful summer sky
There was a cloud on which my gaze rested
It was very white and so immensely high
And when I looked up, it had disappeared.”
Bertolt Brecht, Poems 1913-1956

Kimberly Karalius
“A trail made of pine needles and thistles leads you into the green darkness. The canopy casts shadows on old oaks and dogwoods, and you think you can smell the sour breath of a witch behind you. The wind sighs like a sleeping girl, carrying her bittersweet dreams along the paths to attract any man willing to look for thorn-covered castles. A wolf darts between fallen, rotted wood; maybe he’s the one who can tell you where your heart is, how you’re still breathing.”
Kimberly Karalius, Pocket Forest

Candace Havens
“Every girl needs a bit of whimsy to remind her that life is a game and it's all about having fun.”
Candace Havens, Take It Like a Vamp

James Thurber
“You mere device," he gnarled. "You platitude! Your Gollux ex machina!”
James Thurber, The 13 Clocks

Carl Sandburg
“Didn't you tie the mittens on her feet (Wednesday Evening's) extra special nice?
Yes--she is an extra special nice pigeon. She cries for pity when she wants pity. And she shuts her eyes when she doesn't want to look at you. And if you look deep in her eyes when her eyes are open you will see lights there exactly like the lights on the pastures and the meadows when the mist is drifting on a Wednesday evening just between the twilight and gloaming.”
Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories

“Will you treat people who make you miserable, as prison guards, or travel agents?”
Leslie Miklosy, My Thoughts Prefer Side Streets - Collected Essays and Other Reflections

stuck in mid tropic strut, it sometimes stands

as if considering how to cool avian plastic,
dive into the mown lagoon of lawn;
how take flight on dayglow flap-
doodle wings, no matter
if it is ball-bald going nowhere fast.”
Joyce Thomas, Skins: Poems

John Burnham Schwartz
“There's no backward and no forward, no day other than this. You fill your cart as you go, and that's that.”
John Burnham Schwartz, Northwest Corner

John Burnham Schwartz
“A girl never can predict who might wander into her boudoir during a bubble bath.”
John Burnham Schwartz, Northwest Corner
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Carl Sandburg
“One summer afternoon I came home and found all the umbrellas sitting in the kitchen, with straw hats on, telling who they are.
The umbrella that peels the potatoes with a pencil and makes a pink ink with the peelings stood up and said, "I am the umbrella that peels the potatoes with a pencil and makes a pink ink with the peelings." ...
The umbrella that runs to the corner to get corners for the handkerchiefs stood up and said, "I am the umbrella that runs to the corner to get corners for the handkerchiefs."


"I am the umbrella that holds up the sky. I am the umbrella the rain comes through. I am the umbrella that tells the sky when to begin raining and when to stop raining.
"I am the umbrella that goes to pieces when the wind blows and then puts itself back together again when the wind goes down. I am the first umbrella, the last umbrella, the one and only umbrella all other umbrellas are named after, first, last and always."
When the stranger finished this speech telling who he was and where he came from, all the other umbrellas sat still for a little while, to be respectful.

Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories
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“Your window square a yellow kite, and the Moon a white balloon”
John Geddes

Richelle E. Goodrich
“I made a sorry face in response to such strong insistence, but I couldn’t believe him. Fantasies were exactly that..…..fantasies. Whimsy. Wishes. Mere castles in the sky without foundation or substance. Dreams didn’t come true. To believe so would be to believe falsely, to surrender to madness, to give in to an unreliable hope that would crush me once again as it always, always did!”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Dandelions: The Disappearance of Annabelle Fancher

T.R. Wallace
“Romance is like maintaining a car. If you do a good job of it, you will always have a dependable quiet ride.”
T.R. Wallace

William Henry Hudson
“There are many Green Dragons in this world of wayside inns, even as there are many White Harts, Red Lions, Silent Women and other incredible things...”
William Henry Hudson

Robert A. Heinlein
“For millennia philosophers and saints have tried to reason out a logical scheme for the universe... until Hilda came along and demonstrated that the universe is not logical but whimsical, its structure depending solely on the dreams and nightmares of non-logical dreamers.”
Robert A. Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

Carl Sandburg
“Show me the telegrams they sent you, one every day for six days while they were walking six hundred miles on their pigeon toes."
1. Feet are as good as wings if you have to. Chickamauga. ...
3. In the night sleeping you forget whether you have wings or feet or neither. Chattahoochee. ...
6. Pity me. Far is far. Near is near. and there is no place like home when the yellow roses climb up the ladders and sing in the early summer. Pity me. Wednesday Evening In The Twilight And The Gloaming.
Well, Wednesday Evening was the only one I noticed making any mention of the yellow roses in her telegram," Hatrack the Horse explained.
Then the old man and the girl sat on the cracker box saying nothing, only listening to the yellow roses all on fire with early summer climbing up th ecrooked ladders, up and down and crossways, some of them leaning out and curving and nearly falling.”
Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories
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“Having the rug pulled from under one, and flying magic carpets -- cousin events?”
Leslie Miklosy, Which Is More Round, the World or Your Tummy?: Offbeat Reflections on Serious Living

Carl Sandburg
“Did you name your pigeons with names?" asked Wiffle (the Chick).
These three, the sandy and golden brown, all named themselves by where they came from. This is Chickamauga, here is Chattanooga, and this is Chattahoochee. And the other three all got their names from me when I was feeling high and easy. This is Blue Mist, here is Bubbles, and last of all take a look at Wednesday Evening in the Twilight and the Gloaming."
Do you always call her Wednesday Evening in the Twilight and the Gloaming?"
Not when I am making coffee from breakfast. If I am making coffee for breakfast then I just call her Wednesday Evening.”
Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories
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Carl Sandburg
“They are lovely pigeons to look at and their eyes are full of lessons to learn.."
They came back yesterday, they came back home," was the answer. "They came back limping on their feet with their toes turned in so far they nearly turned backward.
Every day the last six days I get a telegram, six telegrams from six pigeons--and at last they come home.”
Carl Sandburg, Rootabaga Stories
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Donald Miller
“[He] said he didn't think we should be afraid to embrace whimsy. I asked him what he meant by whimsy, and he struggled to define it. He said it's that nagging idea that life could be magical; it could be special if we were only willing to take a few risks.”
Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life
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L.M. Montgomery
“It was a night when you might expect to stray into a dance of mermaids.”
L.M. Montgomery

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“When wisdom gives way to whimsy and ethics fall to excitement, it is highly likely that the ground beneath me will ‘give way’ and it is I who will ‘fall.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Driving home I switch on the radio and one of those old Motown voices comes on and reaches my heart.”
Ellen Van Neerven, Heat and Light

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“We must leave Christmas to be what it is, for to reduce it to the stuff of myth and whimsy is take the single and sole hope of a dying humanity and obliterate it. And I would contend that such an action is insanity of the greatest sort.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus