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Karen Kingsbury
“Three years? That's a thousand tomorrows, ma'am.”
Karen Kingsbury

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.”
Michael Landon

“He said if you do what you have to do today, all the tomorrows have a way of working things out by themselves.”
Albert Borris, Crash Into Me

Liz Tolsma
“No what-might-have-beens. If God says not to worry about tomorrow, I would think the same applies to yesterday. There's enough trouble in the here and now to worry about how differently things could have turned out.”
Liz Tolsma, Daisies Are Forever

Adam Levin
“Don't you feel as though you could love everything starting tomorrow, and everything could love you, if only you took an action to set into motion the coming of our new tomorrow and its tomorrow and that one's tomorrow? Shotgun loaded hand on the pump and no matter who you damage you're still a false prophet, but we drink chocolate milk and then we get muscles and smash down the droves with fists like hammers and then we pump the fists in the air for victory. I be the prophet of the doom that is you. You are the mess in messiah.”
Adam Levin, The Instructions

Jim McCann
“So much is yet to come. Soon will be blankets and pillows, and books by the bed to make the stuff of dreams. And then tomorrows.”
Jim McCann, Return of the Dapper Men

Giorge Leedy

Silent world, I find myself,
Glad no one hears my thoughts.
In dark cocoon, I hibernate,
Yet spirit spills every thought.

A second chance to try again.
The risks I know too well.
Two sunsets turning into six-
Awaits tomorrow's will.”
Giorge Leedy, Uninhibited From Lust To Love

Rjurik Davidson
“Even yesterday’s tomorrows are gone," he says.”
Rjurik Davidson, Nighttime in Caeli-Amur

Richard L.  Ratliff
“My mind is a time machine”
Richard L. Ratliff

Aspen Matis
“His simple words of implied tomorrows made me feel secure, adored.”
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

Munia Khan
“Tomorrow is the only future we have. Let’s live to love it!”
Munia Khan

“Magical dreams of yesterday convey smiles for all of our tomorrows.”
Peggy Toney Horton, Dancing With Sugarplums

“All yesterdays develop us for tomorrows
Errors, mistakes, the wrongs in life are learning tools
We are not to repeat them but to change direction from them”
Linda Frost-Surfus, No Place for Darkness

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you live for tomorrow, then you're a dead man because tomorrow is yet a dead thing, not yet born!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“When tomorrows rising sun is going to bring hope of existence is uncertain,having ego and carry a grudge to a grave is bigger than one life.”
Sarvesh Murthi .D .D

Kathleen Kent
“If we could see the fullness of our tomorrows, how many of us would take desperate action to change the future? What if our far seeing showed us the loss of our homes, our families, our very lives, and to save it all we would need only to barter away our most precious souls. Who among us would give up what we cannot see for what we can hold in our hands? I believe many of us would peel ourselves away from our immortal selves as easily as the skin from a boiled plum if it meant we could remain on the earth for a while, our bellies full and our beds warm and safe at night.”
Kathleen Kent, The Heretic's Daughter

Robert J. Tiess
“Tomorrows hinge / on one decision. / In all directions: / consequence.

(from Destinations)”
Robert J. Tiess, The Humbling and Other Poems

“Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's trouble,it just take away today's peace”
A unknown person

“Put off until tomorrow what you'll never do.”
Tamerlan Kuzgov

Paddick Van Zyl
“As we look back on the yesterdays of our lives and forward to the tomorrows, do not allow the regrets of the past to enter your ‘today’ with you.”
Paddick van Zyl, Take Time to Reflect