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Tucker Max
“... the devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for ...”
Tucker Max, Assholes Finish First

Fulton J. Sheen
“Very few people believe in the devil these days, which suits the devil very well. He is always helping to circulate the news of his own death. The essence of God is existence, and He defines Himself as: 'I am Who am.' The essence of the devil is the lie, and he defines himself as: 'I am who am not.' Satan has very little trouble with those who do not believe in him; they are already on his side.”
Fulton J. Sheen, Life of Christ

Saul D. Alinsky
“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer.”
Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

Dean Koontz
“Listen, child—if you’re at a party with a hundred people and one of them is the devil, he’ll be the last one you’d suspect.”
Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd

John Steinbeck
“I remember clearly the deaths of three men. One was the richest man of the century, who, having clawed his way to wealth through the souls and bodies of men, spent many years trying to buy back the love he had forfeited and by that process performed great service to the world and, perhaps, had much more than balanced the evils of his rise. I was on a ship when he died. The news was posted on the bulletin board, and nearly everyone recieved the news with pleasure. Several said, "Thank God that son of a bitch is dead."

Then there was a man, smart as Satan, who, lacking some perception of human dignity and knowing all too well every aspect of human weakness and wickedness, used his special knowledge to warp men, to buy men, to bribe and threaten and seduce until he found himself in a position of great power. He clothed his motives in the names of virtue, and I have wondered whether he ever knew that no gift will ever buy back a man's love when you have removed his self-love. A bribed man can only hate his briber. When this man died the nation rang with praise...

There was a third man, who perhaps made many errors in performance but whose effective life was devoted to making men brave and dignified and good in a time when they were poor and frightened and when ugly forces were loose in the world to utilize their fears. This man was hated by few. When he died the people burst into tears in the streets and their minds wailed, "What can we do now?" How can we go on without him?"

In uncertainty I am certain that underneath their topmost layers of frailty men want to be good and want to be loved. Indeed, most of their vices are attempted short cuts to love. When a man comes to die, mo matter what his talents and influence and genius, if he dies unloved his life must be a failure to him and his dying a cold horror....we should remember our dying and try so to live that our death brings no pleasure to the world.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Anthony  Price
“The Devil himself had probably re-designed Hell in the light of the information he had gained from observing airport layouts.”
Anthony Price, The Memory Trap

Jennifer Donnelly
“God loves us, but the devil takes an interest.”
Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

Osama bin Laden
“Praise be to Allah, who revealed the Book, controls the clouds, defeats factionalism, and says in His Book: 'But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)'; and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad Bin-'Abdallah, who said: I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that no one but Allah is worshipped, Allah who put my livelihood under the shadow of my spear and who inflicts humiliation and scorn on those who disobey my orders.

...All these crimes and sins committed by the Americans are a clear declaration of war on Allah, his messenger, and Muslims. And ulema have throughout Islamic history unanimously agreed that the jihad is an individual duty if the enemy destroys the Muslim countries. This was revealed by Imam Bin-Qadamah in 'Al- Mughni,' Imam al-Kisa'i in 'Al-Bada'i,' al-Qurtubi in his interpretation, and the shaykh of al-Islam in his books, where he said: 'As for the fighting to repulse [an enemy], it is aimed at defending sanctity and religion, and it is a duty as agreed [by the ulema]. Nothing is more sacred than belief except repulsing an enemy who is attacking religion and life.'

On that basis, and in compliance with Allah's order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims:

The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies -- civilians and military -- is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque [Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty Allah, 'and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together,' and 'fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah.'

...We -- with Allah's help -- call on every Muslim who believes in Allah and wishes to be rewarded to comply with Allah's order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. We also call on Muslim ulema, leaders, youths, and soldiers to launch the raid on Satan's U.S. troops and the devil's supporters allying with them, and to displace those who are behind them so that they may learn a lesson.

...Almighty Allah also says: 'O ye who believe, what is the matter with you, that when ye are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, ye cling so heavily to the earth! Do ye prefer the life of this world to the hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the hereafter. Unless ye go forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place; but Him ye would not harm in the least. For Allah hath power over all things.'

Almighty Allah also says: 'So lose no heart, nor fall into despair. For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in faith.'

[World Islamic Front Statement, 23 February 1998]”
Osama bin Laden

Stevie Smith
“Away with them, away; we should not believe fairy stories if we wish to be good. Think of them as persons from the fairy wood.”
Stevie Smith, Modern Classics Selected Poems Of Stevie Smith

Leanna Renee Hieber
“Don't you remember anything?! There is no 'devil.' There is no 'hell.' There is only Unrest. There is no down, only sideways; the transparent beside the opaque, and a thin wall to separate them.”
Leanna Renee Hieber, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

A.D. Aliwat
“People deserve the benefit of the doubt, but information? Always hold it up to a cold white light. Misinformation is a tool of the Devil.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

A.D. Aliwat
“Yes, the Bible is indeed infallible, they’re right about that, but its infallibility is in its inability to be truly understood. It’s a paradox. As messy and monotonous and sometimes gorgeous and sometimes horrendous as existence itself. Jesus’ message, that God is love, is the only real takeaway. The Devil, as always, is in the details. The Bible is infallible. The Bible contradicts itself. Therefore, that which contradicts itself is infallible. That’s the only way it makes sense. Otherwise it’s just a Choose Your Own Adventure book used to justify what you already believe, or the morality you strive for but know you’ll never actually attain. Most people are hypocrites. The vast majority would say they are good, or are trying to be good, but are in fact pretty bad.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

C. JoyBell C.
“Si WWII ne peut pas nous prendre, elle~même le diable en personne ne pourra nous joindre! ( IF WWII COULDN'T TAKE US DOWN, NOT EVEN THE DEVIL HERSELF CAN TOUCH US! )”
C. JoyBell C., Saint Paul Trois Chateaux: 1948

Sterry Ks
“Next time the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.”
Sterry Ks

“We are facing forces that are not in the business of making bargains--forces that do not know the meaning of compassion or empathy. The enemy will never feel sorry for you. Kicking you while you are down is his extreme pleasure. Never, ever forget it.”
Jerry Haney, I Didn't Cry Today: Addiction. Death. A Visit to Heaven. A Father's True Story

T. Ellery Hodges
“The truth doesn't become a lie just because The Devil is the only one willing to speak it.”
T. Ellery Hodges, The Never Paradox

“Evil doesn't actually exist. It's just an abstract concept we use to describe shitty behavior. It's an idea, a concept, a thought, not a thing.”
Oliver Markus Malloy, Inside The Mind of an Introvert

Charles Robert Maturin
“You,—you!” he exclaimed, after a burst of sound that seemed rather like the convulsion of a demoniac, than the mirth, however frantic, of a human being—“you!—oh, there’s metal more attractive! Satan himself, however depraved, has a better taste than to crunch such a withered scrap of orthodoxy as you between his iron teeth. No!”
Charles Robert Maturin, Melmoth the Wanderer

Toni Morrison
“Tall, head forward, eyes fastened on a rock, his arms higher than the pines, his hands holding a melon bigger than the sun, he paused an instant to get his bearing and secure his aim. Watching the figure etched against the bright blue sky, Cholly felt goose pimples popping along his arms and neck. He wondered if God looked like that. No. God was a nice old white man, with long white hair, flowing white beard, and little blue eyes that looked sad when people died and mean when they were bad. It must be the devil who looks like that -- holding the world in his hands, ready to dash it to the ground and spill the red guts so niggers could eat the sweet warm insides. If the devil did look like that, Cholly preferred him. He never felt anything thinking about God, but just the idea of the devil excited him. And now the strong, black devil was blotting out the sun and getting ready to split open the world.”
Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

C. JoyBell C.
“You don't want to be righteous. You want to be just good enough to keep the company of angels and just bad enough so the devil isn't out to get you.”
C. JoyBell C.

“The Devil will get you talking about heaven until you're out of breath, but what he really doesn't want you talking about is The Kingdom of God and its power here and now on the earth.”
Sebastien Richard, Kingdom Fundamentals: What the Kingdom of God Means and What it Means for You | A Thorough and Biblical Exposition of the Kingdom of Heaven as Preached by Jesus

Anthony T. Hincks
“Z" is now the new "666" in the world.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“The Devil wants to hurt us, and if he can't take our lives, he will try to take our peace...

I had to choose faith over fear... Joy is found in God and his good plans for me. Looking for the joy takes my focus off all the things that make me anxious. But it wasn't easy then, and it still takes work now.”
Brooke Tilghman, Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy

Frank J. Fleming
“You might even say I'm the ultimate moderate. Whenever there has been a contentious issue, you can be certain I am with people on both sides. In a way, I am a friend of every man and woman. I sympathize with them all.”
Frank J. Fleming, Hellbender

“A German poet once said, "A Neapolitan (people who come from the area around Naples, Italy) would certainly be a different creature if he didn't feel himself wedged between God and the Devil.”
Serena Jade

Antonella Gambotto-Burke
“The intensity of this cultural shame demanded a poster boy who would deter ‘bestial’ human behaviours and presentation, and so to the genesis of Satan, ‘the beast’ – a carnal, hairy, lascivious, malevolent, stinking satyr capable of taking sexually suggestive serpentine form: the humanising of the mammalian self.”
Antonella Gambotto-Burke, Apple: Sex, Drugs, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine

Steven Seril
“[Samael] had once told Be’elzebul in private: “Tell them just enough of the truth to gain their trust, and they will believe the small lie between the cracks.”
Steven Seril, The Destroyer of Worlds: An Answer to Every Question

Leo Tolstoy
“It seemed that if people envied her, then what she was doing was good.”
Leo Tolstoy

Nikolai Gogol
“This Nevsky Prospect lies always, but more than ever, when the thick mass of night settles over it and makes the white and yellowish walls of houses stand out, when the whole town becomes thunderous and dazzling, a myriad carriages roll down the streets, postillions shout and mount their horses, and the devil himself lights the lamps in order to show everything in an unreal light”
Nikolai Gogol, Nevsky Prospect

John A. Keel
“In the Forgotten Books of Eden, an apocryphal book allegedly translated from ancient Egyptian in the nineteenth century, we are told that Satan and his hosts were fallen angels who populated the earth before Adam was brought into being, and Satan used lights, fire, and water in his efforts to rid the planet of this troublesome creature. He even disguised himself as an angel from time to time and appeared as a beautiful young woman in his efforts to lead Adam to his doom. UFO-type lights were one of the Devil’s devices described in the Forgotten Books of Eden. Subtle variations on this same theme can be found in the Bible and in the numerous scriptures of the Oriental cultures. Religious man has always been so enthralled with the main (and probably allegorical) story line that the hidden point has been missed. That point is that the earth was occupied before man arrived or was created. The original occupants or forces were paraphysical and possessed the power of transmogrification. Man was the interloper, and the earth’s original occupants or owners were not very happy over the intrusion. The inevitable conflict arose between physical man and the paraphysical owners of the planet. Man accepted the interpretation that this conflict raged between his creator and the Devil. The religious viewpoint has always been that the Devil has been attacking man (trying to get rid of him) by foisting disasters, wars, and sundry evils upon him.
There is historical and modern proof that this may be so.
A major, but little-explored, aspect of the UFO phenomenon is therefore theological and philosophical rather than purely scientific. The UFO problem can never be untangled by physicists and scientists unless they are men who have also been schooled in liberal arts, theology, and philosophy. Unfortunately, most scientific disciplines are so demanding that their practitioners have little time or inclination to study complicated subjects outside their own immediate fields of interest.
Satan and his demons are part of the folklore of all races, no matter how isolated they have been from one another. The Indians of North America have many legends and stories about a devil-like entity who appeared as a man and was known as the trickster because he pulled off so many vile stunts. Tribes in Africa, South America, and the remote Pacific islands have similar stories.”
John A. Keel, Operation Trojan Horse

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