Tearjerker Quotes

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Sebastian Cole
“If someday you should ever think of me and miss me, know in your heart that I'd want you to find me once again. No matter how distant in time or space... FIND ME.”
Sebastian Cole, Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love

Beth Revis
“Im here and he’s not. That I’m alive and he’s…”
Beth Revis, Shades of Earth

Kate Atkinson
“All the birds who were never born, all the songs that were never sung and so can only exist in the imagination.

And this one is Teddy's.”
Kate Atkinson, A God in Ruins

“The more I learn about life and people, the more I realise that everyone has a story and everyone’s story is the biggest in their own mind.” - Laylla Jonson”
L.B. Malpass, Beneath the Blossom Tree

“Just like a butterfly, I had sprung from my cocoon for the first time. For my risk, I was rewarded with Jacob Bennett." - Laylla Jonson (Beneath the Blossom Tree)”
L.B. Malpass, Beneath the Blossom Tree