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Rowena Cherry
“As a rule of thumb, it was always safer if the Commander-in-Chief formulated a risky plan.”
Rowena Cherry, Forced Mate

“Never give up - never surrender!”
Commander Quincy Taggart, Galaxy Quest

Cari Silverwood
“His words thrummed in, deep, imprinting themselves on her very deepest, deepest, deep bits.
“I believe I am your destiny. You are mine, as I am yours. We shall be one. So one that your air will be mine, your scent mine, your blood will fill my veins, your soul and my soul will entwine together forever. Everything about you, mine.”
Wow. “Those little china animals on my mantelpiece?”
Cari Silverwood, Squirm: Virgin Captive of the Billionaire Biker Tentacle Monster

“That was a hell of a thing.”
Engineer Fred Kwan Galaxy Quest

“...if you can't find any grappa, half a cup of cough medicine should achieve similar results." [Audrey's advice]”
Tom Gleisner, Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer

“I love Italy. For hundreds of years, if not centuries, the people of italy (Italians) have been living here." [Audrey's insight]”
Tom Gleisner, Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer

Bobbi A.  Chukran
“I can fly around the world in one night. I can wink and go up a chimney in a split second. I can be in 500 shopping malls on the same weekend. I can even fit enough gifts for the entire world into one tiny sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer, but I CANNOT FIX THIS CONFOUNDED COMPUTER!”
Bobbi A. Chukran, Cattywampus Christmas

“The chilling atmosphere of the secluded old mansion on the mountaintop was enough to give anyone the creeps. Given the choice, Nelie would rather live in a trailer park or a tree trunk but, alas, living in the old mansion had been her childhood dream.

She had other dreams but those were about naked men and winning the lottery and finding a word that rhymed with eggshell.

from Love in the Time of Rising Gas Prices”
Vincent Bracco