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Rowena Cherry
“Never ask a question if you don’t know the answer.
— Rhett”
Rowena Cherry

“Brother Cavil:

In all your travels, have you ever seen a star go supernova? ...

I have. I saw a star explode and send out the building blocks of the Universe. Other stars, other planets and eventually other life. A supernova! Creation itself! I was there. I wanted to see it and be part of the moment. And you know how I perceived one of the most glorious events in the universe? With these ridiculous gelatinous orbs in my skull! With eyes designed to perceive only a tiny fraction of the EM spectrum. With ears designed only to hear vibrations in the air. ...

I don't want to be human! I want to see gamma rays! I want to hear X-rays! And I want to - I want to smell dark matter! Do you see the absurdity of what I am? I can't even express these things properly because I have to - I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid limiting spoken language! But I know I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws! And feel the wind of a supernova flowing over me! I'm a machine! And I can know much more! I can experience so much more. But I'm trapped in this absurd body! And why? Because my five creators thought that God wanted it that way!”
Ronald D. Moore

Rowena Cherry
“As a rule of thumb, it was always safer if the Commander-in-Chief formulated a risky plan.”
Rowena Cherry, Forced Mate

Brian W. Aldiss
“Science fiction is for real, space opera is for fun.”
Brian W. Aldiss

Hafsah Laziaf
“I saw the Earth, yes. I saw the colors so magnificent, so vivid, so real. It was hope so large and round, green and blue.”
Hafsah Laziaf, Unbreathable

Kameron Hurley
“The monsters don't live in the belly of the world like they all say. The monsters live inside of us. We make the monsters.”
Kameron Hurley, The Stars Are Legion

Leigh Brackett
“Space opera, as every reader doubtless knows, is a pejorative term often applied to a story that has an element of adventure. Over the decades, brilliant and talented new writers appear, receiving great acclaim, and each and every one of them can be expected to write at least one article stating flatly that the day of space opera is over and done, thank goodness, and that henceforth these crude tales of interplanetary nonsense will be replaced by whatever type of story that writer happens to favor — closet dramas, psychological dramas, sex dramas, etc., but by God important dramas, containing nothing but Big Thinks. Ten years late, the writer in question may or may not still be around, but the space opera can be found right where it always was, sturdily driving its dark trade in heroes.”
Leigh Brackett, The Best of Planet Stories 1

Kameron Hurley
“I have spent my life battling monsters. It was only in realizing that I was the monster, and choosing to destroy her, that I could save the world.”
Kameron Hurley, The Stars Are Legion

Robert Silverberg
“Meanwhile here I am- Earthborn woman, a mere barbaric maula, geting deeper into Imperial Space with each passing light second. I should be trembling with fear, I suppouse.
No. Let the Emperor tremble. Laylah is here!”
Robert Silverberg

Elizabeth Bear
“Let us go hurtling around the galaxy thwarting evil, shall we?”
Elizabeth Bear, Ancestral Night

Alastair Reynolds
“Nightside, cities glistened in chains, and a spray of tinkertoy habitats girdled the planet. Gossamer starbridges reached from the equator towards orbit.”
Alastair Reynolds, Revelation Space

G.S. Jennsen
“We can assume that by now the Rasu have captured and analyzed zettabytes of government data from Namino. There’s zero chance they don’t possess the locations of every Dominion world. Why haven’t they attacked us somewhere else yet?”

An uneasy silence answered Maris. Nika was reluctant to break it, but hiding from the truth did them no good. “Because the Rasu don’t fear us.”

Dashiel frowned at her. “But we destroyed their entire presence in this galaxy.”

“We did. And by now, they realize that we accomplished it using smoke and mirrors and are unlikely to be able to replicate the feat anytime soon. They don’t fear us, which means they can afford to take their time, methodically dismantling our civilization block by block, then planet by planet.”

Lance arched an eyebrow. “Then we need to make them fear us again.”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

G.S. Jennsen
“Drae sighed. “I appreciate your flair for the dramatic, and I’m glad to learn it’s survived your hypnol poisoning. But there’s no need for you to go through the hassle of regenesis this time. We can drop the bomb from half a kilometer above the meeting and have time to escape the blast.”

Eren forced a confident smile, pulling the correct muscles into a barely remembered pattern and holding them there. “This is where you’re wrong—there is absolutely a need for me to go through the hassle of regenesis.” He reached up and rubbed a palm over the stubble covering his scalp. “If I am going to continue living in this world, I have got to get my hair back.”

Drae stared at him incredulously, then burst out laughing. “You know, that may be the first true thing you’ve said to me since this ordeal began.”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

Rebecca Coffindaffer
Run, a little voice in my head calls. Run far. Run fast. Run until you find new stars.
Rebecca Coffindaffer, Crownchasers

A.K. DuBoff
“True space opera is epic in scale and personal with characters. It is about people taking on something bigger than themselves and their struggles to prevail. Though a setting beyond Earth is central, being on a spaceship or visiting another planet isn’t the only qualifier. There must also be drama and sufficiently large scope to elevate a tale from being simply space-based to being real space opera.”
A.K. DuBoff

Elizabeth Bear
“Then, oh shit, nanotech tentacles.”
Elizabeth Bear, Machine

Walter Jon Williams
“Here’s Daljit, Aristide’s former lady-love:
“Do you still have that horrible cat?”
“Yes, said Bitsy. “He does.”
“I didn’t know you were here,” Daljit said weakly.
“I lurk,” said the cat.
Bitsy is not a cat-like creature to fuck around. Of one of her fellow-AIs, she says: “I’d kick Aloysius’ ass. That AI always gets my goat.”
Walter Jon Williams, Implied Spaces

C.T. Phipps
“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, looking down upon us as we die. When the blazing sun is gone, when the nothing shines upon, then you show your little light. Twinkle, twinkle in the eternal night.”
C.T. Phipps, Lucifer’s Star

G.S. Jennsen
“Alex dragged her gaze away from the visuals to regard Nika curiously. “Each one of these points of view—they’re all you?”

“Yes. And each one is mentally connected to the others, and to this instance. To me.”

Her eyes drifted back to the frames. “How many were there?”

“To start? Eight thousand.”

Alex blinked. “Eight THOUSAND? Can all Asterions do this? Can you teach—”

Caleb reached over and touched Alex’s arm. “No, baby. You’re not splitting yourself into eight thousand shards. The universe is barely surviving one of you.”
G.S. Jennsen, Continuum

G.S. Jennsen
“Now I need to tell you all the information I desperately wanted to tell you last night at the party, but kept my mouth shut for Dad’s sake.”

Miriam set her teacup on its coaster and folded her arms atop her desk to give Alex her full attention. “You went to NGC 55 and observed some Rasu.”

“Some Rasu? Yes, I most definitely observed ‘some’ Rasu.”

“And what did your observations tell you?”

“That we should go back to Aurora.”
G.S. Jennsen, Continuum

G.S. Jennsen
“Good, you’re here—” her father rushed over to crouch in front of her “—milaya, what’s wrong?”

Maybe if she shared the burden, she wouldn’t break for a while longer. This was what family was for, right? “Caleb went to Namino to try to find Marlee and rescue her.”

Her father stood and took several steps back, toward the center of the small room. “I know.”


“I know he’s gone to Namino.”

Alex slowly stood, her limbs heavy and her soul burdened. “Dad, what have you done?”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

G.S. Jennsen
“After the others had departed, Miriam gave David, Alex and Richard an honest, weary smile. “One hurdle cleared.”

“You were perfect.” David reached over and squeezed her hands atop the table. “Kennedy said your new ship will be ready in a week or so. What are you going to call her?”

“I hadn’t really considered it. The Stalwart II redux? Stalwart III, I suppose? If that isn’t getting too absurd.”

David snorted. “ ‘Stalwart’ my ass. We might as well have called them ‘ships that blow up Solovys.’ I say it’s time for a new name.”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

G.S. Jennsen
“The Rasu’s head and neck toppled to land at Caleb’s feet, and he hurled the mass of metal down the street in the opposite direction from the other half—

—sprouting limbs stretched out from the torso and leg that remained to claw insidiously at him. He slashed blindly, a whirlwind of finely honed blades slicing through every appendage and sending chunks of Rasu flying through the air like confetti. The grasping limbs finally stopped moving, and the last disparate pieces fell to the ground.

The world began to rush back in around him—the low rumble of distant buildings collapsing, the closer gasps, shouts, and insistent footsteps. He worked to find his voice and project it above the chaos. “We need to move before this monster puts itself back together.”

Marlee gaped at him from the sidewalk, her eyes wide and mouth open. “Oh my god. Everything they ever said about you is true!”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

G.S. Jennsen
“Alex placed both hands on the counter and began reading the message, until the words blurred together. Started again…and buried her face in her hands. No, priyazn.

But she should’ve realized. If she hadn’t been so distracted by grief and worry and hope about her mother’s fate, she would’ve seen what was staring her right in the face.

A tree branch crashed against the side of the house, and she rushed upstairs to spread her hands, palms open, upon the wide glass wall spanning the front of the house, where she gazed outside with wiser eyes.
Her heart broke into a thousand shards, for the second time in as many days. The storm? It was Caleb’s consciousness manifested in raw, primal form.

“Oh, Akeso. He’s not dying, is he? He’s killing.”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

G.S. Jennsen
“A flood of emotions broke across Nika’s expression. “If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do. I fear we’ll lose Namino forever.”

Dashiel gave her the bravest, most confident smile he could conjure. “Then let’s make sure it works.”

“Right. Okay. The Concord fleet is standing by. The Kat fleet is standing by. Our tiny little DAF fleet is standing by. Even a few hundred Taiyok vessels are standing by, gods thank them for their overwrought sense of honor. Perrin and Katherine are standing by to receive a new influx of refugees. Every weapon in our arsenal is standing by.”

She leaned in to rest her forehead on his. “It’s time.”
G.S. Jennsen, Inversion

Adrian Tchaikovsky
“True, they had died in the war, but they had primarily died because they were not stable or self-sufficient, and when the normal business of civilization was interrupted, they had not been able to save themselves.”
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Children of Time

Daniele Kasper
“Inky blackness was dotted with glimmering spots of light. The slender curve of a pastel blue planet, half-shaded in darkness, loomed in the distance. Space; she was in space.
Despite how illogical it sounded, she was on a spaceship.
Pressing a hand against the glass, she stared out into the unending expanse of space and found herself questioning not just reality but also her sanity. This couldn’t possibly be real. There had to be some sort of explanation.”
Daniele Kasper, Cut Her Out In Little Stars

Daniele Kasper
“Cara stared up at the stars, thinking about the three sisters who sacrificed themselves before they would betray each other. “They loved each other so much they died for each other.”
“Sometimes, when you love someone that much, dying is the least you would do to protect them.” His voice was hushed as he gazed skyward.”
Daniele Kasper, Cut Her Out In Little Stars

Roger Alan Bonner
“Her mother stared at him. “You? In space? Where it’s cold, and there’s no air?”
Sarah’s father said, “I wasn’t planning to go in my underwear.”
Roger Alan Bonner, Milky Way Tango

Rebecca Coffindaffer
“A royal seal for her and a wide-open starscape for me. Nothing between me and the rest of the galaxy but time and cruiser fuel. I raise my glass high and drink it all down. That’s a toast I can get behind.”
Rebecca Coffindaffer, Crownchasers

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