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Robert C. Martin
“The perfect kind of architecture decision is the one which never has to be made”
Robert C. Martin

“If the application is event-driven, it can be decoupled into multiple self-contained components. This helps us become more scalable, because we can always add new components or remove old ones without stopping or breaking the system. If errors and failures are passed to the right component, which can handle them as notifications, the application can become more fault-tolerant or resilient. So if we build our system to be event-driven, we can more easily achieve scalability and failure tolerance, and a scalable, decoupled, and error-proof application is fast and responsive to users.”
Nickolay Tsvetinov, Learning Reactive Programming with Java 8

“[...] you shouldn't be uneasy about any parts of the architecture. It shouldn't
contain anything just to please the boss. It shouldn't contain anything that's hard for you
to understand. You're the one who'll implement it; if it doesn't make sense to you, how
can you implement it?”
Steve McConnell, Code Complete