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Kelley Armstrong
Just stay still, if you stay still it can't find you. That's sharks, you idiot. Sharks and dinosaurs. This isn't Jurassic Park.
Kelley Armstrong, The Summoning

“My wish is to ride the tempest, tame the waves, kill the sharks. I will not resign myself to the usual lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines.”
Trieu Thi Choi

Janette Rallison
“Guys can smell desperation. It triggers an instinct in them to run far and fast so they aren't around when a woman starts peeling apart her heart. They know she'll ask for help in putting it back together the right way - intact and beating correctly - and they dread the thought of puzzling over layers that they can't understand, let alone rebuild. They'd rather just not get blood on their hands.

But sharks are different. They smell the blood of desperation and circle in. They whisper into a girl's ear, "I'll make it better. I'll make you forget all about your pain."

Sharks do this by eating your heart, but they never mention this beforehand. That is the thing about sharks.”
Janette Rallison, My Fair Godmother

Neil Gaiman
“I do not believe that all books will or should migrate onto screens: as Douglas Adams once pointed out to me, more than 20 years before the Kindle showed up, a physical book is like a shark. Sharks are old: there were sharks in the ocean before the dinosaurs. And the reason there are still sharks around is that sharks are better at being sharks than anything else is. Physical books are tough, hard to destroy, bath-resistant, solar-operated, feel good in your hand: they are good at being books, and there wil always be a place for them.”
Neil Gaiman

Tim Kreider
“My feeling toward Republicans is like my feeling about sharks: of course they're stupid and vicious. It's in their nature to be mindless, ravening killing machines. It's nothing personal. They don't know any better. Pretty much the only thing you can do about them is stay out of their waters and, if you're unlucky enough to meet with one, shoot it through its rudimentary brain with a spear gun.”
Tim Kreider, Twilight of the Assholes

Peter Benchley
“Sharks have everything a scientist dreams of. They're beautiful―God, how beautiful they are! They're like an impossibly perfect piece of machinery. They're as graceful as any bird. They're as mysterious as any animal on earth. No one knows for sure how long they live or what impulses―except for hunger―they respond to. There are more than two hundred and fifty species of shark, and everyone is different from every other one.”
Peter Benchley, Jaws

Laini Taylor
“Did you know that mako shark fetuses eat each other in the womb?... Its true. Only cannibal fetuses survive to be born. Can you imagine if people were like that?”
Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Noelle Stevenson
“I'm not a kid. I'M A SHARK!”
Noelle Stevenson, Nimona

“Beyond their immaculate design, the reason sharks rule the ocean is their complete indifference to everything except feeding, procreation, and defending their territory. The shark does not love. It feels no empathy. It trusts nothing. It lives in perfect harmony with its environment because it has no aspirations or desires. And no pity. A shark feels no sorrow, no remorse, hopes for nothing, dreams of nothing, has no illusions about itself or anything beyond itself.”
Rick Yancey, The Last Star

“There is simply no issue more important. Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for.”
Rob Stewart, Sharkwater: The Photographs

“About Hollywood.
I feel like it’s a big ocean, full of bottom feeders, midlevel fish, the occasional shark, and some wonderful savvy whales, the elders, and the ones who guide you on your way. If you’re lucky enough, you get to be a dolphin and have your waves broken by the passage of these elders before you, but at the same time, you get an occasional shark bite in the tail and maybe one of the bottom feeders comes up and takes a little nibble. But I see myself as cresting a series of waves, dipping down, sometimes, lower than I’d like, but mainly kind of happily staying above. (smiles and takes a long drag of her cigarette) And, of course, I try to avoid the fishnets.”
Anjelica Huston

Dan Chaon
“Fraj-ile," I say, pronouncing it the way she does - as if it might be a popular tourist destination in the Pacific, beautiful Fraj Isle, with its white sandy beaches and shark-filled coves.”
Dan Chaon, Stay Awake

Yasmine Hamdi
“Sharks aren't the monsters we make them out to be”
Yasmine Hamdi

Peter Benchley
“God isn't going to scribble across the sky. "The shark is gone.”
Peter Benchley, Jaws

“We are our own asteroid. Our consumption of fossil fuels has released--is releasing--a store of carbon into the atmosphere that has been accumulating for hundreds of millions of years. Corals, plankton, predators: everything in the ocean is screaming at us to stop. If we don't listen and take action right now, we could be witnesses to the death of most life on earth. We will be the cause of that death... We will have erased ourselves in a blink of geologic time.”
Rob Stewart, Save the Humans

Roderick Vincent
“Are you a man with a conscience, or just a shark who will die when you stop moving forward?”
Roderick Vincent, The Cause

“The Earth should not be a worse place after my life than it was when I was born here.”
Rob Stewart

Munia Khan
“Sharks are the lions of the sea.They glamorize the oceanic glory.”
Munia Khan

Hannah Rothschild
“Only now that he had great swathes of time could he begin to have hobbies. This was why art was such an incalculable luxury: it sent out a message saying, "I have time to subcontract all the menial, dull chores out to others; I waste hours in idle contemplation of a piece of cloth covered in spots; I am an art lover; I am time-rich. I can mooch about in a sea of pickled sharks.”
Hannah Mary Rothschild, The Improbability of Love

“When the school of thought is divided, the sharks shall swim in, and take their share.”
Anthony T. Hincks

David McRaney
“[...] if you notice a rise in reports about shark attacks on the news, you start to believe sharks are out of control, when the only thing you know for sure is the news is delivering more stories about sharks than usual.”
David McRaney

Munia Khan
“Into the sea I’d love to sink
When with both eyes a shark can blink
Is he a brave fish or a marine man?
Through those closed eyelids my heart will he scan?”
Munia Khan

Michelle Hodkin
“Stella turned to us. "One of us is going to have to swim it. Any volunteers?"
Jamie shook his head. "Not it. Sharks, first of all, and second of all, sharks"
- The Retribution of Mara Dyer”
Michelle Hodkin

Christopher Moore
“The ocean there was bitterly cold, with an average visibility of eighteen inches, and a huge elephant seal rookery at the shore. Through the winter thousands of the rotund pinnipeds lay strewn across Pine Cove beaches like great barking turds, and although not dangerous in themselves, they were the dietary mainstay of the great white shark, which had evolved over 120 million years into the perfect excuse for never entering water over one’s ankles.”
Christopher Moore, The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror

“Journalists are like sharks. Sharks can hear even the sound of a prey at a distance of 900 meters.
-Red White Love: The Love of Liverpool FC”
Mustafa Donmez

Heidi Peltier
“Currently, sharks carry a stigma about them that breeds fear in humans, but in reality, it is the humans who are more of a threat to the sharks than the other way around.”
Heidi Peltier, Breach

Steven Magee
“In the era of an overloaded electromagnetic radiation environment, it is not surprising to see sharks becoming aggressive towards humans and frequent mass shootings being a normal aspect of USA culture.”
Steven Magee

Viv Albertine
“Jeannot offers me heroin. I’m tempted. Not because I want to forget what I’ve done, or because I’m so down, even though both are true, but because I’ve lost my identity. I haven’t a clue who I am. I feel like a nothing. But I know without a doubt, if I take heroin now, I will destroy the tiny morsel of myself that is left, I will be lost forever. (Funny how heroin comes along at times like this. These guys can smell your weakness, like sharks smell blood.) I muster all my strength and say no.”
Viv Albertine, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys

“Society's lack of compassion for our fellow people and for animals leads to an ocean where sharks are dying by the millions and slaves are being abused by the thousands. The connection is basic: a disregard for life itself. The maelstrom of death that descends on the sharks is inevitable when society disregards the lives of workers on the high seas. If you have no respect for human life, then how can you have respect for the lives of sharks?”
William McKeever, Emperors of the Deep: Sharks--The Ocean's Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians

Ernest Hemingway
“Everything about him was beautiful, with the sole exception of his jaws”
Hemingway Ernest, The Old Man and the Sea

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