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Sandra Dallas
“After all, a woman didn't leave much behind in the world to show she'd been there. Even the children she bore and raised got their father's name. But her quilts, now that was something she could pass on.”
Sandra Dallas

Margaret Atwood
“I am certain that a Sewing Machine would relieve as much human suffering as a hundred Lunatic Asylums, and possibly a good deal more.”
Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace

“fabrics doesn't make exquisite dresses, it is the stitches.”
Treasure Stitches

Nathaniel Hawthorne
“Women derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from the delicate toil of the needle.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

Patricia A. McKillip
“But dear, you hate to sew.

I will be married soon. Lady Thiel says a woman with needlework in her hands is generally assumed to have no other thoughts in her head and can safely harbor any number of improprieties. That will come in handy, especially when I'm married to a wizard.”
Patricia A. McKillip, Od Magic

“When pockets were first added to women’s clothing in 1913, a Paris reporter wrote, “It’s all over with men’s superiority over women.” Pockets are indeed indispensable, and they come in two types: patch and set-in”
Claire B. Shaeffer, Sew Any Set-In Pocket

L.M. Montgomery
“I couldn't sew on a day like this. There's something in the air that gets in the blood and makes a sort of glory in my soul. My fingers would twitch and I'd sew a crooked seam. So it's ho for the park and the pines.”
Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne Of The Island

Lois Lowry
“But to use the knowledge of the threading, you must learn the making of the shades. When to sadden with the iron pot. How to bloom the colors. How to bleed.”
Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue

Polly Shulman
“What are you doing?"
"I'm darning a sock," he said, holding it up to show me.
"What's that lump inside?"
"A sock egg."
"A sock egg? I didn't know socks hatched from eggs."
"Only the best ones do. I can't wear the cheap kind, the ones that grow on trees. They give me blisters.”
Polly Shulman, The Grimm Legacy

Arthur  Miller
“I made a gift for you, Good Proctor. I had to sit long hours in a chair, and passed the time with sewing." - Mary Warren”
Arthur Miller, The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts

Jerusalem Jackson Greer
“I am reminded that every day I have the chance to pick up a needle and some thread and add to the story. To stitch together something beautiful and unique, to patch a small scrap of fabric to the story, to the Story of God, that will be retold again and again for all of eternity.”
Jerusalem Jackson Greer, A Homemade Year: The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting, and Coming Together

“The verb 'to darn' is explained in my pocket dictionary as follows: 'To mend by imitating the texture of the stuff, with thread and needle.' But this definition does not correspond to the work accomplished by good Chinese housewives. When they mend a sock, they do not try 'to imitate the texture of the stuff'. Their art makes no attempt at concealment: it even takes a certain pride in revealing itself.”
Daniele Varè, The Maker of Heavenly Trousers

Elizabeth Lynn Casey
“Since when did you start plucking books off the children's shelf, Leona?”
Elizabeth Lynn Casey
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Viola Shipman
“The Sewing Machine Charm

To A Life Bound by Family, The Thread That Ties Us All Together”
Viola Shipman, The Charm Bracelet

Rick Riordan
“Stitched into the bag’s side were several new lines of glowing red runic script.
“What does it say?” Alex asked.
“Oh, a few technical runes.” Blitz’s eyes crinkled with satisfaction. “Magic nuts and
bolts, terms and conditions, the end-user agreement. But there at the bottom, it says:
‘EMPTYLEATHER, a bag completed by Blitzen, son of Freya. Jack helped.’”
“I wrote that!” Jack said proudly. “I helped!”
Rick Riordan, The Hammer of Thor

“As far as we could tell, the face of the revolution was a sea of embroidering women, patiently waiting the resignation of their repressive governor.”
Diana Denham

T.A. Miles
“You are not one of Pentrigrel’s creations. This is not where you belong. He will not keep his word to you. He is concerned only with himself. You cannot condemn yourself to this over Lunette’s fate.”
T.A. Miles, Masque of Shadow

Phen Weston
“The Tuesday Seamstress said
our souls were sewn apart.
Delicate embroidered tomorrows
travelled without a start.”
Phen Weston, Under the Rose

“Yeah, it was my mom who showed me how to select the needle from her tomato, snip the bit of string, and find the eye.”
Patrick Rosal

Tracy Chevalier
“It was no surprise that her sewing was so uneven, for to make even stiches the seamstress herself had to be steady. Abigail tended to hunch over her patchwork, her fingers and thread a snarl, and sew a few stiches before abandoning it to look down the road towards the houses near the general store, or to get up for a drink of water.”
Tracy Chevalier, The Last Runaway
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Alyssa  Moon
“To unravel any mystery, find the start. Untie that riddle, and the rest will follow.”
Alyssa Moon, Delphine and the Silver Needle

Heather Fawcett
“I followed his gaze on my pillow, upon which rested a thing I did not recognize, woolen and oddly shaped.
I seized it abruptly, indignant. It was my jumper! "How---what have you---"
"I'm sorry," he said, not looking up from the flicker and flash of the needle. "But you cannot expect me to live in close proximity to clothing that barely deserves the word. It is inhumane."
I shook out the jumper, gaping. I could hardly tell it was the same garment. Yes, it was the same color, but the wool itself seemed altered, becoming softer, finer, without losing any of its warmth. And it was not a baggy square anymore; it would hang only a little loose on me now, while clearly communicating the lines of my figure.
"From now on, you will keep your damned hands off my clothes!" I snapped, then flushed, realizing how that sounded. Bambleby took no notice of any of it.
"Do you know that there are men and women who would hand over their firstborns to have their wardrobes tended by a king of Faerie?" he said, calmly snipping a thread. "Back home, every courtier wanted a few moments of my time."
"King?" I repeated, staring at him. And yet I was not hugely surprised---it would explain his magic. A king or queen of Faerie, the stories say, can tap into the power of their realm. Yet that power, while vast, is not thought to be limitless, there are tales of kings and queens falling for human trickery. And Bambleby's exile is of course additional testimony.”
Heather Fawcett, Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries

Tracy Chevalier
“She attributed her own fine sewing to the prolonged periods of silence at Meeting; these had made her thoughts level and her hand steady, which was reflected in her even stitching.”
Tracy Chevalier, The Last Runaway

Clare Hunter
“Sewing is a way to mark our existence on cloth: patterning our place in the world, voicing our identity, sharing something of ourselves with others and leaving the indelible evidence of our presence in stitches held fast by our touch.”
Clare Hunter, Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle

Whitney Gardner
“I know all their costumes by heart, and one day I'll be making-" "Costumes?! That's what you're into, their outfits? Oh God... you're not one of those cosplay chicks, are you?”
Whitney Gardner, Chaotic Good

Jessamyn West
“Lib had been working all day at the sewing machine, running up new house-dresses for the womenfolk. When Lib launched into a long seam, she pushed the treadle so fast the whole machine rocked like a boat. The needle ate up the goods like a prairie fire eating up grass. Lib hated sewing and she didn't propose to spend any more of her life than needed to be turning out house-dresses for the female inmates of the Rock County Poor Farm. When she hit a long seam the poor Singer hummed and whined. The seams Lib sewed were saw-toothed, but they were in to stay. She sewed a firm stitch and she put the stitches far from the edge. . .when she held up one of her uneven seams for inspection, she consoled herself by saying, "It'll never be seen on a galloping horse.”
Jessamyn West, The Witch Diggers

Luisa Capetillo
“She’s a woman, not only when she’s powdered and wearing lace and ribbons, just like a man doesn’t stop being a man when he learns to cook, mend, sweep and sew.”
Luisa Capetillo

Holly Black
“Tatterfell sews on cunning cuffs made from the scales of pinecones around the edges of frayed sleeves. Small tears in skirts are stitched over with embroidery in the shape of leaves and pomegranates and- on one- a cavorting fox. She has stitched dozens of leather slippers for me. I will be expected to dance so fiercely that I wear through a pair every night.”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

“Sewing is an enjoyable hobby that allows you to be creative and make a variety of items for yourself and others. At, we offer a range of resources to help you learn how to sew, including easy projects and information about different sewing tools and their uses. Here are some interesting facts about sewing and related materials that may inspire you to try this useful craft:
Cotton fabric can last for up to 100 years with proper care. In fact, cotton fabric has been found in many archaeological sites, indicating its longevity.
Women's buttons are typically sewn onto the left side of a garment due to historical reasons. In the past, buttons were expensive, and only wealthy women with domestic help could afford them. To make it easier for the help to button up the garments, they were placed on the left side.
Zippers were invented in 1893 and were initially used only on shoes and boots to make them easier to put on. Over time, they gained popularity and were used on other garments as well.
The term "calico" refers to a type of cotton print that originated in the city of Calcutta, India. These hand-woven printed fabrics were made in the late 18th century and were named after the city.
Buttons on sleeves were introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte. He wanted to prevent his soldiers from wiping their noses on their sleeves, so he ordered buttons to be sewn onto the ends of the sleeves.
Sewing is believed to be one of the first skills that Homo sapiens learned. Archaeologists have found evidence of people sewing together fur, hide, skin, and bark for clothing dating back to 25,000 years ago.
Early sewing needles were made of bone and ivory, with metal needles being developed later in human history.
By the 20th century, more than 4000 different types of sewing machines had been invented. However, only those that made sewing simple, fun, and easy survived over time.
If you're interested in learning more about sewing, visit for lessons and projects that can help you build a solid foundation in this skill. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, we have something for you. Visit now.”

Louisa May Alcott
“Even the swift needle charmed him, the little brooch which rose and fell with her quiet breath, the plain work she did, and the tidy way she gathered her bits of thread into a tiny bag.”
Louisa May Alcott, Rose in Bloom