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Louise Erdrich
“Ravens are the birds I'll miss most when I die. If only the darkness into which we must look were composed of the black light of their limber intelligence. If only we did not have to die at all. Instead, become ravens.”
Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum

Peter S. Beagle
“Ravens bring things to people. We're like that. It's our nature. We don't like it.”
Peter S. Beagle, A Fine and Private Place

T.A. Miles
“His angelic wings blackened when the dark fury assailed his mind. Summoning new strength from the unholy power that ravaged his soul, grieved to drastic levels of desperation by the tainting of the holy light within him, he combated ally and enemy alike, bent on destroying both sides in order to ensure the quelling of the dark energies there and then. For days and nights, the lone warrior bathed himself in the blood of angels and demons. And when it was over, he stood alone on contaminated land, with a contaminated soul. He was banned forever from Heaven and not even Hell had space for a creature which seemed to cherish Oblivion over Pandemonium. The dark angel, not so far removed from his former self as his superiors seemed to believe, died on the edge of the cliffs, of utter loneliness and despair.”
T. A. Miles, Raventide

Mordecai Richler
“Obviously the raven with the unquenchable itch was at it again, playing tricks on the world and its creatures. Once by air, he thought, and now by water.”
Mordecai Richler, Solomon Gursky Was Here

Munia Khan
“Honestly, all crows are not ravens”
Munia Khan

Boria Sax
“It is possible that the city of London was initially named for ravens or a raven-deity. According to the Oxford Companion to the English Language, the designation comes from “Londinium,” a Romanized version of an earlier Celtic name. But the word closely resembles “Lugdunum,” the Roman name for both the city of Lyon in France and Leiden in the Netherlands. That Roman name, in turn, was derived from the Celtic “Lugdon,” which meant, literally, “hill, or town, of the god Lugh” or, alternatively, “…of ravens.” The site of Lyon was initially chosen for a town when a flock of ravens, avatars of the god, settled there. Whether or not “Lugdunum” was the origin of “London,” ravens were important for inhabitants of Britain for both practical and religious reasons.”
Boria Sax, City of Ravens: The Extraordinary History of London, its Tower and Its Famous Ravens

Richelle Mead
“Quite, Justin told them. I'm trying to have a moment.”
richelle mead, Gameboard of the Gods

T.A. Miles
“You are not one of Pentrigrel’s creations. This is not where you belong. He will not keep his word to you. He is concerned only with himself. You cannot condemn yourself to this over Lunette’s fate.”
T.A. Miles, Masque of Shadow

Laura Kaye
“Put a tray of cookies out and the Ravens were like a bunch of eight-year-olds, not a clubhouse full of hard-ass bikers.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Hard

Sara  Stark
“Instead it yanks on a worm wiggling in the loosened soil. Its feathers shimmer in the morning sunlight, a malignant green on black as it tosses its beak back, devouring the worm, and then it cocks its head to stare at her, its eyes funereal and questioning.”
Sara Stark, An Untold Want

F.T. McKinstry
“Hemlock's attentions had not only healed Aelfric's body of its wounds but also given him curious sensitivity. Aside from the voice in his mind, he felt things in the natural surroundings: the presence of beasts, the whispers of trees to the overcast skies, anger in the earth and sea. Ravens followed him around as they did wolves. And he had developed a rough ability to see in the dark.”
F.T. McKinstry, Ascarion

Amy S. Foster
“She's so pretty, isn't she? Beautiful, really. That prefect skin, those long legs. And that hair! It's so black. Black as a raven's feather, that's what my mother used to say. Do you know, Ellie, what a group of ravens is called? [...] It's called an Unkindness. Isn't that strange? An Unkindness. Well... it's something to think about.”
amy s. foster, When Autumn Leaves

F.T. McKinstry
“An unkindness of ravens flew from the north and landed in a rustle in the surrounding trees with varied sounds of begging and recognition. Years ago, the local ravens had figured out that Lorth not only walked with death but also left portions of his kills for his eldritch companions. The creatures always seemed to know where he was, a sense born of thousands of years of hunting with wolves.”
F.T. McKinstry, Ascarion

T. Kingfisher
“Between one stride and the next, the herd of reindeer faded away. She felt a last few ghosts go with her, shoulder on shoulder, and then they too were gone and she was back, alone, in the world of humans and ravens.”
T. Kingfisher, The Raven and the Reindeer

Tom Conrad
“In life one of Midnight’s favourite movies had been It’s a Wonderful Life, a touching story where a man called George Bailey is shown how poor the world would have been if he’d never existed, but now the young ghost of Midnight Merlot was sat imagining himself not as the kind hero of his own narrative, but, - but as the anti-George.”
Tom Conrad

John Owen Theobald
“Always there have been six ravens at the Tower. If the ravens fly away, the kingdom will fall.”
John Owen Theobald, These Dark Wings

Laura Kaye
“You saved me," he said, his voice cracking a little.
Haven smiled, completely overwhelmed y his perfection of the moment. "We saved each other."
Dare heaved a deep, shaky breath. "You're pretty fucking awesome. You know that?" he asked.
Her smile slipped into a grin. "I really a."
He gave a little coughing laugh and groaned at the same time. "Can't...laugh," he gasped.
"I'm sorry." She stroked his hair off his face.
"Don't ever be sorry for making me happy, Haven. Because you do. Happier than I've ever been in my life. I didn't realize how little I'd been living all these years until you came along. So, yeah, we saved each other. And I just can't let you go. Not today. Not ever."
Which was exactly what Haven wanted to hear. "That's all I need, Dare. You're all I need. We'll figure the rest out."
His fingers toyed clumsily with a long strand of her hair. "Yeah, we fucking will," he said, strength filtering into his voice. "One day, one night, one ride at a time.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Hard

Grace Curley
“He painted until his cursive brushes were only whispers of rawness on the thin ivory. Only the walls and the ravens that watched
knew the boy with the paint-stained palms weaved his art onto his sketchpad on the park bench at lunchtimes, and only the trees
whispered it like a prayer.”
Grace Curley, I Catch the Falling Sun

Laura Kaye
“You realize if you stand in my kitchen, I'm gonna put you to work, right?" Bunny asked after a minute.

"I'm at your service," he said.

She laughed. "My favorite words ever.”
Laura Kaye, Hard as Steel
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Laura Kaye
“He broke a piece off his cookie and handed it to her. "Want some?"
She let him put it in her mouth, her stomach fluttering because the look in his eyes suggested those words might not be about the cookie. Although he could be hard to read, and she wanted him so much she was always half sure she was projecting her desire onto him.
"Good, right?" he asked. His gaze ran down her face and stopped at her lips.
"Yeah," she said, swallowing the last of the cookie. Now tell him. Right.
"Shit, I have to..." His hand threaded into her hair and grasped the back of her head. And then his mouth found hers and his tongue slid in deep, stroking, twirling, penetrating. She surrendered to the kiss and pressed her body against his, loving how big and hard an strong he was against her. His erection dug into her belly, and she loved that too, the evidence that she wasn't the only one feeling so out of control.
By the time he pulled back from the kiss, Haven was breathing hard and a little dizzy and totally aroused.
Had to taste you with that flavor in your mouth," he said in a gritty voice. "Just as good as I thought it'd be.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Hard

Laura Kaye
“She nodded and watched him job up the steps. And good God did he do all kinds of justice to a pair of jeans.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Hard

Laura Kaye
“We'll let that be plan A." Nick said. "But you know as well as I do that plan A often gets fucked when it meets reality.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Hard
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Laura Kaye
“Hi" she said.
He gave her the sexiest crooked smile. "Hi." He stepped into her space, both his hands going to her hair, pushing it back off her face, just running his fingers through it. Touching her like he always did. "What was it you wanted?" he asked, no rush or urgency to his voice.
"You." The word fell from her lips unbidden, but she didn't' want to take it back. She didn't have time for anything but honesty. "Just you.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Hard

Laura Kaye
“Jess pushed herself up to sit next to him. "In case you didn't get the memo, it' s my turn to take care of you right now." Ike dropped his face into his hands on a groan, and Jess's cool hand massages his neck. "Oh, my God. You're so hot."

He chuffed out a small laugh. "Why, thank you."

Jess Chuckled. "You realize you don't have to fish for compliments, right? Not from me. Because I will straight-up tell you that the sight of your Ravens tat stretched over all these muscles gives me a lady boner." Her fingers traced the design across his shoulder blades - a spread-winged raven perches on the hilt of a dagger sunk into the eye socket of a skull. The block letters of the club's name arched over the menacing black bird.

He threw her some major side-eye. "I know I'm sick because the perverted part of my brain just heard you say my ink gives you a lady boner.”
Laura Kaye, Hard as Steel

Laura Kaye
“You saved me tonight."

"No," he said, eyes flashing, one brow arched. "You saved yourself, Al. I was just your getaway driver.”
Laura Kaye, Ride Rough

Laura Kaye
“The only upside to that ice-cold bath was that Ike has gotten wet and tossed his shirt, and Jess thought she might be willing to be sick more often if it meant getting to see him shirtless. Because, holy bad-ass tattooed biker on a stick, he was so freaking hot. Cut muscles, ink everywhere, two insanely delicious indents low on his waist. And scars Jess has no idea how Ike had gotten.

All that goodness and Jess couldn't even see the big Ravens tat that she knew covered Ike's broad back. But she'd seen it before, back at Hard Ink when Jeremy occasionally did a new piece for Ike. She'd seen it enough to know that she'd love to have a good reason to dig her fingers into that tat...”
Laura Kaye, Hard as Steel

Laura Kaye
“NO way was she crying in front of Ike. He already treated her like an overprotective big brother as it was. And that was really freaking annoying because it meant her fantasy of climbing him like a tree and having her wily way with him weren't ever coming true. Unrequited lust sucked big hairy donkey balls.”
Laura Kaye, Hard as Steel

Laura Kaye
“He hadn't really rejected her, had he?

Or maybe she was reading into her memory of the moment what she wanted to see.


Then again, he'd been hard. And he;s looked at her like he wanted to eat her. And she was totally game to be his buffet.”
Laura Kaye, Hard as Steel