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Geoffrey Chaucer
“If gold rusts, what then can iron do?”
Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

Leah Raeder
“You know, rust is just oxidation. The same chemical process as fire. Oxygen interacts with steel, electrons drift from one element to the other. So really, rust is a slow fire. Isn't that weird? Water causes something to burn.”
Leah Raeder, Cam Girl

“A relationship that is truly genuine does not keep changing its colors. Real gold never rusts. If a relationship is really solid and golden, it will be unbreakable. Not even Time can destroy its shine.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Flannery O'Connor
“His friends told him that nobody was interested in his goddam soul unless it was the priest and he managed to answer that no priest taking orders from no pope was going to tamper with his soul. They told him he didn't have any soul and left for the brothel.

He took a long time to believe them because he wanted to believe them. All he wanted was to believe them and get rid of it once and for all, and he saw opportunity here to get rid of it without corruption, to be converted to nothing instead of to evil. The army sent him halfway around the world and forgot him. He was wounded and they remembered him long enough to take the shrapnel out of his chest - they said they took it out but they never showed it to him and he felt it still in there, rusted, and poisoning him - and then they sent him to another desert and forgot him again. He had all the time he could want to study his soul in and assure himself that it was not there. When he was thoroughly convinced, he saw that this was something that he had always known.”
Flannery O'Connor, Wise Blood

Israelmore Ayivor
“Do the most difficult thing if that is what will pay you. Dust the Rust if you Must. Success never comes with ease.”
Israelmore Ayivor

John Mark Green
“Beneath the rust and grime which dulls the shine of our weathered hearts, joy patiently waits to be rediscovered”
John Mark Green

Israelmore Ayivor
“Pure gold does not rust. Only gold alloys do so. You may have golden dreams. But if you go in the company of toxic people, your become "a gold alloy" and what that means is that you can rust at any time!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

أنيس منصور
“لسان المرأة هو سلاحها ولذلك فهى لا تجعه يصدأ”
أنيس منصور, قالوا

Steven Magee
“Human mind and body metals appear to be lost through radio frequency exposure and I call this hypothesis: Internal Human Corrosion”
Steven Magee, Health Forensics

“Iron can only be destroyed by rust, and rust is a slow process which is caused by the hydrogen ion from water in the environment. Coat yourself against negative thoughts and be careful what you feed your mind because your mind is your greatest asset, make sure you are not using it against yourself.”
Uzoma Nnadi

Phindiwe Nkosi
“You cannot shine if you are unused, for then you will rust and deflate.”
Phindiwe Nkosi, Behind the Hospital

David  Wong
“I stared out of the window, at my Bronco rusting in the parking lot, the metal eager to get back to just being dirt. Life was probably easier for it back then.”
David Wong, This Book Is Full of Spiders

Craig Davidson
“Twenty-seven bones make up the human hand. Lunate and capitate and navicular, scaphoid, and triquetrum, the tiny horn-shaped pisiforms of the outer wrist. Though different in shape and density each is smoothly aligned and flush-fitted, lashed by a meshwork of ligatures running under the skin. All vertebrates share a similar set of bones, and all bones grow out of the same tissue: a bird's wing, a whale's dorsal fine, a gecko's pad, your own hand. Bust an arm or leg and the knitting bone's sealed in a wrap of calcium so it's stronger than before. Bust a bone in your hand and it never heals right.”
Craig Davidson, Rust and Bone: Stories
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“Negativity pierces determination like rust. Stay coated with faith and confidence.”
Vikrmn, 10 Golden Steps of Life

Alan Bradley
“But when oxidation nibbles more slowly - more delicately, like a tortoise - at the world around us, without a flame, we call it rust and we sometimes scarcely notice as it goes about its business consuming everything from hairpins to whole civilizations.”
Alan Bradley, A Red Herring Without Mustard

Enock Maregesi
“Elimu ni ufunguo wa maisha lakini wengine funguo zao zina kutu!”
Enock Maregesi

“Rust is a season of color, a wonderful fall color.”
Brent M. Jones

Manoj Arora
“I am ready to burn up but not ready to rust down.”
Manoj Arora, Dream On

Herman Koch
“Het geluk van het thuisblijven. Veel mensen beseffen niet dat ze zichzelf doodongelukkig maken met hun reizen naar alsmaar exotischer bestemmingen. Die wens bestond vroeger helemaal niet. Een enkeling - een avonturier, een ontdekkingsreiziger - trok eropuit maar negenennegentig procent van de mensheid bleef thuis en was daar buitengewoon gelukkig mee. De rust van het eigen dorp, een zonsopgang, een zonsondergang, de wisseling van de seizoenen, vogels die een nest bouwen, de eieren die uitkomen, de jonge vogeltje die voor het eerst uitvliegen; daarvoor hoef je niet naar Thailand of de zuidpunt van Chili. De tijd stilzetten, daar gaat het om. Jezelf stilzetten. Wie zichzelf stilzet ziet hoe de wereld om hem heen beweegt.”
Herman Koch

Petra Hermans
“Het is fijn, als de storm van jouw leven is gaan liggen.”
Petra Hermans
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Petra Hermans
“Stilte is een uitdaging voor velen. Een weg in mijn weg, is een weg door velen.”
Petra Hermans, Voor een betere wereld
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