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Robert A. Heinlein
“The most preposterous notion that Homo sapiens has ever dreamed up is that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. Yet this absurd fantasy, without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest, largest, and least productive industry in all history.”
Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

Patricia Briggs
“A stupid ruler is much more of a problem than an insane one.”
Patricia Briggs, Dragon Blood

Elisabeth Elliot
“The Word of God I think of as a straight edge, which shows up our own crookedness. We can't really tell how crooked our thinking is until we line it up with the straight edge of Scripture.”
Elisabeth Elliot

Criss Jami
“Sometimes it takes a lowly, title-less man to humble the world. Kings, rulers, CEOs, judges, doctors, pastors, they are already expected to be greater and wiser.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

J.J. McAvoy
“She was mine. She was all fucking mine.I was the king of the jungle, and the woman beside me was my queen.”
J.J. McAvoy, Ruthless People

“Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Jayne Castel
“There is no friendship between kings.”
Jayne Castel, The Breaking Dawn

Toba Beta
“An immovable object and an unstoppable force
don't exist in universe which ruled by single ruler.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Joseph Rain
“An all-powerful ruler of the Universe would not endorse a dormant mind.”
Joseph Rain, The Unfinished Book About Who We Are

Alwyn Hamilton
“If the throne changes hands, we will be invaded. My son is an idealist. Idealists make great leaders, but they never make good rulers. So I'll tell you what I believe, Amani. I believe that if my son's rebellion were ever to succeed, or even gain enough of a foothold to cast doubt upon my rule, we would be torn to shreds by foreign powers. It would destroy Miraji, just like my father would have destroyed it before us.

- The Sultan”
Alwyn Hamilton, Traitor to the Throne

Criss Jami
“The consequence model, the logical one, the amoral one, the one which refuses any divine intervention, is a problem really for just the (hypothetical) logician. You see, towards God I would rather be grateful for Heaven (which I do not deserve) than angry about Hell (which I do deserve). By this the logician within must choose either atheism or theism, but he cannot possibly through good reason choose anti-theism. For his friend in this case is not at all mathematical law: the law in that 'this equation, this path will consequently direct me to a specific point'; over the alternative and the one he denies, 'God will send me wherever and do it strictly for his own sovereign amusement.' The consequence model, the former, seeks the absence of God, which orders he cannot save one from one's inevitable consequences; hence the angry anti-theist within, 'the logical one', the one who wants to be master of his own fate, can only contradict himself - I do not think it wise to be angry at math.”
Criss Jami, Healology

“Any fool with ambition and heartlessness can be a ruler.”
Tomichan Matheikal, The Nomad Learns Morality

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda
“Kshatriya, or the man who is qualified to protect the sufferers, is meant to rule the state. Untrained, lower class men or men without ambition to protect the sufferers cannot be placed on the seat as an administrator. Unfortunately in the age of Kali the lower class men without training occupy the post of a ruler by strength of popular votes and instead of protecting the sufferers, such men create a situation quite intolerable for everyone. Such rulers illegally gratify themselves at the cost of all comforts of the citizens, and thus the chaste mother earth cries to see the pitiable condition of her sons, both men and animals.”
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda

Israelmore Ayivor
“Whatever you begin will see the light of day provided you can dream big and be a ruler over your dreams with persistent actions.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

Shon Mehta
“Don’t confuse actions of a ruler as the nature of his people.”
Shon Mehta, The Timingila

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The wisdom to be on the throne of one’s life must surpass the wisdom of the one being ruled, otherwise I will squander the whole of my life in the most appalling ways. By virtue of that reality, I would be wise to get out of the chair and invite God to have a seat.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

Michel de Montaigne
“This emperor was arbiter of the whole world at nineteen, and yet would have a man to be thirty before he could be fit to determine a dispute about a gutter.”
Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

Krishna Udayasankar
“What does it matter who is ruler of a realm that no longer exists?”
Krishna Udayasankar, Three

T.F. Hodge
“For the wealthy, money is a tool. For the impoverished, it is the rule.”
T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

Lailah Gifty Akita
“We can rely on the righteous Ruler.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Andrija Jonić
“A true ruler does not rule others, he rules himself.”
Andrija Jonić

J. Aaron Gruben
“To be a good ruler one must be the best of servants.”
J. Aaron Gruben, King: A Christian's Call to Imitate Christ's Kingship

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Righteousness is of God, the righteous Ruler.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Lailah Gifty Akita
“The greatness of God's government knows no end.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Enock Maregesi
“Hakuna maana yoyote kupambana na Shetani katika dunia hii ambapo yeye ndiye mtawala. Pambana na Shetani katika dunia ya kiroho ambapo Shetani hana nguvu yoyote dhidi ya Yesu Kristo.”
Enock Maregesi

E.R. Eddison
“A great king should rather be a dog that killeth clean, than a cat that patteth and sporteth with his prey.”
E.R. Eddison, The Worm Ouroboros
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Enock Maregesi
“Hakuna maana yoyote kupambana na Shetani katika dunia hii ambapo yeye ndiye mtawala. Pambana na Shetani katika dunia ya kiroho ambapo Shetani hana nguvu yoyote mbele ya Yesu Kristo.”
Enock Maregesi

Enock Maregesi
“Kutakuwepo na nguvu za hasi na chanya katika maisha yako kadiri utakavyoishi hapa duniani. Ukiruhusu mwili wako utawaliwe na hasi utakuwa hasi. Ukiruhusu mwili wako utawaliwe na chanya utakuwa chanya. Shetani hawezi kuona ndani ya moyo wako hadi wewe wenyewe umwonyeshe. Ukionyesha tamaa ya uzinzi atakupa uzinzi. Ukionyesha tamaa ya ulevi atakupa ulevi. Ukionyesha tamaa ya wizi atakupa wizi, na kadhalika. Kadiri utavyojitahidi kuwa chanya ndivyo utakavyozidi kuwa chanya; na kadiri utavyojitahidi kuwa hasi ndivyo utakavyozidi kuwa hasi. Usipambane na Shetani katika dunia hii ambapo yeye ndiye mtawala. Pambana na Shetani katika dunia ya kiroho ambapo Shetani hana nguvu yoyote dhidi ya Yesu Kristo.”
Enock Maregesi

Leo Strauss
“Just as the banqueteers are drunk from wine, the citizens are drunk from fears, hopes, desires, and aversions and are therefore in need of being ruled by a man who is sober.”
Leo Strauss, History of Political Philosophy

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