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Sarah Beth Durst
“Do you know hot to drive?" he asked.
"Sure," she said. "This one is the gas.”
Sarah Beth Durst, Drink, Slay, Love
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Holly Black
“Tana would sit near the door to the basement with fingers in her ears, tears and snot running down her face as she cried and cried and cried. And little Pearl would toddle up, crying, too. They cried while they ate their cereal, cried while they watched cartoons, and cried themselves to sleep at night, huddled together in Tana's little bed. 'Make her stop' Pearl said, but Tana couldn't.”
Holly Black , The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Jack Kerouac
“Somewhere along the line, the pearl would be handed to me.”
Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Holly Cupala
“It's the grit that makes the pearl.”
Holly Cupala, Tell Me a Secret
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Tammara Webber
“I’ve heard people say My heart stopped—which of course isn’t possible unless you’ve just died—but I now understood where the perception might originate.”
Tammara Webber , Sweet
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Pearl Cleage
“...freedom can be a full-time job if you let it.”
Pearl Cleage, Till You Hear from Me

Meredith Ann Pierce
“Oh, Irrylath,Irrylath, we squaundered our two years together.”
Meredith Ann Pierce, The Pearl of the Soul of the World

“You can make an oyster surrender its pearl,” Clara says. “All you need is persistence and a sharp enough knife.”
John Langan, The Fisherman

Munia Khan
“What can we expect from an empty shell
Where many hearts of pearl once beat to dwell
Waves fail to break hard layer's bond of love
Wailing shore sends memoir to the sky above”
Munia Khan

Sarah Waters
“It was odd to see her stepping out of that gloomy place, like a pearl coming out of an oyster.”
Sarah Waters, Fingersmith

Cecil Day-Lewis
“poetry is not—except in a very limited sense—a form of self-expression. Who on earth supposes that the pearl expresses the oyster?”
Cecil Day-Lewis, Selected Poetry

Willa Cather
“The air is of silver and pearl, the night is liquid with moonlight.”
Willa Cather, The Collected Works of Willa Cather

“If he's amazing, he won't be easy. If he's easy, he won't be amazing. If he's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy.
He was not a trophy nor a medallion. He was a pearl, the biggest and most beautiful pearl she has ever met. He was the love of Jacob to Rachel, Boaz to Ruth. He was not the greatest love of her life, for he taught her how to love Jehovah God in the first place and greater than all the love she has. His love was not something you can name. You even find it difficult to find the right words to describe how she felt about them.”
Glad Munaiseche

“He whispered in his damaged voice: Tú eres de dos mundos. He was wrong, of course. You can only belong to one world at a time.”
Lauren McNeal

“Oysters speaking doesn't give a pearl. (Les huîtres qui parlent - N'ont pas de perle)”
Charles de Leusse

Jodi Picoult
“Change isn't always for the worst; the shell that forms around a piece of sand looks to some people like an irritation, and to others, like a pearl.”
Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

Nathaniel Hawthorne
“Pluck up a spirit, and do not be all the time sighing and murmuring!”
Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

Paul Bamikole
“You are not a piece of furniture to be accommodated. You are a priceless pearl to be treasured.”
Paul Bamikole

Nathaniel Hawthorne
“That little baggage hath witchcraft in her.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

“Pearl's beauty is in her smile, and warmth”
Anthony T. Hincks

“The romantic boy told her that her mother was like the oyster of the sea. Not because she carried the most beautiful shell, but because her daughter was a pearl.”
Giovannie de Sadeleer

“Plastic will be the new pearl of the ocean.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“Day and night I guarded the pearl of my soul.
Now in this ocean of pearling currents,
I’ve lost track of which was mine.”

“Pearl's beauty lies not just within her personality, but also within her heart.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Ehsan Sehgal
“The best writing is a pearl and beauty of one's search into the sea of knowledge.”
Ehsan Sehgal
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“The truth in every myth is the pearl in every oyster.”
J. Earp

“Pearls don't only belong in an oyster, but they also belong on something of beauty.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Tammara Webber
“I’ve heard people say 'My heart stopped'—which of course isn’t possible unless you’ve just 'died'—but I now understood where the perception might originate.”
Tammara Webber
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Sarah Waters
“She ran, and leaned to the wall, until her face was close to mine and her breath came on me.

I said, 'I'll do it. I'll go with you. I love you, and I cannot give you up. Only tell me what I must do and I will do it!'

Then I saw her eye, and it was black, and my own face swam in it, pale as a pearl. And then, it was like Pa and the looking-glass. My soul left me - I felt it fly from me and lodge in her.

Sarah Waters, Affinity

Kate Morton
“When she was a girl, Eleanor had completely believed the tale. That Zephyr brought her back from Africa with him, a pearl that he'd swallowed, that had remained hidden deep within his jaw when he was shot, skinned, sold, and shipped, during the decades his pelt was put on proud display at the big house and through his subsequent repair to reduced circumstances at the Lake House. It was there, one day, when the tiger's head was tilted just so, that the pearl rolled out of his lifeless mouth and became lost in the long weave of the library carpet. It was trodden on, bypassed, and all but forgotten, until one dark night, while the household slept, it was found by fairies on a mission of theft. They took the pearl deep into the woods, where it was laid on a bed of leaves, studied and pondered and tentatively stroked, before being stolen by a bird, who mistook it for an egg.
High in the treetops, the pearl began to grow and grow and grow, until the bird became frightened that her own eggs would be crushed and she rolled the argent orb back down the side of the tree, where it landed with a soft thud on a bed of leaf fall. There, in the light of the full moon, surrounded by curious fairy folk, the egg began to hatch and a baby emerged. The fairies gathered nectar to feed her and took turns rocking the babe to sleep, but soon no amount of nectar was enough, and even fairy magic could not keep the child content. A meeting was held and it was decided the woods were no place for a human child and she must be returned to the house, laid on the doorstep in a wrap of woven leaves.
As far as Eleanor was concerned, it explained everything: why she felt such an affinity with the woods, why she'd always been able to glimpse the fairies in the meadows where other people saw only grass, why birds had gathered on the ledge outside the nursery window when she was an infant. It also explained the fierce tiger rage that welled up inside her at times, that made her spit and scream and stomp, so that Nanny Bruen hissed and told her she'd come to no good if she didn't learn to control herself. Mr. Llewellyn, on the other hand, said there were worse things in life than a temper, that it only proved one had an opinion. And a pulse, he added, the alternative to which was dire! He said a girl like Eleanor would do well to keep the coals of her impudence warm, for society would seek to cool them soon enough.”
Kate Morton, The Lake House

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