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Janet Fitch
“Her hatred glittered irresistibly. I could see it, the jewel, it was sapphire, it was the cold lakes of Norway.”
Janet Fitch, White Oleander

Jacqueline Winspear
“I'll tell you this. Leaving that which you love breaks your heart open. But you will find a jewel inside, and this precious jewel is the opening of your heart to all that is new and all that is different, and it will be the making of you-if you allow it to be.”
Jacqueline Winspear, Leaving Everything Most Loved

Thomas Traherne
“You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars: and perceive yourself to be the sole heir of the whole world, and more than so, because men are in it who are every one sole heirs as well as you. Till you can sing and rejoice and delight in God, as misers do in gold, and Kings in sceptres, you never enjoy the world.

Till your spirit filleth the whole world, and the stars are your jewels; till you are as familiar with the ways of God in all Ages as with your walk and table: till you are intimately acquainted with that shady nothing out of which the world was made: till you love men so as to desire their happiness, with a thirst equal to the zeal of your own: till you delight in God for being good to all: you never
enjoy the world.”
Thomas Traherne, Centuries Of Meditations

Sun Tzu
“He who advances without seeking fame,
Who retreats without escaping blame,
He whose one aim is to protect his people and serve his lord,
The man is a jewel of the Realm”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

C.S. Lewis
“Do you think I care if Aslan dooms me to death?” said the King. “That would be nothing, nothing at all. Would it not be better to be dead than to have this horrible fear that Aslan has come and is not like the Aslan we have believed in and longed for? It is as if the sun rose one day and were a black sun.”
C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

C.S. Lewis
“Emeth came walking forward into the open strip of grass between the bonfire and the Stable. His eyes were shining, his face was solemn, his hand was on his sword-hilt, and he carried his head high. Jill felt like crying when she looked at his face. And Jewel whispered in the King's ear, "By the Lion's Mane, I almost love this young warrior, Calormene though he be. He is worthy of a better god than Tash.”
C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

Michael Bassey Johnson
“It is not until you rhyme with a person that makes you their perfect match, it is when you are satisfied with each others peculiarities, and find jewels in their loopholes.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

D.H. Lawrence
“She turned, and saw a great white moon looking at her over the hill. And her breast opened to it, she was cleaved like a transparent jewel to its light. She stood filled with the full moon, offering herself. Her two breasts opened to make way for it, her body opened wide like a quivering anemone, a soft, dilated invitation touched by the moon.”
D.H. Lawrence, The Rainbow

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Your mind is a key, and whatever it unlocks, the greatest treasure of all.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Jay Woodman
“You are magnificent - a jewel reflecting inwardly and outwardly, the light of the universe. Observe how you respond to beauty everywhere - you bear witness to everything. Be aware that you, yourself, are an inextricable part of the infinite creative intelligence, and be blessed.”
Jay Woodman

Jodi Picoult
“You?" I start to laugh. "Look at you. You're a knock-out. You're smarter than I am. You're on a career track and you're family-centered and you probably even can balance your checkbook."

"And I'm lonely, Cambell." Jewel adds. Why do you think I had to learn to act so independent? I also get mad too quickly, and I hog the covers, and my second toe is longer than my big one. My hair has its own zipcode. Plus, I get certifiably crazy when I've got PSM. You don't love someone because they're perfect," she says. "You love them in spite of the fact that they're not.”
Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

“be the setting that holds another person
up to the light like a precious jewel,
letting every facet of who they are sparkle and shine
revealing all the colors within their heart...”
Kate Mullane Robertson

Mehmet Murat ildan
“No ornament can make a person look beautiful if the person has a bad heart! A good heart is the finest ornament, the best makeup, the best cloth, the best jewel, the best lipstick and the best earring!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“A thoroughly honest man is a rare jewel in the shallow stream of meaningless pebbles.”
Kristian Goldmund Aumann, From Poet's Hand

“Coal mines, like a hard life, have seen the best diamonds of innovation, more than any jewel factory.”
Vikrmn, 10 Golden Steps of Life

Kate Atkinson
“I am a jewel. I am a drop of blood. I am Ruby Lennox!”
Kate Atkinson, Behind the Scenes at the Museum

E.D.E.N. Southworth
“Honor bright! Fair play is a jewel!”
E.D.E.N. Southworth, Capitola's Peril

Jaye Frances
“We're all captives, in one way or another . . .”
Jaye Frances, Betrayed

Megan Thomason
“Maybe they have some new line of contacts that gives cute guys an alien, jeweled feel.”
Megan Thomason, Daynight

“So you write to our congressmen
With bleeding pens
Of the sorrow within
And in return they just send
Tickets to the latest Tom Hanks show”

“My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken”
Jewel, Hands

Dan Brown
“Santi was a behemoth in the art world, and being known solely by one's first name was a level of fame achieved only by an elite few... people like Napoleon, Galileo, and Jesus... and, of course, the demigods Langdon now heard blaring from Harvard dormitories - Sting, Madonna, Jewel, and the artist formerly known as Prince, who had changed his name to the symbol ?, causing Langdon to dub him 'The Tau Cross With Intersecting Hermaphroditic Ankh.”
Dan Brown, Angels & Demons