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Susan Ee
“‎"Was that your plan all along? Show me where to go, then convince me there's nothing I can do to save my sister?"

"Actually, my plan all along was to become a rockstar, travel the world collecting fan girls, and then getting really fat and spending the rest of my life playing video games while the girls kept comin', thinking I look good as I did in my music videos." He shrugs as if to say, 'who knew the world would turn out so different?”
Susan Ee, Angelfall

Kelley Armstrong
“Murder? You mean he's dead?"
"No. He's resting comfortably," I said. "People always sleep best with their heads at a ninety-degree angle. He looks comfortable, doesn't he?"
(Paige & Elena)”
Kelley Armstrong, Stolen

Megan Hart
“Sometimes, you turn back.
Sometimes, you walk away.
And sometimes, you find the place you're meant to be, and you stay there. You find a way to make it work.
Whatever it takes. ”
Megan Hart, Switch
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Susan Ee
“The only thing that matters in the end is your own survival. It's what humans and cockroaches are best at.”
Susan Ee, World After

Rachel E. Carter
“Cheer is for fools with idle minds. I am neither a fool nor idle.”
Rachel E. Carter, Candidate

Susan Ee
“We must be quite the sight. Raffe in his red mask with his demon wings spread out in all their scythe-edged glory. A scrawny teenage Daughter of Man brandishing an archangel sword. And a little girl stitched-up to look and behave like a nightmare who is clutching a pair of angel wings.”
Susan Ee, World After

Chloe Neill
“You know what I need?” I asked. “A chocolate fountain?” Ethan suggested. “A complete paper set of the Encyclopedia Britannica? A lifetime supply of grilled meat?” “I like all those ideas, but I was thinking a magical spray I can use on Mallory to wash the crazy off her.” “Like Lysol for evil?” Paige asked.”
Chloe Neill, Biting Cold

Suzanne Supplee
“For a while children live under their mother’s skin. Then one day in the future, the mother lives under the child’s.”
Suzanne Supplee, When Irish Guys Are Smiling

“We don’t truly know who we were before the experiences of life changed us.”
Sharlay, Beautiful Lies
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Jean Haus
“A man's wounded pride is a violate force.”
Jean Haus, Happily Ever After?
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“Everything was so perfectly right until it all went perfectly wrong.”
Sharlay, Beautiful Lies
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Megan Hart
“I love you,' I told him.
It was not the first time, but I didn't want it to be the last.
Austin gathered me close and breathed into my hair, his big hands hot and restless on my back. 'I love you, too.”
Megan Hart, Switch

Shannon Stacey
“Hailey shook her head. “Nobody cares about the meatloaf, Paige. Mitch is in town for six weeks and you could do with a little less tension. Don’t want you killing anybody.

“So what you’re saying is that I have to have sex with Mitch to save lives?”

Shannon Stacey, All He Ever Needed

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“What movie are you guys gonna see anyway?”
“I don’t...know,” I answered when Rider remained quiet. An idea formed. “Do you want to come?”
Jayden blinked as if he was surprised. “Aw, that’s sweet of you, but I’m not good sittin’ in a theater.”
My brows furrowed. “Why?”
“Because he’d talk through it,” Paige answered from the couch. “He would literally talk through the entire movie.”
“True dat,” one of the other guys responded.
I grinned.
“It’s true. You know, I like to add commentary every once in a while,” Jayden explained. “But for some reason people be all upset over that.”
“I can imagine,” Rider replied drily.
“I like to think what I’m addin’ actually enlightens the experience,” Jayden said.
Paige snorted. “I don’t think enlighten is the right word.”
“My entire presence is enlightening,” he replied.
Hector looked over his shoulder, eyebrows raised. “I can come up with a few words that describe your presence. Enlightening is not one of them.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Problem with Forever

“The balls of this fucking girl.”
Matthew Rosenberg, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Chloe Neill
“He does seem to have a lot of willpower.” “That is an understatement,” I agreed. “Tall, blond, and stubborn.”
Chloe Neill, Biting Cold

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“You should be working on your speech instead of staring,” Rider said, never taking his eyes off his notebook.
Paige’s dark eyes flew to me and then narrowed.
Heat exploded across my cheeks.
“And you should actually be working on, I don’t know, your speech?” Hector grinned as he gestured to his paper, which appeared to have actual words on it. “And please don’t stare at him, Mallory. Because of Paige, his ego is already big enough. He doesn’t need any help.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Problem with Forever

Susan Ee
“How do you know this is Paige?” I ask, pretty sure this is another fantasy. It’s one thing to have Dad’s tracking device. It’s another to actually be tracking Paige, considering she needs to have the transmitter on her.

“The devil tells me.” She lowers her head, looking troubled. “If I promise him certain things,” she mumbles.

“Okay.” I rub my forehead, trying to be patient. There’s a certain art to getting information out of my mom. You need one foot in reality and one foot in her world to get a better picture of what she’s talking about. “How does the devil know where Paige is?”

She looks up at me as if I’d asked the dumbest question in the world.

“The transmitter, of course.”
Susan Ee, World After

“His mom calls him Berger?”
Matthew Rosenberg, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

“Your mom shoulda told you she was just the diseased old slit all the local hobos used as a cum dumpster when they drank away their money and couldn't afford new porno mags.”
Matthew Rosenberg, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Chuck Palahniuk
“Şapelde ben vazgeçtikten sonra, giysilerimizin düğmelerini iliklerken ona, 'Cenin dokusunu unut. Küskün güçlü kadınları unut' dedim. 'Seni sikmeyeceğim; neden biliyor musun?' diye sordum.
Pantolonumun düğmelerini iliklerken ona, 'Senden hoşlanmayı yeğliyor olabilirim' dedim.
Ellerini başının arkasına götürüp siyah saçlarını yine beyin şeklinde toplarken Paige, 'Seks ve aşk birbirini dışlamaz ille de' dedi.
Ben de güldüm. Kravatımı bağlarken ona evet dedim. Evet dışlar.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

“Who the fuck is Old Jolene?”
Matthew Rosenberg, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank