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Megan Bostic
“What if I just want to die?"
"Then I will be sad and disappointed that you cheated yourself out of your chance at existence. Not all of us have that opportunity, you know, to choose life.”
Megan Bostic, Never Eighteen

Charles A. Beard
“When its dark enough you can see the stars.”
Charles Austin Beard

John Paul Warren
“Cream always rises to the do good leaders".”
John Paul Warren

“Austin stood. “All right, I will.” He walked to the door and stopped, his hand on the latch. He gazed back over his shoulder. “That woman you love . . . Do I know her?”

Houston forced himself to meet his brother’s gaze. The boy only knew one woman, if he didn’t count the whores in Dusty Flats. “Yeah, you do.”

“She never left your side, not for one minute.”

“She should have.”

“Well, I’m not learned in these matters, but I’d like to think if a woman ever loved me as much as that one loves you ... I’d crawl through hell to be by her side.”
Lorraine Heath, Texas Destiny

Lauren Gallagher
“There’s sex, and there’s…this.” He met my eyes. “Just being with someone like this. This isn’t something that can be bought or sold, and I couldn’t manufacture it for someone no matter how much they tried to pay me for it.” He ran the backs of his fingers down my cheek. “That’s why I’m here tonight. Because I needed this. And here, with you, is the only place I can get it.” He swallowed hard. “Or give it.”
Lauren Gallagher, Damaged Goods

“The melody drifted into an aching silence. Austin lifted his head, and she saw his tears, trailing along his cheeks, glistening in the moonlight.

She slipped from beneath the blankets, her bare feet hitting the cold floor. "What were you playing?" she asked reverently, not wanting to disturb the ambiance that remained in the room.

"That was my heart breaking," he said, his voice ragged.

She felt as though her own heart might shatter as she took a step toward him. "Austin—"

"Don't stop loving me, Loree. You want me to learn what those little black bugs on those pieces of paper mean, I'll learn. You want me to play the violin from dawn until dusk, hell, I'll play till midnight, just don't stop loving me."

She flung her arms around his neck and felt his arms come around her back, the violin tapping against her backside. "Oh, Austin, I couldn't stop loving you if I wanted."

"I do know how to love, Loree. I just don't know how to keep a woman loving me."

"I'll always love you, Austin," she said trailing kisses over his face. "Always."

She felt a slight movement away from her as he set the violin aside, and then his arms came around her, tighter than before. "Let me love you, Loree. I need to love you."

-Austin and Loree”
Lorraine Heath, Texas Splendor

Maisey Yates
“I love you," he said. "Every broken piece of you, with every broken piece of me.”
Maisey Yates, Avenge Me

Stanley Cavell
“This is all that “ordinary” in the phrase “ordinary language philosophy” means, or ought to mean. It does not refer to particular words of wide use, nor to particular sorts of men. It reminds us that whatever words are said and meant are said and meant by particular men, and that to understand what they (the words) mean you must understand what they (whoever is using them) means, and that sometimes men, do not see what they mean, that usually they cannot say what they mean, that for various reasons they may not know what they mean, and that when they are forced to recognize this they feel they do not, and perhaps cannot, mean anything, and they are struck dumb.”
Stanley Cavell

“Austin could do little more than stare at the woman. "It's a prairie dog," he reminded her.

Cautiously, she brushed her fingers over its head. "It's just a baby. Please help her."

Dee was looking at him with so much hope in her big brown eyes that he couldn't do what he knew needed to be done. He slipped his gun into his holster. Thank God, she was married to his brother and not to him. Dallas could break her heart. Austin wouldn't.”
Lorraine Heath, Texas Glory

“He rolled her over, rising above her, cupping her cheek. "I wasn't lying, Loree. I've always heard the music in my heart…but I lost the ability to do that when I went to prison. It was like the music just shriveled up and died. I thought I'd never hear it again. How could I play the violin if I couldn't hear the music? Then lately, I started going crazy because I'd hear snatches of music—when you'd look at me or smile at me. But I couldn't grab onto it, I couldn't hold it. Then last night, you told me that you loved me and I heard the music, so sweet, so soft. It scared me to hear it so clearly after I hadn't for so long.

"Tonight, I hurt you—again. I was going to let you go, Loree. I was gonna take you back to Austin. But I heard my heart break…and I knew that's all I'd hear for the rest of my life. Don't leave me, Sugar."

Joy filled her and she brushed the locks of hair back off his brow. "I won't."

-Austin and Loree”
Lorraine Heath, Texas Splendor

“He met Austin's gaze over the top of Faith's head. "I sure hope your baby is a boy."

"Reckon we need to even things out a little, don't we?"

Rawley gave him a brusque nod. "We men folk are sorely outnumbered."

Austin laughed, remembering a time when that was exactly what Dallas had wanted: more women out in West Texas.

-Austin and Rawley”
Lorraine Heath, Texas Splendor

Katherine Applegate
“If you're stuck you could always double up with me at my place. It's the size of a postage stamp, but the roses are the size of poodles. So it sort of evens out." -Austin”
Katherine Applegate, Tan Lines: Sand, Surf, and Secrets / Rays, Romance, and Rivalry / Beaches, Boys, and Betrayal

Megan Hart
“I love you,' I told him.
It was not the first time, but I didn't want it to be the last.
Austin gathered me close and breathed into my hair, his big hands hot and restless on my back. 'I love you, too.”
Megan Hart, Switch

“You loved her, but you let her marry some other fella? Why’d you do a fool thing like that?”

“Because it was best for her.”

“How do you know it was best for her?”

Houston swiveled his head and captured his brother’s gaze. “What?”

Austin shrugged. “What if what you thought was best for her wasn’t what she wanted?”

“What are you talking about?”

Austin slid his backside across the porch. “I’m not learned in these matters so I don’t understand how you know what you did was best for her.”

-Houston and Austin”
Lorraine Heath, Texas Destiny

“Ah, Loree," he whispered near her ear. "You should hear the music."

Lorraine Heath, Texas Splendor

“Give love as if you were being paid millions to do so. That is the key to lasting change.”
Vic Stah Milien

“In many ways, we are the city that the New Deal built. Because that's who built all of our infrastructure. Before that, we were a hardscrabble town.”
Michael Barnes, Indelible Austin

“I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm kinda like the cup of tea that is dark, burns it's so hot, and can leave a bad taste in your mouth.”
Vic Stah Milien

Steven Magee
“I always wanted to be like Steve Austin, the six million dollar man. I got my wish when professional astronomy destroyed my health and sent me down the path of having to rebuild my body in the USA.”
Steven Magee

“Smile, you are here.”
Vic Stah Milien

Dannika Dark
“Why is it women can never let a man have any fun, they just want to fuss about something.” “They’re practical” Austin said, shaking off some of the water droplets from his hair. “We live in the moment and they think about what’s coming. If they didn’t keep us in check, we’d fuck up the planet”.”
Dannika Dark, Seven Years

Lawrence Wright
“I'm in a group that puts up statues in Austin, and our most recent work was a bronze Willie, holding Trigger, that now graces the entry to the Austin City Limits studio. I got to pose for that statue, holding a Martin guitar of the same model, N-20. Clete Shields, of Philadelphia, was our sculptor. In 2011, when the statue was cast and delivered to Austin, we covered it with a parachute and stored it in a movie studio until it could be installed. One night, Willie came by for a private unveiling. He was gracious but a little overwhelmed as he exchanged a long look with himself. Bill Wittliff, who is on our committee, explained that what we liked about this piece was its engagement with the audience. "People will come to you," he said. "Little children will touch your knee and seek your counsel."
"Do what I say and not what I do," Willie advised.”
Lawrence Wright, God Save Texas: A Journey Into the Soul of the Lone Star State

Misty Hayes
“The closest I'd ever gotten was a trip with Mom and Dad to Austin, Texas, through hill country: gently curving roads dissected by giant oaks, rolling rivers, and fields of bluebonnets so bountiful you'd think you'd stepped right into the heart of the ocean.”
Misty Hayes, The Watchers