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Lisa See
“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”
Lisa See, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

“A novelist can’t be without a kimono and pen!(Shigure)”
Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Vol. 1

Catherynne M. Valente
“It is true that novelists are shameless and obey no decent law, and they are not to be trusted on any account, but some Mysteries even they must honor.”
Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Christopher  Morley
“The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.”
Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels

Roman Payne
“Fueled by my inspiration, I ran across the room to steal the cup of coffee the bookshelf had taken prisoner. Lapping the black watery brew like a hyena, I tossed the empty cup aside. I then returned to the chair to continue my divine act of creation. Hot blood swished in my head as my mighty pen stole across the page.”
Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

Philip K. Dick
“They know a million tricks, those novelists. Take Doctor Goebbels; that's how he started out, writing fiction. Appeals to the base lusts that hide in everyone no matter how respectable on the surface. Yes, the novelist knows humanity, how worthless they are, ruled by their testicles, swayed by cowardice, selling out every cause because of their greed - all he's got to do is thump on the drum, and there's his response. And he's laughing, of course, behind his hand at the effect he gets.”
Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

Leonora Carrington
“Military people never seem to apologize for killing each other yet novelists feel ashamed for writing some nice inert paper book that is not certain to be read by anybody.”
Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet

Susanna Clarke
“But the other Ministers considered that to employ a magician was one thing, novelists were quite another and they would not stoop to it.”
Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

John Irving
“Sigmund Freud was a novelist with a scientific background. He just didn’t know he was a novelist. All those damn psychiatrists after him, they didn’t know he was a novelist either."

(Interview in Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Eighth Series, ed. George Plimpton, 1988)”
John Irving

Stephen King
“...he was after all, a novelist...and a novelist was simply a fellow who got paid to tell lies. The bigger the lies, the better the pay.”
Stephen King, The Dark Half

W.H. Auden
“No poet or novelist wishes he was the only one who ever lived, but most of them wish they were the only one alive, and quite a number believe their wish has been granted.”
W.H. Auden

Sue Monk Kidd
“I now understand that writing fiction was a seed planted in my soul, though I would not be ready to grow that seed for a long time.”
Sue Monk Kidd, Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story

Suzy  Davies
“I don't like books which give me the answers. I love books that give me the questions”
Suzy Davies

Ursula K. Le Guin
“I believe that all novels, ... deal with character, and that it is to express character – not to preach doctrines, sing songs, or celebrate the glories of the British Empire, that the form of the novel, so clumsy, verbose, and undramatic, so rich, elastic, and alive, has been evolved ... The great novelists have brought us to see whatever they wish us to see through some character. Otherwise they would not be novelists, but poet, historians, or pamphleteers.”
Ursula K. Le Guin

Haruki Murakami
“Like most novelists, I like to do exactly the opposite of what I'm told. It's in my nature as a novelist. Novelists can't trust anything they haven't seen with their own eyes or touched with their own hands. (Jerusalem Prize acceptance speech, JERUSALEM POST, Feb. 15, 2009)”
Haruki Murakami

Stefan Bachmann
“A philosopher,' said Mrs. Cantanker, stalking across the study, black heels clicking, ruby silks whispering around her ankles, 'is one who attempts to capture the truths of the universe so precisely that they become too confusing to understand. A novelist is one who attempts to capture the truths of the universe in such a roundabout way that they become obvious to anyone who reads them.”
Stefan Bachmann, Cinders & Sparrows

Patrick White
“As it is I'm a dated novelist, whom hardly anybody reads, or if they do, most of them don't understand what I am on about. Certainly I wish I had never written Voss, which is going to be everybody's albatross.”
Patrick White

Virginia Woolf
“They are very large in effect, these painters; very little self-conscious; they have smooth broad spaces in their minds where I am all prickles & promontories.”
Virginia Woolf, The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume One: 1915-1919

Hilton Als
“Toni’s greatness as a novelist had a lot to do with her skill—her great ability—to show how we mucked up the landscape, not just in the world, but in ourselves. Slavery was one way we mucked it up, of course, and the enormous wound at the center of “Beloved” (1988) has to do with how slavery not only killed bodies, but made a mess of our minds, thus creating a particularly American way of thinking.”
Hilton Als

Bob Dylan
“Balzac was pretty funny. His philosophy is plain and simple, says basically that pure materialism is a recipe for madness. The only true knowledge for Balzac seems to be in superstition. Everything is subject to analysis. Horde your energy. That’s the secret of life. You can learn a lot from Mr. B. It’s funny to have him as a companion. He wears a monk’s robe and drinks endless cups of coffee. Too much sleep clogs up his mind. One of his teeth falls out, and he says, “What does this mean?” He questions everything. His clothes catch fire on a candle. He wonders if fire is a good sign. Balzac is hilarious.”
Bob Dylan, Chronicles: Volume One

Don DeLillo
“We have a rich literature. But sometimes it’s a literature too ready to be neutralized, to be incorporated into the ambient noise. This is why we need the writer in opposition, the novelist who writes against power, who writes against the corporation or the state or the whole apparatus of assimilation. We’re all one beat away from becoming elevator music.”
Don DeLillo, Conversations with Don DeLillo

“Novelists who approach genre materials after having been more or less certi­fied as “literary” writers tend to start by revisiting fairly familiar territory – zombie apocalypses (Colson Whitehead), vampires (Justin Cronin), drizzly dystopias (just about everyone else).”
Gary K. Wolfe

James Lee Burke
“You know what they say at [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings. Coincidence is your Higher Power acting with anonymity.'
'I didn't know you were in the program.'
'I'm not. I go for the dialogue. It's great material.”
James Lee Burke, Robicheaux

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Like every illusion, fiction is one of the innumerable parts of reality.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Adrienne Posey
“Every chapter is an adventure.”
Adrienne Posey

Adrienne Posey
“Cry while writing it, and readers will cry while reading it.”
Adrienne Posey

Adrienne Posey
“When we write, we discover answers, though the key is not in the discovery but in the timing of the implementation.”
Adrienne Posey

Adrienne Posey
“Novelist by day; screenwriter by night.”
Adrienne Posey

“All the great novelists were realists in the deepest sense of the word and that is why they were able to write great fiction.”
Marty Rubin

Jennifer Weiner
“Invite him to poetry club," Doff said with a smirk. "See if he asks you to take a look at his Emily Dickinson."
Beatrice snorted. "How long did it take you to think that up?"
"Most of lunch, and the rest of G block," Doff said, shrugging modestly. "I started with 'read his Charles Dickens,' but Charles Dickens is a novelist."
"What about his Philip K. Dick?"
"Who's that?" asked Doff.
"He wrote the book that got turned into Blade Runner.”
Jennifer Weiner, That Summer

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