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“You are not a burden, an accident, or a mistake. You are meant for amazing things that you can't even imagine for yourself.”
Lacey Sturm

“I have faith in God to put me where I need to be at the right time, and to put on my heart what I’m called to do… Sometimes we’re called to be very proactive about one thing, and then in another season, we’re supposed to let it go, trust God and pick up something else. You have to be in constant prayer and connected with the Holy Spirit to lead you.”
Lacey Sturm

“Till we recognize what’s sick and messed up about ourselves this world is gonna stay sick and messed up.”
Lacey Sturm

“We should teach our kids that they're blessing and not a burden and that they're valuable beyond what they can imagine - in God's eyes, in the world's eyes - that they're purpose is so important to fulfill and it's gonna make a difference in the world. And they're the only ones that can make the difference that they can make, in the way that they can make it. That's why we all have different fingerprints. And I feel like the message is not clear enough. It's not clear because they go to school and they get challenged and they're bombarded with the idea that abortion is okay, that we can just go ahead and, you know, if we're not ready to have a kid we can just take care of that problem. But kids are not a problem, they're not a mistake, they're not a burden. They're blessing from God and that's what we don't understand. My mom was sixteen when she had me and we both almost died, I was a second kid, she had my brother when she was fifteen. And we both almost died and the doctors told her to abort me and I think that a lot of people gave her that advice. So when I grew up I think I had a sense of being a burden. And I think a lot of kids actually have that sense.”
Lacey Sturm

Christopher Nicole
“Practice makes perfect, But nothings perfect so why bother practicing?”

T.J. Klune
“Oh dear gods. I think my underwear just fell off.” “Nicole,” Tina hissed. “Keep your comments to yourself! Be a respectable fucking lady, for fuck’s sake!”
T.J. Klune, The Lightning-Struck Heart

T.J. Klune
“Can you sign something?” Nicole demanded. “This paper? This napkin? My chest? My inner thighs or my wildest dreams? Whatever you want.”
T.J. Klune, The Lightning-Struck Heart

“Less squeaky, more sneaky.”
Nicole Weber

Cheryl Cole
“Steve was normal and friendly but Nicole was singing and dancing to her own songs, and I found that a bit crazy and odd.”
Cheryl Cole, Cheryl: My Story

Michelle Madow
“Why should we try to be normal? Normal is boring.”
Michelle Madow, The Head of Medusa
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Valerie Bowman
“Sometimes life calls upon us to be the things we never thought we were meant to be.”
Valerie Bowman, A Duke Like No Other

Kelley Armstrong
“She looked at me again, and the sweet and shy Nicole disappeared. Her eyes blazed.
"The others aren't here, are they?" she said. "You have no intention of rescuing me. Why would you? I'm competition for your precious Daniel. You don't want him, but you don't want anyone else to have him either. You're a selfish b*tch, Maya Delaney. A sl*t, too, fooling around with every guy in sight, right under his nose."
As Nicole raged, the hair on my neck prickled, because in her eyes, I saw madness. Obsession and madness.
"Everything comes so easy for you, doesn't it, Maya? School, boys, friends, sports. Even your precious animals. You can't just take care of them like any normal person. You have to be some kind of animal whisperer. Magical healer. So damned special. Like Serena, captain of the swim team and the best singer on the freaking island, and how much does she practice? Sings in the shower. Paddles around the lake. Do you know how hard I work? It's never enough. You two get the trophies and the solos and the As and the boys."
You're crazy, I thought. Did they do this to you with their experiments? Or is this just you?
I started inching back.
"You're just going to leave me here?" she said. "Well, you know what, Maya? I could use a little company."
She screamed, a long drawn-out shriek of feigned terror.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Calling

Kelley Armstrong
"Get out of here," I said, barely able to open my jaw enough to get the words out.
Rafe looked surprised at first but seeing my face, that melted away and his own face hardened. He turned to Nicole.
"What'd you do?" he said.
"Wh-what did I do?" she squeaked. Her blue eyes rounded and she flinched, like a whipped puppy seeing a raised hand. "I-I don't understand."
"What's going on here?"
Hayley said.
"She..." I clenched my fists tighter and my face started to throb, as if I was about to shift. I took a deep breath and tried to find clam so I could explain.
"I-I don't understand," Nicole said again, tears welling up.
"Oh, stuff the theatrics," Sam said. She turned to the others. "Nicole killed Serena."
Kelley Armstrong, The Rising

Kelley Armstrong
“Nicole crumpled—just let her legs give way and fell to the floor, hunched and sobbing. Hayley looked at me. Even Rafe did. Uncertain looks from both of them. I had to admit, Nicole was a good actor. If I hadn't seen her switch from "sweet Nicole" to "raving lunatic Nicole" in a heartbeat at the campsite, I might have believed her myself.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Rising

Kelley Armstrong
“I backed off Nicole fast. They hit her with a needle, but she wouldn't stop trying to get me and they had to haul her out.
"You b*tch!" she shrieked back at me. "You think what I did to Serena was bad? Just wait until I get ahold of you." They dragged her away, still spewing threats.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Rising

Nicole D'Settēmi
“Part of me hated technology, because to me technology was a mother fucker that was eating this world alive. It was all part of the machine, the deadening of the human spirit, and I wouldn’t allow it. I had to see the world for what it was, drain it of all its illusion, because what lingered beneath? The wild, untamed beast, and in the end it would eat us all. That was something nobody could stop, not with any amount of money, or material things. Nothing that was part of physical reality could prevent death. So, to me, people were absurd, robotic, already dead. Buying fancy cars, big homes, the latest electronics, and all for what? The excuse was convenience. I need this. It makes things easier. Yet, while comfort may have been at the surface, the real thirst for these things, for material possessions, was to feel in control, and to feel part of.”
Nicole D'Settēmi

Valerie Bowman
“Oh, no, dear. That's not how these things work. Our set has a long tradition of men meeting in pubs to tell each other what they need to hear. You mustn't ruin it.”
Valerie Bowman, Kiss Me at Christmas

Maureen Johnson
“Even if you knew your routine like the back of your hand, a checklist was still important.”
Maureen Johnson, The Box in the Woods

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