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“Hold onto who loves and honor you.
Not everyone will know how to.
Some souls don't even know how to love and honor themselves, let alone you.”
Lalah Delia

Helen Hunt Jackson
“Next time!" In what calendar are kept the records of those next times which never come?”
Helen Hunt Jackson, Ramona

Jeff Lindsay
“Quirky, funny, happy-go-lucky dead inside Dexter. No longer Dexter with the knife, Dexter the Avenger. Not until next time.”
Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

William Stafford
“Next time what I'd do is look at
the earth before saying anything. I'd stop
just before going into a house
and be an emperor for a minute
and listen better to the wind
or to the air being still.

When anyone talked to me, whether
blame or praise or just passing time,
I'd watch the face, how the mouth
has to work, and see any strain, any
sign of what lifted the voice.

And for all, I'd know more -- the earth
bracing itself and soaring, the air
finding every leaf and feather over
forest and water, and for every person
the body glowing inside the clothes
like a light.”
William Stafford, An Oregon Message

J.R. Rim
“The next time you hear a person say,
'I don't have time' or 'I have no time,'
Take a moment to be with them.
Without time, that somebody becomes a nobody.”
J.R. Rim

“Next time, mind the time! So many people waste their time as if they are so sure of the next time, but no one is all that very sure, with all certainty, of what is in next time! Next time, mind the time!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Jason Medina
“Here! Now, you have a weapon. Next time, I’ll expect you to help us.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel