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Carmen Ambrosio
“I was inspired to write (Life Continues) to tell people dealing with MS or any other illness that if opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay.”
Carmen Ambrosio, Life Continues: Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause & Midlife with Hope, Courage & Humor

Joan Didion
“I was told that the disorder was not really in my eyes, but in my central nervous system. I might or might not experience symptoms of neural damage all my life. These symptoms, which might or might not appear, might or might not involve my eyes. They might or might not involve my arms or legs, they might or might not be disabling. Their effects might be lessened by cortisone injections, or they might not. It could not be predicted. The condition had a name, the kind of name usually associated with telethons, but the name meant nothing and the neurologist did not like to use it. The name was multiple sclerosis, but the name had no meaning. This was, the neurologist said, an exclusionary diagnosis, and meant nothing.

I had, at this time, a sharp apprehension not of what it was like to be old but of what it was like to open the door to the stranger and find that the stranger did indeed have the knife. In a few lines of dialogue in a neurologist’s office in Beverly Hills, the improbable had become the probable, the norm: things which happened only to other people could in fact happen to me. I could be struck by lightning, could dare to eat a peach and be poisoned by the cyanide in the stone. The startling fact was this: my body was offering a precise physiological equivalent to what had been going on in my mind.”
Joan Didion, The White Album

“Currently, there is no cure for MS, but there are treatments that modify disease activity, slow the course of the disease, and alleviate its effects.”
Nancy J. Holland, Multiple Sclerosis: A Self Care Guide to Wellness

“Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease affecting the central nervous system (CNS: the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves). It is not contagious.”
Nancy J. Holland, Multiple Sclerosis: A Self Care Guide to Wellness

“A Healthy Immune system equals A Healthy body”
Kellie Alderton, Waking Up from MS: My Journey to Health, Healing, and Living Symptom Free

Leonard A. Jason
“The finding that ME and CFS group had more functional limitations and more serious symptoms than those with MS [multiple sclerosis] provides additional evidence to the seriousness of ME and CFS.”
Leonard A. Jason

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