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Shannan Albright
“Wolf, not dog. You were bitten by a Lycan, not Lassie.”
Shannan Albright, Dark Passion Rising

Keri Lake
“Calix shook his head. “Don’t mind him. Logan is what happens when kids don’t get hugged enough.”
Keri Lake, Soul Avenged

Keri Lake
“The wolves wait for you, little lamb.”
Keri Lake, Soul Avenged

Keri Lake
“Gavin, Logan, Calix. Was there a sale on trendy names when they were born, or something?”
Keri Lake, Soul Avenged

Keri Lake
“Thank you, miss …?”
“Annabelle.” She dropped a napkin onto his lap and smiled. “And might I say you are a handsome gent. Beautiful green eyes! I can see why Miss Ayden fancies your company!”
Kane frowned. “Miss Ayden? Is this the same creepy woman with the gray eyes and weapons arsenal dangling from her hips?”
“Why yes, sir. Although, she’s not so scary, once you get to know her.” Anna backed away and clasped her fingers together. “Bit of a sweet spot she has.” She winked.
“Yeah. I noticed.”
Keri Lake, Soul Avenged

Lisa Kessler
“You're my silver lining, Clio.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

“Funny how you can’t turn that off, isn’t it?” Ledalus laughed, scoffing as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Does it hurt? Loving someone who can’t love you back?”
Victoria Cerises, Grave Delights

Deidre Huesmann
“A dark voice within warned him to stop, but Aaron brushed it off. He flashed Holden a patronizing smile. “All right, then. Why not here? I have no problem giving you a fair fight, considering our history.”

Slowly Holden relaxed his arms. There was a dark glimpse of metal, and then he took quick aim with his right hand. The short, lonely barrel of a gun stared Aaron in the eye. Even in his surprised state, Aaron could see what he was up against. An innocuous-looking Remington 1911, its wood-grip base outdated in style, but its precision and reliability lauded throughout the years.

“Considering our history,” Holden said through his teeth, “I have no interest in fair.”
Deidre Huesmann, Call of the Lycan

K.V. Wilson
“David, listen to me. We are the epitome of impossible. Shapeshifters! Brought to life by an arrogant spirit under the light of a blood moon.”
K.V. Wilson, Spiritborne

K.V. Wilson
“A number is all I am to them.”
K.V. Wilson, Spiritborne

Alexia Bianchini
“Trenta passi furono sufficienti per raggiungere la meta: in mezzo a una radura trovarono il corpo martoriato della strega. Era circondato da sei dei suoi gatti, impalati tutt’intorno nella piccola radura. L’odore acre del sangue rendeva l’aria irrespi-rabile, attirando insetti e animali. La scena era raccapricciante.
Fiamma tentò di resistere al senso di nausea. Si avvicinò al cadavere e scacciò le bestie.
Gli occhi della fattucchiera erano stati cavati dalle orbite e strisce nere di sangue essiccato rigavano il volto raggrinzito. Nella bocca, spalancata in un urlo silenzioso, era stata infilata a forza una grossa pietra e il corpo, obbligato a una postura indecente da pali e chiodi, si trovava supino, con le gambe di-varicate. Solo il ciondolo, una semplice sfera di cristallo inca-stonata nell’argento, non le era stato tolto.
Fiamma si chinò e cominciò a rimuovere i chiodi con un martello arrugginito che gli aguzzini avevano abbandonato al suolo, insieme a delle assi di legno.
Marcus rimase zitto e immobile per un attimo, poi, senza proferir parola, si avvicinò per aiutare.
Lei ordinò al ragazzo di scavare una fossa, poi con il suo aiuto sfilò il ciondolo dal collo della salma, come se sentisse il dovere di farlo, e depose il cadavere nella nuda terra.
«Mettiamo dentro anche tutti i suoi gatti?» chiese il giova-ne.
«Certamente» fu l’unica risposta che le uscì, anche se a-vrebbe tanto voluto piangere.”
Alexia Bianchini, Il Cerusico

L.A. Kennedy
“Every girl dreams of waking up one day, a princess. Until that day kicks you in the face, wearing steel toed boots.”
L.A. Kennedy

Mina Carter
“No matter what happened, there was always one thing Isla could rely on: the sheer arrogance of male wolves. That, and their overriding assumption all females found them irresistible and were desperate to get them in the sack. Mostly she was desperate to get them in the sack, if only to stop their whining, but she didn't think a sack six feet under was precisely what they meant.”
Mina Carter, Chosen by the Alpha

Benjamin Percy
“Lycans are human.”
Benjamin Percy, Red Moon

Deidre Huesmann
“It’s okay, Fia,” said Nathan from the end of the hallway. He carried a large bundle of white comforter in his skinny arms and dumped it on the couch. “Aaron sucks at compliments.”

“I am quite adept with compliments,” he said dryly. “But I do not praise bad behavior.”
Deidre Huesmann, The Alpha's Hostage

Deidre Huesmann
“Rachael stared back at Olivia, discomfort shifting in her bones. The alpha’s eyes raked over her, until Rachael realized she was staring at her shirt. Namely, that it was obviously Aaron’s.


“Lovely outfit,” said Olivia with too much calm. “I’ve wondered why I never see you outside.”

Now was the time for a perfect snarky comeback. But while Rachael was far better at those than she had been in high school, at the moment she drew a blank.

Instead she glanced at Aaron and said, “You pay her rent?”

“It seemed the thing to do, although I am seriously reconsidering it,” muttered Aaron.”
Deidre Huesmann, Pact of the Pack

Deidre Huesmann
“Aaron’s mouth pulled tight. “You are free to leave anytime.”

As soon as he said them, he regretted the words. Aaron kept his face blank, but the stricken look in her eyes stabbed him with guilt he was becoming more familiar with the longer they were together. Inwardly, Aaron cursed himself.

But he didn’t back down. He couldn’t. An alpha meant what he said in the moment he said it.

Rachael just stared at him for a long few seconds, seemingly unable to process what he’d just done. Then she turned her head and said stiffly, “You can have Holden here or you can have me. Not both.”
Deidre Huesmann, Call of the Lycan

Kresley Cole
“Kiss me like you want to live.
Kresley Cole, A Hunger Like No Other

Lynn Veevers
“It takes two, and each
couple’s bonding experience is different, just like falling in love is
different for each couple. What it comes down to acceptance of
whatever that common ground you share is that makes your
bonding one that will last”
Lynn Veevers, Pinnacle

Chelsea McDonald
“I've been sprinting towards the side of a cliff for a long time ready to jump but now that I'm finally on the edge of it, staring right at you; I couldn't be more terrified.”
Chelsea McDonald, Lunar Accord

Asher Sharol
“She was foolish to be walking alone at this ungodly hour when demi-gods like himself roamed in search of prey. He would pick this flower, uproot her from the soil. He would part her from her source of life. Her head, hands, and feet were the soft petals, her blood the sweet nectar. She walked by him, ignorant of the brutality that would soon befall her.”
Asher Sharol, Vampires of Twilight Castle