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Ruta Sepetys
“Krasivaya. It means beautiful, but with strength. Unique.”
Ruta Sepetys, Between Shades of Gray

Jeanne DuPrau
“When someone has been mean to you, why would you want to be good to them?' 'You wouldn't want to. That's what makes it hard. You do it anyway. Being good is hard. Much harder than being bad.”
Jeanne DuPrau , The People of Sparks

Jenna Evans Welch
“You're baking?"
"It's almost midnight."
"I specialize in late-night kitchen disasters.”
Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

أيمن العتوم
“اطلق خرافك في الشوارع
كمم الافواه وابتدئ المسير
في ظل قافلة الشعير
سر لا تقف
سبحان من اعطى لقد جمعت مطالبنا الصدف
هي مثلنا ستظل تحلم بالعلف
لكنها قرفت مطالبة الحكومه بالشعير
ولم يفارقنا القرف
يا خير من خلفوا لافضل من سلف
صح بالمقادير التي سلبتك حقك
رد بالصاعين صاع
حتى الخراف اذا تجوع تقول ماع
قل انت : ماع
فلقد ترهل حالنا من حال من حكموا وماع
ولقد تخوزقنا
وليس لاي خازوق يدق من اقتلاع”
أيمن العتوم, نبوءات الجائعين
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Jenna Evans Welch
“I scowled. "Shut up."
"We should play Go Fish later."
"Mah-jong? Bridge?"
"What are you, an old lady?”
Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

Jenna Evans Welch
“He made out with my mom in a public park?
Totally not the kind of think you should have to know about your parents.”
Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

Jenna Evans Welch
“I looked back toward the door. Creepy staircase or overly friendly international teenagers? I guess I'd take my chances with Ren.”
Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato