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Zadie Smith
“Here lie a man and a woman. The man is more beautiful than the woman. And for this reason there have been times when the woman has feared that she loves the man more than he loves her. He has always denied this.”
Zadie Smith, NW

John Green
“- Estoy enamorado de tí, y no estoy en el negocio de negarme el simple placer de decir cosas verdaderas. Estoy enamorado de tí, y sé que este amor es sólo un grito en el vacío, y este olvido es inevitable, y que estamos todos condenados y que vendrá un día cuando todo nuestro trabajo sea polvo, y sé que el sol se tragará la única tierra que alguna vez tendremos, y estoy enamorado de tí.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

“The people that really love you are the people who will never hurt you”
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Truth Devour
“Lightening struck leaving its effects to course through her veins fusing him into the essence of her life force.”
Truth Devour, Wantin

K.A. Tucker
“Because you´re not a one night girl Irish.' Leaning in to place a kiss on my jawline he whispers, 'You're my forever girl.”
K.A. Tucker

“love is a choice between heart and mind.”
justan edelito

“Sunlight on orchids
Lightning on water
Twilight calls your name
I have searched for you for centuries
I am the woman who fell in love by accident-
Virtual love- who would have thought, is it even possible? ( I believe so )
I raise my white flag and listen for your echo in my dreams
I'm walking backwards to find you in my past
I'm entangled in your fate~

~Lady A~”

“We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends”

John Green
“Okay,” he said after forever. “Maybe
okay will be our always.”
“Okay,” I said.
It was Augustus who finally hung up.”
John Green

Lauren Blakely
“I'd never forget how it felt to say those words. To be in our place. In love with you, in love with us, in love with our secret, with the island we were building, keeping out the whole wide world.”
Lauren Blakely, 21 Stolen Kisses

“LOVE, is the most powerful thing that makes my world turn upside down.”
Bernie Yaras

Jandy Nelson
“I have to go," I say, helpless.
What makes you say the opposite of what every cell in your body wants you to say?”
Jandy Nelson, I'll Give You the Sun

Christina Lauren
“Pippa was different. She was an electric charge, a flash of light. Falling in love with Pippa and watching her walk away would be like watching someone extinguish the sun.”
Christina Lauren, Beautiful

Dianerste Ross
“I'm in love with
Your smile
Your laughed
You voice
Your personality
Your eyes
Your heart
An every part of you”
Dianerste Ross