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Jeanette Winterson
“I didn't want to be in the teeming mass of the working class.[...] I didn't want to live and die in the same place with only a week at the seaside in between. I dreamed of escape - but what is terrible about industrialisation is that it makes escape necessary. In a system that generates masses, individualism is the only way out. But then what happens to community - to society?”
Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

Darrin Grimwood
“When you took a man's job away from him, his ability to feed and clothe his family, that man was going to get angry.”
Darrin Grimwood, Destroy All Robots

K.J. Bishop
“How long before we devise a means of telling horoscopes with gas lamps?”
K.J. Bishop, The Etched City

Paul Lafargue
“In proportion as the machine is improved and performs man's work with an ever increasing rapidity and exactness, the labourer, instead of prolonging his former rest times, redoubles his ardour, as if he wished to rival the machine. O, absurd and murderous competition!”
Paul Lafargue, The Right to Be Lazy

Sascha Lobo
“Der feste Beruf auf Lebenszeit [...] ist ein Produkt der Industrialisierung.”
Sascha Lobo, Wir nennen es Arbeit

Theodore J. Kaczynski
“In modern industrial society only minimal effort is necessary to satisfy one’s physical needs. It is enough to go through a training program to acquire some petty technical skill, then come to work on time and exert the very modest effort needed to hold a job. The only requirements are a moderate amount of intelligence and, most of all, simple OBEDIENCE.”
Theodore J. Kaczynski, Industrial Society and Its Future: The Unabomber Manifesto

“With an evermore increase of industrialisation machine stops being merely a tool, develops a life of its own and imposes its rhythm onto human. Operating it he moves mechanically, becomes part of the machine.”
Heide Schönemann, Fritz Lang. Filmbilder, Vorbilder

Ian  Ayris
“I'm goin past factories. Boxes of metal with people inside. Souls bein ripped apart.”
Ian Ayris