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“Just keep being true to yourself, if you're passionate about something go for it. Don't sacrifice anything, just have fun.”
Blake Lewis

Ljupka Cvetanova
“Pandora opened the box with the new high-heels, put them on and went out to town.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

Eyden I.
“Even in hard times there's a possibility to have fun.”
Eyden I., Woman's Book: Only For Men

“Live for today and let tomorrow come later.”

John  McGrail
“Rule #1: Life is supposed to be fun!”
John McGrail, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation

Chetan M. Kumbhar
“How can I forget there's just one life & so much to do.
Let me choose the best things to do & start to do.”
Chetan M. Kumbhar, Panasu The Golden City & The Capasstars

Angela Cecilia
“Have fun and have faith that when you use your heart to navigate through life and use the Universe as a map the magic and miracles in your life will be endless.”
Angela Cecilia, Follow Your Bliss: How to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

Cherrie Lynn
“Give yourself permission to not be perfect. Life's too short, but you're still young. Give up that iron-knuckle grip you have on excellence and just...have fun. For a change.”
Cherrie Lynn, Leave Me Breathless

“The more you focus on fun, the more fun you have.”
A.D. Posey

Sarah Mazucci
“Have while you write!”
Sarah Mazucci

Rob Kozak
“I would encourage any absentee fathers to consider, for the sake of their children, the following:
– maintain the bond of love;
– seek the silver lining;
– provide guidance as best you can;
– and have fun together!

These rewards of fatherhood are entirely in YOUR hands.”
Rob Kozak, Finding Fatherhood

“Reclaim your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and have some fun. Don’t take every moment of your life so seriously. Allow yourself to enjoy life.”
Akiroq Brost

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Kids always find a way to have fun! This is the best art for the adults to learn from the kids!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Michael Bassey Johnson
“I find nature to be a perfect home.
The sky above is the roof, the air is fresh and provides enough ventilation, and the plants and animals serve as the best form of entertainment.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

“You see Viola, this is the body I have and I'm gonna keep it. I've got a potato nose, a bit of flab, a muffin top... I've grown attached to them. And life's too short to worry about what other people think. I've decided to like myself the way I am and to have fun, every time I can.”
Assia Petricelli, Per sempre