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Ilona Andrews
“I have to say, your technique is really different. Curran hammered at the spell until it broke. You just talk. Help me out here, what’s the strategy? Are you hoping the ward will get tired and kill itself so it won’t have to listen to you anymore?”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Breaks

“I mean that after the little accident with your mom, you'd think you'd never come out here again."
My heart stops. I'm not exaggerating. I swear, for a pure second, my chest seized and all the blood flowing in my veins pauses. I can't believe he would say something like that. From the look on everyone's faces, they can't believe it either.
Aidan's the first to react as he growls, "Shut up! You jerk...how can you say something like that?"
Dunstan ignores Aidan's outburst as he keeps his eyes trained on me. His face is indifferent, but I know he's smirking on the inside. Why's he doing this? What does he want me to do? React? I would, if I could get any movement back in my freakin' legs. However, they seem to be paralyzed at the moment. I settle for glaring at him.
"Don't tell me you haven't gotten over it. It's been, what? Ten years since?"
"He said shut up!" Nadia snarls. She bares her teeth in primal fury and seems almost ready to pounce on him.
But if he catches on, Dunstan doesn't show it. "I just think it's amazing you'd still come out here. I know I wouldn't."
"Mr. Lebelle, it is in my power to turn this boat around and end this tour early. So I suggest that you stop this conversation at once," Babette threatens him. She doesn't shout, but her iron tone is just as—if not more—frightening as any yelling could be.”
Colleen Boyd, Swamp Angel

Simone Elkeles
Carajo!" Paco says, throwing down his lunch. "They think they can buy a U-shaped shell, stuff it, and call it a taco, but those cafeteria workers wouldn't know taco meat from a piece of shit. That's what this tastes like, Alex."
"You're makin' me sick, man," I tell him.
I stare uncomfortably at the food I brought from home. Thanks to Paco everything looks like mierda now. Disgusted, I shove what's left of my lunch into my brown paper bag.
"Want some of it?" Paco says with a grin as he holds out the shitty taco to me.
"Bring that one inch closer to me and you'll be sorry," I threaten.
"I'm shakin' in my pants."
Paco wiggles the offending taco, goading me. He should seriously know better.
"If any of that gets on me--"
"What'cha gonna do, kick my ass?" Paco sings sarcastically, still shaking the taco. Maybe I should punch him in the face, knocking him out so I won't have to deal with him right now.
As I have that thought, I feel something drop on my pants. I look down even though I know what I'll see. Yes, a big blob of wet, gloppy stuff passing as taco meat lands right on the crotch of my faded jeans.
"Fuck," Paco says, his face quickly turning from amusement to shock. "Want me to clean it off for you?"
"If your fingers get anywhere close to my dick, I'm gonna personally shoot you in the huevos," I growl through clenched teeth.
I flick the mystery meat off my crotch. A big, greasy stain lingers. I turn back to Paco. "You got ten minutes to get me a new pair of pants."
"How the hell am I s'posed to do that?"
"Be creative."
"Take mine." Paco stands and brings his fingers to the waistband of his jeans, unbuttoning right in the middle of the courtyard.
"Maybe I wasn't specific enough," I tell him, wondering how I'm going to act like the cool guy in chem class when it looks like I've peed in my pants. "I meant, get me a new pair of pants that will fit me, pendejo. You're so short you could audition to be one of Santa Claus's elves."
"I'm toleratin' your insults because we're like brothers."
"Nine minutes and thirty seconds."
It doesn't take Paco more than that to start running toward the school parking lot.”
Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry