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Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“Too young to party, just odd enough to participate in federal investigations of serial murder. Story of my life.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, All In

Albert Einstein
“I came to America because of the great, great freedom which I heard existed in this country. I made a mistake in selecting America as a land of freedom, a mistake I cannot repair in the balance of my lifetime.”
Albert Einstein

Mac Barnett
“He checked out his surrounding. More books. A drinking fountain. A poster showing a guy slam-dunking a basketball with one hand and holding a book in the other, urging kids to READ! Weird, thought Steve. How can he even see the hoop?


You see, Steven, Librarians are the most elite, best trained secret force in the United States of America. Probably in the world."
"No way."
"Yes way."
"What about the FBI?"
"The CIA?"
Mackintosh snorted. "Don't make me laugh. Those guys can't even dunk a basketball andd read a book at the same time.”
Mac Barnett, The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity

P.T. Macias
“Oh dios mio, she makes me burn, she makes me need. She is etching herself into mi alma”
P.T. Macias, Hot & Spicy

Paula Stokes
“I don’t make to-do lists, but if I did, today’s would have gone something like this: 1. get drunk, 2. get laid, 3. go surfing (not necessarily in that order.) Noticeably absent from the list: get arrested. And yet here I am, spending my eighteenth birthday with my back against the wall of the Colonel’s hunting cabin, two FBI agents prowling the dark with their guns drawn, both trying to get me to confess to the murder of my friend Preston DeWitt.”
Paula Stokes, Liars, Inc.

John Grisham
“You wired the kid," Truemann said meekly to no one in particular.
"Why not? No crime. You're the FBI, remember. You boys run more wire than AT&T."[Reggie Love]”
John Grisham, The Client
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Bryan Burrough
“To the generations of Americans raised since World War 2, the identities of criminals such as Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, "Ma" Barker, John Dillenger, and Clyde Barrow are no more real than are Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones. After decades spent in the washing machine of popular culture, their stories have been bled of all reality, to an extent that few Americans today know who these people actually were, much less that they all rose to national prominence at the same time. They were real.”
Bryan Burrough, Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34

“This monograph by Special Agent Ken Lanning (1992) is merely a guide for those who may investigate this phenomenon, as the title indicates, and not a study. The author is a well known skeptic regarding cult and ritual abuse allegations and has consulted on a number of cases but to our knowledge has not personally investigated the majority of these cases, some of which have produced convictions. p179
[refers to Lanning, K. V. (1992)
Investigator's guide to allegations of "ritual" child abuse. Quantico, VA: National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.]”
Pamela Sue Perskin, Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America

Julie James
“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to look at me this way?”
She assumed he was teasing her. “What are you talking about? You didn’t even like me for most of the time we’ve known each other.”
He bent his head before turning to go, his voice low and confident in her ear. “Or maybe I’m just that good of an undercover agent.”
Julie James, The Thing About Love

Suzanne Ferrell
“Something was in her mouth. Sami's tongue slid along the edges of something plastic. Flat, low ridges, holes-an adjustable strap. A baseball cap?

Another taste. Hair spray. Gross.

Someone had stuffed her baseball cap in her mouth, and from the feel of it they had taped it in place. Her arms were tied behind her and she lay face down on the floor-of what? Her car. The carpeting scraped her cheek every time they hit a bump.

Panic flooded Sami's senses. She came instantly awake. Inhaling deeply through her nose, she willed herself to calm down. Her working motto flashed through her brain, panic never accomplished anything. Of course she had never been kidnapped and tied up before.

In the dim light of passing cars, she glimpsed things-paper gum wrappers, an old straw, one whopper wrapper, a CD cover.

That's where Sting went. Been looking for that for days. Man did she need to vacuum this car out.

A metallic scent hit her nose. She'd recognize that smell until the day she died. Blood. And by the odor, someone had lost a great deal of it.”
Suzanne Ferrell, Kidnapped

Julie James
“Her eyes widened. “Ooh… was it hate sex? I’ve always wanted to have hate sex.”
Julie James, The Thing About Love

Tanya Thompson
“There are scores of people who have never recovered, or been recovered, from an FSB interrogation.

They’re a hard organization to describe because nothing like the FSB exists in the USA. To get even remotely close, you’d have to ask the CIA to birth a seven-headed hydra with the faces of the FBI, DEA, NSA, Immigration, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, and the Navy Seals with a hangover and a grudge.”
Tanya Thompson, Red Russia

Julie James
“You look like you should be on a Wheaties box with this haircut.”
Julie James, The Thing About Love

Dean Koontz
“...he dreamed of being director of the FBI instead of attorney general. Considering some of the unsavory characters who had held the latter post, Milo didn't have the credentials for it.”
Dean Koontz, Relentless

Julie James
“For the record, you are knocking it out of the park with this speech.”
Julie James, The Thing About Love

“The White House says that the FBI has an "extreme bias" against Donald Trump..... or as the FBI calls it: "Evidence!”
Ed Krassenstein

Joanna Schaffhausen
“Sometimes the law is about as useful as tits on a bull. Good people end up hurt.”
Joanna Schaffhausen, The Vanishing Season

Julie James
“John turned to her, with streaks of dried blood along his face. “Thank goodness we got the easy job.”
Julie James, The Thing About Love

“You’re comparing the FBI to Hitler?”
“No, I’m engaging in a discussion about perspective and moral relativity.”
Dot Hutchison, The Butterfly Garden

Suzanne Brockmann
“Max was shaking his head. "Careers are going to be made, based on what happens over the next few days," he pointed out.

Jules just looked at him for several long seconds. "That might be truly the most offensive thing you've ever said to me.”
Suzanne Brockmann, Breaking Point

Steven Magee
“I am fearful of the government.”
Steven Magee

Larry Gent
“I want all transportation out of the city shut down. No boats leave, no planes take off and shoot a bus driver or two to show that we’re serious.”
Larry Gent, Never Been to Mars

Steven Magee
“The blatant incompetence in corporate government law enforcement is truly embarrassing.”
Steven Magee

Ellie Masters
“What do I think of the newly discovered Van Gogh?" It was a load of crap, but Viv couldn't say that without Professor Phillips asking questions she couldn't answer.”
Ellie Masters, The Starling

B.J. Daniels
“Turning, she saw a crow staring at her from the balcony with its beady little dark eyes. The bird flapped its silken ebony wings at her and hopped to the chair closest to the open door. Wasn’t there some superstition about crows and death?”
B.J. Daniels, Rancher's Dream

Steven Magee
“The police need to stop blatantly lying to the public.”
Steven Magee

Michelle Alexander
“Reagan's promise to enhance the federal government's role in fighting crime was complicated by the fact that fighting street crime has traditionally been the responsibility of state and local law enforcement. After a period of initial confusion and controversy...the Justice Department announced its intention to cut in half the number of specialists assigned to identify and prosecute white collar criminals and to shift its attention to street crime, especially drug-law enforcement.”
Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Steven Magee
“I always find it strange how the police rarely attribute the source of mental health problems to the environment that the person lives and works in.”
Steven Magee

Gwen Calvo
“when you are passionate about the world a stare writes your life.”
Gwen Calvo

Asa Don Brown
“If there is money to be made, those who have no moral backbone will surely take advantage of another.”
Asa Don Brown

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