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“The cracks in old friendships are measured in awkward pauses.”
Darin Strauss

Robert A. Heinlein
“I was there to see beautiful naked women. So was everybody else. It's a common failing.”
Robert A. Heinlein, Expanded Universe

Helen Oyeyemi
“Sometimes I do what I say I’m going to do, but more often I don’t. It’s a failing. The least of my failings, and the only one I feel up to admitting at the moment.”
Helen Oyeyemi, Mr. Fox

Sarah Dessen
“What was it like to be so confident even in your failings that you weren't the least bit bothered when other people pointed them out? I was almost envious.”
Sarah Dessen, Once and for All

“Don't let your failures define you.
Let them refine you.”
Callie Khouri

Margaret Atwood
“She takes after Laura in that respect: the same tendency towards absolutism, the same refusal to compromise, the same scorn for the grosser human failings. To get away with that, you have to be beautiful. Otherwise it seems mere peevishness.”
Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Alexander McCall Smith
“we must love those with whom we live and work, and love them for all their failings, manifest and manifold though they be.”
Alexander McCall Smith, At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances

Kameron Hurley
“Men did not like women to weep. It reminded them of their own failings.”
Kameron Hurley, Rapture

Alexander McCall Smith
“It was not edifying to dwell on the failings of others.”
Alexander McCall Smith, The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine

Donald Firesmith
“I nearly said something, but then thought better of it. It doesn’t pay to publicly point out the failings of the person providing your paycheck.”
Donald Firesmith, What Lurks Below

Kim   Wright
“And despite it all, he has never been able to abandon hope that his betters will someday notice him. Will someday accept him as one of their own.

It is the failing of his lifetime.”
Kim Wright, City of Darkness

“The question must be asked: have we been the beneficiaries or the victims of our education?”
Marty Rubin

“I once was a man with promise and potential. Then doubt whispered in my ear and I became less than I could have been, all because I listened and believed.”
B J Huculak