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Chinua Achebe
“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”
Chinua Achebe (Author)

Cassandra Clare
“Why are you here?"
"'Here' as in your bedroom, or 'here' as in the great, spiritual question of our purpose here on this planet? If you're asking me whether this is all some cosmic coincidence or if there's a greater meta-ethical purpose to life, well, that's a puzzler for the ages. I mean, modern-day reductionism is clearly a fallacious argument, but-,"
-"I'm going back to bed."
-"I'm here because Hodge reminded me it's your birthday.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
“To talk well and eloquently is a very great art, but that an equally great one is to know the right moment to stop.”
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus / Traeg

“Surely silence can sometimes be the most eloquent reply.”
Ali Ibn Abi Talib AS

Dashiell Hammett
“Joel Cairo: You always have a very smooth explanation ready.
Sam Spade: What do you want me to do, learn to stutter?”
Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Your goodness must have some edge to it -- else it is none.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Culture, Behavior, Beauty, Books, Art, Eloquence, Power, Wealth, Illusions

Honoré de Balzac
“You're a fine fastidious young man, as proud as a lion, as gentle as a girl. You'd make a good catch for the devil.”
Honoré de Balzac, Père Goriot

“You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts.”
Cochise ("Like Ironweed")

Sanober  Khan
“poets. have
the toughest job
in the universe-

of turning silence
into eloquence.”
Sanober Khan

Robert Fagles
“You are the king no doubt, but in one respect,
at least, I am your equal: the right to reply.
I claim that privilege too.
I am not your slave. I serve Apollo.
I don't need Creon to speak for me in public.

you mock my blindness? Let me tell you this.
You with your precious eyes,
you're blind to the corruption in your life,
to the house you live in, those you live with-
who are your parents? Do you know? All unknowing
you are the scourge of your own flesh and blood,
the dead below the earth and the living here above,
and the double lash of your mother and your father's curse
will whip you from this land one day, their footfall
treading you down in terror, darkness shrouding
your eyes that now can see the light!

Soon, soon,
you'll scream aloud - what haven won't reverberate?
What rock of Cithaeron won't scream back in echo?
That day you learn the truth about your marriage,
the wedding-march that sang you into your halls,
the lusty voyage home to the fatal harbor!
And a crowd of other horrors you'd never dream
will level you with yourself and all your children.

There. Now smear us with insults - Creon, myself
and every word I've said. No man will ever
be rooted from the earth as brutally as you.”
Robert Fagles, The Oedipus Cycle: Oedipus Rex / Oedipus at Colonus / Antigone

Alix E. Harrow
“Word-magic comes at a cost, you see, as power always does. Words draw their vitality from their writers, and thus the strength of a word is limited by the strength of its human vessel.”
Alix E. Harrow, The Ten Thousand Doors of January

“In my opinion, it was chiefly owing to their deep contemplation in their silent retreats in the days of youth that the old Indian orators acquired the habit of carefully arranging their thoughts.

They listened to the warbling of birds and noted the grandeur and the beauties of the forest. The majestic clouds—which appear like mountains of granite floating in the air—the golden tints of a summer evening sky, and the changes of nature, possessed a mysterious significance.

All of this combined to furnish ample matter for reflection to the contemplating youth.”
Francis Assikinack (Blackbird)

Barack Obama
“Everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma. They end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs when, if you, they just gave, you gave, treatment early, and they got some treatment, and uhhh a breathalyzer, or uhh, an inhalator, not a breathalyzer...”
Barack Obama, Barack Obama: In His Own Words

Marcus Tullius Cicero
“Nam eloquentiam quae admirationem non habet nullam iudico”
Marcus Tulius Cicero

Phil Knight
“basic rule of negotiation is to know what you want, what you need to walk away with in order to be whole.”
Phil Knight

“A rhetorician is capable of speaking effectively against all comers, whatever the issue, and can consequently be more persuasive in front of crowds about… anything he likes.”
Plato, Gorgias

Amit Kalantri
“If you think before you speak you will speak well, if you think twice you will speak very well.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Amit Kalantri
“Speaking can persuade an individual, eloquence can persuade a crowd.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Wiss Auguste
“Melodiousness rolled over her tongue and out of her mouth whenever she spoke. Her eloquence equaled her elegance.”
Wiss Auguste, The Illusions of Hope

“A picture can utter nothing to describe itself. - On the Eloquence of Pictures”
Lamine Pearlheart, To Life from the Shadows

“His speeches left the impression of an army of pompous phrases moving over the landscape in search of an idea; sometimes these meandering words would actually capture a straggling thought and bear it triumphantly as a prisoner in their midst, until it died of servitude and overwork.”
William Gibbs McAdoo

“The language of life is profane as it is eloquent.”
Erwin D. Maramat

Joseph Conrad
“I could be eloquent were I not afraid you fellows had starved your imaginations to feed your bodies.”
Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

Augustine of Hippo
“Fine style does not make something true, nor has a man a wise soul because he has a handsome face and well-chosen eloquence.”
St. Augustine, The Confessions of Saint Augustine by St. Augustine

A.D. Aliwat
“Not only are the Irish some of the prettiest and most eloquent people alive, but they also know how to have fun better than pretty much anyone on the planet.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

Blaise Pascal
Eloquence. There must be elements both pleasing and real, but what is pleasing must itself be drawn from what is true.”
Blaise Pascal, Pensées

Caroline George
“We all feel eloquence we can’t put into words.”
Caroline George, The Summer We Forgot

Blaise Pascal
“Eloquence.—It requires the pleasant and the real; but the pleasant must itself be drawn from the true.”
Blaise Pascal, Pensées

Blaise Pascal
“Eloquence is a painting of thought; and thus those who, after having painted it, add something more, make a picture instead of a portrait.”
Blaise Pascal

“Silence is the eloquence of the wise.”
Augusto Branco

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