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Leila Sales
“You can't tell me my feelings are overwrought or absurd. You don't know. They are my feelings.”
Leila Sales, This Song Will Save Your Life
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Jodi Picoult
“If you had grown up with me, this is one of the things I would have tried to teach you: Marry a man who loves you more than you love him. Because I have both now, and when it is the other way around, there is no spell in the world that can even out the balance.”
Jodi Picoult, Vanishing Acts
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Claire LaZebnik
“Every guy seems nice until he’s not.”
Claire LaZebnik

Nicky Charles
“Elise?" He looked at her with a pleading, puppy-dog expression in his eyes.
"I love you.”
Nicky Charles, The Mating

Nicky Charles
“Elise hid her face in his shoulder, embarassed, "Kane! What will they think?" She whispered against his neck.
"That we're newly bonded and I can't keep my hands off of my lovely mate." And sure enough, the good natured calls that accompanied them across the yard left her in no doubt that the others were thinking exactly that.”
Nicky Charles, The Mating

S.M. Reine
“When she released him, James looked stunned. “Still?” She suppressed a swell of sadness. “Always.”
S.M. Reine

Suzanne Young
“In my hand I hold a small guardian angel figurine set in a smooth, clear
stone. It’s beautiful, a promise of love. Of forever.”
Suzanne Young, A Want So Wicked
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Alexis  Hall
“Miss Kane, I have been worried.

Sorry, I've been in a faery closet and a werewolf dungeon.

Business or pleasure?

Alexis Hall, Shadows & Dreams
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Bruce  Crown
“A happy clown inside spat out a pig-in-a-blanket and yelled at the cute waitress holding the tray. … I had to throw up but other than the banker’s suit forcing its way onto Elise’s face there really wasn’t an appropriate place for it.”
Bruce Crown, Forlorn Passions

Suzan Tisdale
“Now, are ye goin’ to let me teach ye how to swim?”
Reckoning ’twas better to let Elise have her way than to have the topic turn back to Albert, she reluctantly agreed.
“’ Tis terrifyin’,” she murmured as she stared out at the calm water .
From somewhere inside her, a little voice whispered, ye’ve been through far more terrifyin’ times than this. Taking a deep breath and straightening her back, she decided she could at least try.
“Verra well,” she said in a resolute tone. “But I swear, if ye let me drown, I’ll haunt ye all the rest of my days.”
Elise laughed heartily. “I swear, I’ll no’ let ye drown. Albert would kill me.”
Suzan Tisdale, Isle of the Blessed

Suzan Tisdale
“Elise ignored her complaints and eased her deeper into the water, until it was almost to her chest. It was getting more difficult for her to keep her feet on the smooth rocks, and panic began to swell.
She took in a deep breath of air, frightened that she might go under at any moment.
“Wheest, lass,”Elise told her. “Ye’ll be fine as long as ye do no’panic. Panic is what kills a person.”
“Are ye sure it be not lungs filled with water that does a person in?”Laurin snapped.”
Suzan Tisdale, Isle of the Blessed