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Gena Showalter
“The lamp tipped over, nailing Kane in the head.
Sabin shook his head. The man was a walking disaster Literally. Whenever Kane stepped into a room, things went to hell pretty quickly. Sabin expected the ceiling to cave in any moment. And yea, it had happened before.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Night

Gena Showalter
“I'll take the cemetery," Kane said. He didn't sound excited. Rather, he sounded resigned. "The club might collapse if I go.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Night

Rick Riordan
“Two farewell gifts," Sadie muttered, "from two gorgeous guys. I hate my life.”
Rick Riordan, The Throne of Fire

Rick Riordan
“So you can't live in Manhattan?' she asked.
Amos's brow furrowed as he looked across at the Empire State Building. 'Manhattan has other problems. Other gods. It's best we stay separate.”
Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan
“Come on," I said. "I've got some questions for Thoth. And then I'm going to punch him in the beak.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

Gena Showalter
“Lord Kane," the king acknowledged. "Before the proceedings begin, we must say how thrilled we were to meet your PMS."
Uh..."My what?" "Your personal male secretary.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Craving

Nicky Charles
“...pushing through her own feeling of panic to find what Kane was trying to communicate to her. It was a bit of a jumble and she strained to make sense of it, finally grasping a repeated thread: I love you. Be ready.”
Nicky Charles, The Mating

Patricia A. McKillip
“Here in Raine, I can walk with the sunlight on my face. I can speak to anyone who speaks to me. I can learn my daughter's language. I can be called the name I was given when I was born.
Here I am no longer my own secret.
Will you let me stay?”
Patricia A. McKillip, Alphabet of Thorn

Lora Leigh
“It was my baby, too.” His voice was husky, filled with regret, with pain. “But even more than that, Sherra, you’re my soul. You’re every breath I take. I would give my life to have saved you. I would give it now if it would mean I could go back and spare you this pain.” The dampness from his eyes soaked the swarthy complexion, lined with pain and regret. “I would do anything, everything, baby, to ease this pain for you.”
Lora Leigh, Kiss of Heat

Nicky Charles
“Elise hid her face in his shoulder, embarassed, "Kane! What will they think?" She whispered against his neck.
"That we're newly bonded and I can't keep my hands off of my lovely mate." And sure enough, the good natured calls that accompanied them across the yard left her in no doubt that the others were thinking exactly that.”
Nicky Charles, The Mating

Gena Showalter
“Help me?" Hope opened as sweetly as a rose in sunlight, bright and beautiful."Really?" He nodded.
"Oh, Kane. Thank you!" He planned to kill her, the darling man.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Craving
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Louisa Edwards
“You Americans. You suppress the body of its desires, and treat the heart as if it is a wild animal to be tamed, so that when those things are awakened in you , they have the strength of ravenous lions, too long imprisoned.”
Louisa Edwards, Some Like It Hot

Gena Showalter
“She says I owe her."
"And you always pay your debts? What kind of craziness is that?"
"Some people would say it's honorable."
"Some people are stupid.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Craving

Louisa Edwards
“I need to pull away from this - She gestured between them languidly - "because When I'm with you, I lose my balance. I don't feel calm and happy.
She leaned forward, and Kane swallowed down his immediate urge to leap across the table and crush her thin lips under his.
"When I am with you," Claire said, her accent rolling through the words like thunder, "I am a starving lion, raging at my captivity.”
Louisa Edwards

Melissa Landers
“If I wanted to punish myself, I’d keep looking at your face.”
“Isn’t my face in half the pictures taped to your bunk wall?”
“Maybe I keep them there to scare away the devil.”
“Just show him your feet,” he said, going for her weak spot. She had adorable toes, but she hated that her second one was longer than the first. “He’ll run screaming back to hell with his forked tail between his legs.”
“Keep talking and I’ll send you there to meet him.”
“I’ll say hello to your demon-spawn mother while I’m there.”
“Try not to wet yourself like you did at the palace.”
“Hey!” He drew back an inch. That was hitting below the belt. “I was only four when that happened, and your mom was legitimately scary.”
Melissa Landers, Starfall

“I don’t want anyone but you and I hope you don’t want anyone other than me.”
Amanda Stone

“I know you’re not like that anymore, Kane. While I don’t approve of the person you used to be, I can’t change the past. Lord knows I would if I could. The only thing to do is move forward, and if you want, I would love for you to do so with me.”
Amanda Stone

Stylo Fantome
“I wanted to save her. Took me all these years to figure it out, but even back then, I wanted to be her prince on a white horse.”
Stylo Fantome, Completion
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Melissa Landers
“I know what you’re thinking because I know how your mind works.”
She imagined giving him the finger. “What am I thinking?”
“You want me to go screw myself.”
“Close enough.”
Melissa Landers, Starfall

L.A. Fiore
“I didn't even think, just went with instinct. Opening my arms, I felt the tiny life placed there. Wrapping him close and tight to my chest, I felt my heart swelling with love. So small, so delicate. Using the tip of my finger, I traced his face, his little lips, his chin and cheeks, his eyes. "You're right, Tea, he is beautiful."

"He has your eyes," she whispered. "We still need to name him."

"Christian Simon Doyle. After your dad and your idiot friend."

Her voice sounded raw when she spoke again. "That's perfect."

"You're perfect. Thank you, Tea, thank you for my son, for our life, thank you for not giving up on me.”
L.A. Fiore, A Glimpse of the Dream

Sarah  Robinson
“Got your stuff?"

Nora's checks flushed. "Um, yeah, but..."


"My hand hurts so much, and I need two hands to do my button. Could you...um..."

He furrowed his brow, unsure what she meant as she trailed off, blushing more now. Following her gaze, he glanced down at her pants. Sure enough, her jeans were on but unbuttoned, revealing a peek of the tiny green short-shorts from her uniform.

He chuckled and reached forward, buttoning her jeans for her. "I've never put pants on a woman before, but I'll make an exception this time."

"I appreciate your sacrifice," she said sarcastically, and Kane decided then and there that he wanted to see her smiling like that all the time.”
Sarah Robinson

“If I was barely alive, I wouldn't be in so much pain. If anything, I'm too alive. I need to dull down all this aliveness." Casey tried to smile but grimaced instead. "I think I need a minibar moment.”
Sarah Robinson, Becoming a Legend

Sarah  Robinson
“His hand found her chin, gently tipping her face up to look at him. "Kitty."

"What?" She finally looked at him, exposing a vulnerability in her eyes that made his heart pound behind his ribs.

Sarah Robinson

C.A. Gray
“My name is Kane," he said finally, "and I am the youngest member ever to be inducted into the secret organization known as the Watchers. This," he gestured to the hall around them, "is what we call the Commuter Station. It is the second basement of the Watcher Castle." "Watchers?" said Lily. "What are you watching for?" Kane's mouth stretched into a bitter, tight-lipped smile and his eyes narrowed in Peter's direction. "Him.”
C.A. Gray, Intangible
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Sarah  Robinson
“He stood and grabbed her forearm, pulling her just ever so slightly toward him. "But if you want any help studying, let me know."

Her eyes flickered down to his lips, then back up to meet his gaze. She straightened her shoulders and exhaled. "Let me guess, you'll quiz e, and for each wrong answer I give, I'll have to take off something I'm wearing?"

Kane's mouth parted and his eyes widened as her considered the image she'd just painted for him. "Hell, kitty, I was genuinely offering to help, but your idea is so much better. Let's go with that.”
Sarah Robinson