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Adolf Hitler
“The Whites have carried to these (colonial) people the worst that they could carry: the plagues of the world: materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism, and syphilis. Moreover, since what these people possessed on their own was superior to anything we could give them, they have remained themselves... The sole result of the activity of the colonizers is: they have everywhere aroused hatred.”
Adolf Hitler, The Political Testament Of Adolf Hitler: Recorded By Martin Bormann

Geraldine Brooks
“He had scooped up another handful of sand and stared at each grain as it fell through his fingers. 'You are like these. Each a trifling speck. A hundred, many hundreds—what matter? Cast them into the air. You cannot even find them when they land upon the ground. But there are more grains than you can count. There is no end to them. You will pour across this land, and we will be smothered. Your stone walls, your dead trees, the hooves of your strange beasts trampling the clam beds. My uncle sees these things, here and now. And in his trance, he sees that worse is coming. You walls will rise everywhere until they shut us out. You will turn the land upside down with your ploughs until all the hunting grounds are gone. This, and more, my uncle sees.”
Geraldine Brooks, Caleb's Crossing

Mary Brock Jones
“He slept still in the induced coma his doctors had kept him in since he arrived. She could see the bruises, see the healing wound of the burn that stretched over his side. She reached out a hand, hovered just above the field and traced the path of the yellow, black and angry red of his healing flesh.
She had done that to him.”
Mary Brock Jones, Pay the Piper

Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
“It’s not that simple. We’re talking about going to Mars. Living on Mars! How can I give up becoming one of the colonisers of another planet?”
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli, Deserto rosso - Punto di non ritorno

Stephen Baxter
“Colonists of, ah, Per Ardua, meet your autonomous colonisation unit!”
Stephen Baxter, Proxima

Tim Jeal
“He [Stanley] had stated that he longed to do something wonderful for the African tribes along the Congo, and instead, as would become all too apparent, had set them up for a terrible fate. In 1877 he came down the great river as the first European ever to do so, declaring his hope that the Congo should become like `a torch to those who sought to do good'." Instead, it became the torch that attracted the archexploiter King Leopold II of Belgium.”
Tim Jeal, Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa's Greatest Explorer

Albert Memmi
“The colonialst as the custodian of the values of civilization and history, he accomplishes a mission; he has the immense merit of bringing light to the colonized's ignominious darkness.”
Albert Memmi, The Colonizer and the Colonized

Shashi Tharoor
“With the absorption of each native state, the (East India) company official John Sullivan observed in 1840s: "The little court disappears--the capital decays--trade languishes--the capital decays--the people are impoverished--the Englishman flourishes, and acts like a sponge, drawing up riches from the banks of the Ganges, and squeezing them down upon the banks of the Thames.”
Shashi Tharoor, An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India