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John Fowles
“I must fight with my weapons. Not his. Not selfishness and brutality and shame and resentment.”
John Fowles, The Collector

Walter Benjamin
“Everything remembered, everything thought, all awareness becomes base, frame, pedestal, lock and key of his ownership. Period, region, craft, previous owners - all, for the true collector, merge in each one of his possessions into a magical encyclopaedia whose quintessence is the fate of his object.”
Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project

Walter Benjamin
“Thus there is in the life of a collector a dialectical tensions between the poles of disorder and order.”
Walter Benjamin, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections

Jessica Fortunato
“Eventually the Collector from the prophecy would be born.”
Jessica Fortunato, The Sin Collector: Thomas

Georges Rodenbach
“—that exquisite sensual pleasure of collectors, who are a tactile species—”
Georges Rodenbach, The Bells of Bruges

Fennel Hudson
“I’m beginning to realise that I’m either overly sentimental, or am a hoarder who struggles to part with things. In all honesty, I’m probably both.”
Fennel Hudson, A Waterside Year - Fennel's Journal - No. 2

“To a true collector, the acquisition of an old book is its rebirth,” Oscar quoted, absent self-consciousness.”
Sheridan Hay, The Secret of Lost Things