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Nicholas Sparks
“After I got shot, you want to know the very first thing that entered my mind? The U.S. Mint. I am coin in the U.S. Army. Now, I have two small holes in me. I'm no longer perfectly culled. Do you want to know the very last thing that entered my mind, You.”
Nicholas Sparks

Israelmore Ayivor
“True compassion does not sit on the laps of renovation; it dives with an approach to reconstruction. Don't throw a coin at a begger. Rather, destroy his source of poverty.”
Israelmore Ayivor

Terry Pratchett
“Is that all, sir? Only we've got stuff to finish before our knocking-off time, you see, and if we stay late we have to make more money to pay our overtime, and if the lads is a bit tired we ends up earning the money faster'n we can make it, which leads to a bit of what I can only call a conundrum—"

"You mean that if you do overtime you have to do more overtime to pay for it?" said Moist, still pondering how illogical logical thinking can be if a big enough committee is doing it.

"That's right, sir," said Shady. "And down that road madness lies."

"It's a very short road," said Moist, nodding.”
Terry Pratchett, Making Money

Katherine Rundell
“But those coins are wishes! You’re stealing other people’s wishes!”
The look Matteo gave her was so flinty, she could have chipped a tooth on it. “If you have money to waste on wishes, you don’t need the wishes as badly as I need the money.”
Katherine Rundell, Rooftoppers

Ami Blackwelder
“Like two side to a coin, there are two sides to life: your reason and emotional facets.”
Ami Blackwelder

Israelmore Ayivor
“The best way to easily identify a counterfeit currency is to have a full exposure to the original currency. If you don't know your true vision, any satanic vision can cross your way and you might not know it.”
Israelmore Ayivor

Jo Baker
“Words had become overnight just little coins, insignificant and unfreighted, to be exchanged for ribbons, buttons, for an apple or an egg.”
Jo Baker, Longbourn

Israelmore Ayivor
“Money is not the first step to becoming a great achiever. Your ideas determine the cost you will need to pay. So if you have no ideas, you can't know the amount you will need!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Sara Teasdale
“I have no riches but my thoughts,
Yet these are wealth enough for me;
My thoughts of you are golden coins
Stamped in the mint of memory;

And I must spend them all in song,
For thoughts, as well as gold, must be
Left on the hither side of death
To gain their immortality.”
Sara Teasdale, The Collected Poems

Olawale Daniel
“Most people think the big money in crypto is in day trading, but the holy grail in cryptocurrency industry right now is spotting the gems before the public knows about it. Understanding pre-sale, public sale and pre-exchange purchase arrangements is so vital for massive profits.”
Olawale Daniel

Pawan Mishra
“The coins were completely unprepared for this and were sadly deceived by their own inertia.”
Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Sean F. Hogan
“Send a coin into the abyss and wish for a blissful kiss”
Sean F. Hogan, Painting Angels

Ken  Goldstein
“I know you engineer types are excellent with mathematics, much better than I ever will be, but I do know the difference between a tiny pail of coins and big bucket of dollars. How can I take the pail when I am worth the bucket?”
Ken Goldstein, This is Rage: A Novel of Silicon Valley and Other Madness

Munia Khan
“Real wealth is not the weight of coins; it is the net value of your honesty”
Munia Khan

Neil Gaiman
“There," he said. "That's a coin trick for you." Shadow, who had been watching closely, put his head on one side. "I need to know how you did it."

"I did it," said Sweeney, with the air of one confiding a huge secret, "with panache and style. That's how I did it." He laughed, silently, rocking on his heels, his gappy teeth bared.

"Yes," said Shadow. "That is how you did it.”
Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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“The medals of the dead heroes are the coins for the future. (Les médailles des héros morts - Sont les pièces pour l'avenir.)”
Charles de Leusse

“When you flip a coin there is a very small but finite chance you will never ever see that coin again.”
Scott Edward Shjefte

Hank Bracker
“The New Continent
A Norwegian coin of the Viking era was once found in Maine; however, no indication of a settlement was found that could be used to verify the exact location of any landings. Perhaps it just became too cold and the growing season too short for them to linger on in this cold region. What is relatively certain is that it was not uncommon for the Vikings to sail their boats, called knars, west from Greenland to present-day Labrador. During the summer months, the warmer currents carried them north along the western coast of Greenland to what is now known as the Davis Strait, and from there they most likely headed due west for about two hundred miles over open water to Baffin Island. The Labrador Current could then have taken them as far south as the coasts of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and possibly Maine and Cape Cod.
Read & Share the daily blogs and weekly commentaries “From the Bridge” by Captain Hank Bracker, author of the award winning book “The Exciting Story of Cuba” available at Amazon.com.”
Captain Hank Bracker

Gavin John Adams
“Every time you use a banknote; every time you use a modern coin; every time you use a credit card or debit card; every time you use internet banking; every time you use any modern crypto currency; every time you use a gift voucher; every time you use a poker chip; in fact, every time you enter into any form of transaction that does not rely on bartering, each such transaction has its ideological origins in John Law’s idea that money need have no intrinsic value.”
Gavin John Adams, John Law: The Lauriston Lecture and Collected Writings

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Mango Wodzak
“The paper and cheap alloys give us the impression of liberty, but it is purely that, an impression.”
Mango Wodzak, The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook

Elias Canetti
“People like imagining a coin as an individual. The hand closes round it, feeling its planes and edges as a whole. A tenderness for the coin which can do so much for them is universal amongst men, and part of its 'character'. In one respect the coin is superior to a living creature. Being made of metal, its hardness secures 'eternal' existence for it; except by fire, it can scarcely be destroyed at all. A coin does not attain its size through growth; it issues ready-made from the mint and should remain as it then is; it should never change.”
Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power

Dean F. Wilson
“I hoarded real gold when that was worth anything. If the currency had changed to sugar cubes, I might've opened a candy shop.”
Dean F. Wilson, Hopebreaker

“When you finally settle for gold, you don’t treasure your copper coins anymore”
muki osaka