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Karl Lagerfeld
“People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can’t live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative. For people like me, solitude is a victory.”
Karl Lagerfeld

John Stuart Mill
“It still remains unrecognised, that to bring a child into existence without a fair prospect of being able, not only to provide food for its body, but instruction and training for its mind, is a moral crime, both against the unfortunate offspring and against society; and that if the parent does not fulfil this obligation, the State ought to see it fulfilled, at the charge, as far as possible, of the parent.”
John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

Michael Bassey Johnson
“No matter how tiny you look, you can lead huge men if you have what the huge men don't have.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

C.S. Lewis
“and a charge of lying against someone whom you have always found truthful is a very serious thing; a very serious thing indeed.”
C. S. Lewis

M.F. Moonzajer
“Dating is no charge prostitution.”
M.F. Moonzajer

James C. Dobson
“So enjoy the exhilaration when it comes. Take the ride to the heights when you get the opportunity. But don't get hooked on the thrill of the moment. Take charge of your emotions. And when it comes time to do the right thing, don't let your feelings lead you to compromise. That is the way to live a happier, more successful life and one that is more pleasing to God.”
James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: A Young Adult's Guide to a Meaningful Future

Stephen Poplin
“In the meantime, it appears that the young souls are in charge. One could ask how this could happen, what with all of the guidance from wise souls in Spirit helping us to choose our earthly lives and bodies. One should not underestimate Free Will. We can choose and, surprisingly enough on the Spirit plane, some choices come out of enthusiasm and impulsiveness and not from wisdom and deliberation.”
Stephen Poplin, Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist's casebook

Philip Zaleski
“Now a theist, he thought he should behave like one, even if it meant him during "the fussy, time-wasting, botheration of it all! the bells, the crowds, the umbrellas, the notices, the bustle, the perpetual arranging and organizing," and, worst of all, the hymns and organ music.”
Philip Zaleski, The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams

Steven Magee
“COVID-19 is in charge of the White House.”
Steven Magee

Dada Bhagwan
“One’ is not a doer in this world. Where he believes that he is the doer, there is ‘charging’ (of karma). When one tastes egoistic pride of, “I did this samayik, I did these activities”, he will ‘charge’ (karma). The taste of egoistic pride is very sweet.”
Dada Bhagwan

Dada Bhagwan
“Anger-pride-deceit-greed are in the form of ‘discharge’. But if one does not have ‘knowledge of True Self’ (realization of the self), then he ‘charges’ new karmas within.”
Dada Bhagwan

Dada Bhagwan
“To run the worldly life, Egoism is not required. To bind [karma] for the next life, Egoism is required. If one doesn’t want the bondage for the next life, then also it is possible to conduct the worldly life without egoism. Entire worldly life is in the ‘discharge’ form. So it will continue to ‘discharge’ by itself.”
Dada Bhagwan

Dada Bhagwan
“The whole world can be explained in just one sentence. ‘What is being discharged (visarjan) is old and what is being charged (sarjan) is new’. If someone is discharging bad behavior but at the same time, has learned from the ‘Gnani Purush’ [the enlightened one]; he would be charging a higher life form!”
Dada Bhagwan

“God wants us to be leaders in all levels of society and to be in charge of the society”
Sunday Adelaja

Thomas Watson
“The pardoned soul is out of the gunshot of hell (Rom. 8:33).”
Thomas Watson, The Godly Man's Picture

“A desire and a goal not to be subservient to another or to be in charge of one’s life is a good thing to do.”
Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

Dada Bhagwan
“The One who can make one forget (vismrut) the world, is indeed the very One who can bring an end to the 'charging' of karma!”
Dada Bhagwan, Adjust Everywhere

Dada Bhagwan
“If the new charging is going on [for next life by wrong belief that 'This is mine'], while [past life created] karma is being discharged in this life, then there is 'inner turmoil', but if there is only discharge [in this life and charging is stopped]; there is inner peace.”
Dada Bhagwan, Autobiograpy of Gnani Purush A.M.Patel

Dada Bhagwan
“Changes can be made at the time of planning (charging of new karma), however once those plans [discharging of karma] start taking effect, they cannot be changed, because the world itself has attained the gross state from a subtle one. Meaning it has come into the ‘second stage’. It is not in the ‘first stage’. Changes can be made in the ‘first stage’.”
Dada Bhagwan, The Science Of Karma

Dada Bhagwan
“The world is ‘charging’ by nature itself. The ‘discharge’ part is just a ‘reaction’.”
Dada Bhagwan, Who Am I?

Zøe Haslie
“I loved the feeling of not being in charge for a change and having no other choice but to let go, and hope for the best.”
Zøe Haslie, Just For A While

James S.A. Corey
“How long has it been since a woman was in charge of the armed forces? Not since I came here. So instead, we wind up with another example of what happens to policy when there's too much testosterone in the room.”
James S.A. Corey, Caliban's War

“Take charge of your life, seek the best of yourself.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“The heart’s intent cannot be known.
Don’t delay! Act on the charge!”
Miriam Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Volume I: The Old and Middle Kingdoms

Jason Medina
“He veered toward them and charged full speed into the crowd. He began biting into any piece of flesh that was not covered by clothing.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

“a day sitting at a dock is not the same as a day sitting in a dock in court.
taking charge is not the same as being charged in court.
receiving a grade is not the same as receiving a judgment in court.
having a winning ticket in a raffle is not the same as a having a ticket in traffic court
being called to the bar IS the same as being called to a bar in a club – both events are for joyous celebration!!”
Nicole Hassell

Steven Magee
“During COVID-19 I was using my car so infrequently that I had to charge the battery every month to prevent it from going flat.”
Steven Magee

“Give up your control, allow God to take charge.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“Calmness is a sure way to take of charge of any circumstance.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Steven Magee
“Budget airlines are getting strict with their personal item allowance so they can charge a large fee for an upgraded carry-on item!”
Steven Magee

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