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Donna Lynn Hope
“She didn't care about anything, or maybe she cared too much.”
Donna Lynn Hope, Willow

Tahereh Mafi
“It sounds crazy, to think that I cared so much without ever talking to you.”
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Markus Zusak
“There were thousands of households throughout that city and there was something happening in all of them. There was some kind of story in each, but self-contained. No one else knew. No one else cared.”
Markus Zusak, Underdog

Markus Zusak
“We expressed love for this dog by ... knowing without showing that we cared for him.”
Markus Zusak, Getting the Girl
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Kody Keplinger
“I couldn’t resist the urge to reach over to the gearshift and put my hand over Wesley’s. His skin was warm and soft, and I could feel his pulse throbbing steadily beneath my palm. I forgot about my stupid car and my fight with Casey. I just wanted Wesley to smile again. Even that cocky grin would have worked. I hated that he was so hurt by the possibility of losing his sister’s respect. I wanted to comfort him. I cared about him.
Oh my God. I actually cared?
Kody Keplinger, The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Margaret Atwood
Who cares, who cares. The perennial adolescent riposte. I cared, of course. I cared what people thought. I always did care. Unlike Laura, I have never had the courage of my convictions.”
Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

“The moment when you realize those people whom you loved never cared for you and those who you never cared for loved you the most.”
Akash B Chandran

John Connolly
“There would always be too few people in this world who cared enough to put themselves at risk for the sake of strangers, and too many who sought to inflict pain on the familiar and nameless alike.”
John Connolly, The Woman in the Woods
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