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Stephanie Perkins
“Thank you for helping my sister,” he says.
I lean forward, mimicking his position. “I’m happy to.”
Calliope leans out her window. “STOP FLIRTING AND GET BACK TO WORK.”
Stephanie Perkins, Lola and the Boy Next Door

John Barnes
“This is not the way these tales end," Calliope said firmly.
"This is not the way that things end when they get to be tales," Amatus said, "but since ours is not yet told, we cannot count on it. There were a hundred dead princes on the thorns outside Sleeping Beauty's castle, and I'm sure many of them were splendid fellows.”
John Barnes, One for the Morning Glory

Brad Barkley
“Cal: "I'm really sorry, Professor, but how do you explain these ? Swiss Cake Rolls. That doesn't rhyme; it's not cute; it's not childlike. And this is one of our most-respected snack foods, is it not? How is that, Professor? Hmmm?"
Eliot: "Well, isn't it obvious? We trust the Swiss for their ability to engineer things, to build with precision."
Cal: "We do?"
Eliot: "Do I even have to mention Swiss watches? Swiss Army knives? Swiss cheese? If anyone can build a non-threatening, non-lethal snack cake, it's the Swiss. They're neutral, we can trust them not to attack us with trans-fatty acids and sugar. I think you would feel differently if they were German Cake Rolls. North Korean Cake Rolls. I bet you wouldn't eat them."
Cal: "I bet I would.”
Brad Barkley, Scrambled Eggs at Midnight

Jen Nadol
“Welcome. I'm so pleased you and Zander are fulfilling your destinies together.”
Jen Nadol, The Vision

Sarah MacLean
“Era um vestido projetado para realçar, encorajar e levar os homens à loucura. Um vestido que só servia a um propósito: tentar os homens a removê-lo.”
Sarah MacLean, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake