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Pam  Henderson
“Just as a fish doesn't know it is wet, so companies often can't see or feel the very opportunities where they are swimming”
Pam Henderson, Killing Ideas - You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity

“Nobody thought the direct business model would work. But work it did, and spectacularly. Until it didn’t. And therein lies the tale.”
Heather Simmons, Reinventing Dell

“But between the founding and the actual PayPal, it was just this tug-of-war where it was like, 'We're trying this, this week." Every week you go to investors and say, "We're doing this, exactly this. We're really focused. We're going to be huge." The next week you're like, "That was a lie.”
Max Levchin

“I started the business with a simple question: How can we make the process of buying a computer better? The answer was: Sell computers directly to the end customer. Eliminate the reseller's markup and pass those savings on to the customer.”
Michael Dell, Direct from Dell

Nicholas D. Evans
“By digitizing a traditionally analog business model or process, we're effectively turning it into bits and atoms and enabling an infinite variety of possibilities.”
Nicholas D. Evans, Mastering Digital Business: How powerful combinations of disruptive technologies are enabling the next wave of digital transformation

“Our business model has been to partner with bigger firms and team on projects to gain experience. A bigger firm always enhances my smaller firm’s position.”
Linda Rawson, The Minority and Woman-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started