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Michel de Montaigne
“He who establishes his argument by noise and command, shows that his reason is weak.”
Michel de Montaigne

Shannon L. Alder
“God told us to love everyone. However, when you don’t like someone then you need to walk away and focus not on him or her, but the hatred you’re harboring. Otherwise, you will allow your piety to take over. Before you know it, you’re using the gospel as a sword to slice other religious people apart, which have offended you. From your point of helplessness, it will be is easy to recruit people that will mistake your kindness as righteousness, when in reality it is a hidden agenda to humiliate through the words of Christ. This game is so often used by women in the Christian faith, that it is the number one reason why many people become inactive. It is a silent, unspoken hypocrisy that is inconsistent with the teachings of the gospel. If you choose not to like someone, then avoid them. If you wish to love them, the only way to overcome your frustrations is through empathy, prayer, forgiveness and allowing yourself time to heal through distance. Try focusing on what you share as sisters in the gospel, rather than the negative aspects you dislike about that person.”
Shannon L. Alder

Shannon L. Alder
“You have two choices in life when it comes to truthful observations by others that anger you: You can be ashamed and cover it up by letting your pride take you in the extreme opposite direction, in order to make the point that they are wrong. Or, you can break down the walls of pride by accepting vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness. As you walk through your vulnerability, you will meet humility on the way to courage. From here, courage allows us to let go of shame and rise higher into the person we are meant to be, not the person that needs to be right. This is the road to confidence and self worth.”
Shannon L. Alder

“No, no. I trust your judgement. Implicitly. You're just wrong.”
Hy Conrad, Mr. Monk Helps Himself

Rebecca McKinsey
“When you don't change, history repeats itself. Then you have to decide if changing is for the best, or you keep seeing repeats because you're doing something right.”
Rebecca McKinsey

Paula Heller Garland
“Often after arguing about differing opinions, I hear people say, "let's agree to disagree." I look forward to a time, so open-minded I'll hear people say, "I'm right and you can be, too”
Paula Heller Garland

C. JoyBell C.
“And then I decided to be pro me. Be pro you to the end. No more cutting up myself and serving up myself like pieces of a pie for everyone's tasteless palates. And that doesn't mean you don't know how to say sorry; because being pro you means being pro growth and pro improvement. When I'm wrong, I know I'm wrong and I say that I'm wrong. And that's how I know I'm right!”
C. JoyBell C.

Gore Vidal
“The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so.”
Gore Vidal

Albert J. Bernstein
“Life offers a cruel choice: you can be right or happy. Not both. This is true regardless of whom you may be involved with, but it is especially true if there is an emotional vampire in your life.”
Albert J. Bernstein, Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry

Susan Mallery
“I’m very comfortable being right,” she admitted.
“We all are. But sometimes it’s a lonely place.”
Susan Mallery, Sweet Trouble

R.L. Griffin
“I don’t get paid to be nice. I get paid to be right.”
R.L. Griffin, Seamless

Edward Abbey
“There is a way of being wrong which is also sometimes necessarily right.”
Edward Abbey

“This need to be right has put a huge burden on me, one that I never deserved to have to carry. Part of it, I know, is cultural--in this age of information at a moment's notice, we've come to expect people to have answers--the right answers--at the drop of a hat. I feel very fortunate that over the last decade or so I've been able to leave the need to be right behind me and move on with my life with a more healthy perspective. I'm now willing not just to admit that I'm wrong, but also to stick my neck out with ideas or thoughts that may be wrong. The possibility of being wrong no longer threatens my emotional well-being; if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I learn from that.”
Tom Walsh

Shahla Khan
“Humanity is higher than religion, so says my religion.”
Shahla Khan, I Want Back My Sparkle!: Breaking the Global Chains of Gender Slavery.

Steven D. Levitt
“But being confident you are right is not the same as being right.”
Steven D. Levitt, Think Like a Freak

Robert Ludlum
“he didn't give a damn about being popular; he cared only about being right.”
Robert Ludlum, The Aquitaine Progression

“Most of us try to spend so much effort in being proven right that we get tired even before start working towards being better. Instead of looking at a logical solution to an issue the concentration shifts to proving our point, and in the process we end-up becoming an issue.”

Julia Quinn
“I do love it when I am right,' Hyacinth said triumphantly. 'Which is fortunate, since I so often am.”
Julia Quinn, It's in His Kiss

Malti Bhojwani
“The sooner you decide that it is alright to believe the opposite of what the masses do, and that it is alright to trust the universe, and you choose to be happy rather than be right, the sooner you will be happy.”
Malti Bhojwani

Liane Moriarty
“This was historical revisionism at its best, and hadn't Sam always specialized in that, hadn't she always said she wished she had a permanent film rolling of their life so she could go back and prove that, yes, he did so say that thing he now denied?”
Liane Moriarty, Truly Madly Guilty

Kent Beck
“Brilliance in a scientist does not consist in being right more often but in being wrong about more interesting topics.”
Kent Beck

Peter Heller
“This is what you left, I thought. The vindication of the choice you made to leave that night. Vindication and horror. Sometimes being right isn't all it's cracked up to be: how many times in the last few years I thought about bitter fruit, how when what you are right about is-- well you can't even look at it.”
Peter Heller, The Dog Stars

Ben Marcus
“The task of being right is a task the father perfects over time.”
Ben Marcus, Notable American Women

“But sometimes the quest for the right answer keeps us from testing a variety of good ones. In search of the right answer, we assume every answer other than the one we've settled on must be wrong. Forgetting that some things have more than one good answer. I'd like to think for example, that the question, "How can I love Ken?" might have many good answers, rather than one right one.”
Ken Wilson, A Letter to My Congregation: An evangelical pastor's path to embracing people who are gay, lesbian and transgender in the company of Jesus

Mark Manson
“People who base their self-worth on being right about everything prevent themselves form learning from their mistakes. They lack the ability to take on new perspectives and empathize with others. They close themselves off to new and important information. It's far more helpful to assume that you're ignorant and don't know a whole lot. This keeps you unattached to superstitious or poorly informed beliefs and promotes a constant state of learning and growth.”
Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

“If you think that being right will make you happy, you are sorely mistaken. Sure, your ego may celebrate, but this is not true happiness. Someone with true peace and contentment can appreciate the differences amongst people. They can see that each and every person has something they can teach us. Someone with true happiness knows that fighting to be right doesn't always serve a purpose, especially if it is just for the sake of being right. We pick and choose carefully. We pause and contemplate. Conflict with others never creates happiness, so if possible it is wise to avoid. And what if you argue so pig-headedly about being right only to find out later that you were in fact wrong? What then? Will that make you happy? Growth happens when we are willing to ask questions, learn and challenge ourselves, expand our thinking and when we are willing to entertain the possibility that we may at times be wrong.”
Akiroq Brost

Brandon Sanderson
“Kelsier was right again. I wonder if he ever gets tired of that.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire

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