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Rick Riordan
“Not knowing is half the fun," Aphrodite said, "Exquisitely painful isn't it? Not being sure who you love and who loves you? Oh, you kids! It's so cute I'm going to cry!”
Rick Riordan, The Titan's Curse

P.C. Cast
“Because you are the superhero fledgling. I’m just your more attractive sidekick. Oh, and the herd of nerds are your dorky minions.”
P.C. Cast, Untamed

Rick Riordan
“Percy pulled Annabeth close and kissed her...long enough for it to get really awkward for Piper, though she said nothing. She thought about the old rule of Aphrodite's cabin: that to be recognized as a daughter of the love goddess, you had to break someone's heart. Piper had long ago decided to change that rule. Percy and Annabeth were a perfect example of why. You should have to make someone`s heart whole; that was a much better test.”
Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Rick Riordan
“I'm so glad you're here," Aphrodite said. "War is coming. Bloodshed is inevitable. So there's really only one thing to do."
"Uh... and that is?" Annabeth ventured.
"Why, have tea and chat, obviously”
Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

Rick Riordan
“Aphrodite,” [Annabeth] said.
“Venus?” Hazel asked in amazement.
“Mom,” Piper said with no enthusiasm.
“Girls!” The goddess spread her arms like she wanted a group hug.
The three demigods did not oblige. Hazel backed into a palmetto tree.”
Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

Rick Riordan
“Athena called, "Annabeth Chase, my own daughter."
Annabeth squeezed my arm, then walked forward and knelt at her mother's feet.
Athena smiled. "You, my daughter, have exceeded all expectations. You have used your wits, your strength, and your courage to defend this city, and our seat of power. It has come to our attention that Olympus is...well, trashed. The Titan lord did much damage that will have to be repaired. We could rebuild it by magic, of course, and make it just as it was. But the gods feel that the city could be improved. We will take this as an opportunity. And you, my daughter, will design these improvements."
Annabeth looked up, stunned. "My...my lady?"
Athena smiled wryly. "You are an architect, are you not? You have studied the techniques of Daedalus himself. Who better to redesign Olympus and make it a monument that will last for another eon?"
"You mean...I can design whatever I want?"
"As your heart desires," the goddess said. "Make us a city for the ages."
"As long as you have plenty of statues of me," Apollo added.
"And me," Aphrodite agreed.
"Hey, and me!" Ares said. "Big statues with huge wicked swords and-"
All right!" Athena interrupted. "She gets the point. Rise, my daughter, official architect of Olympus.”
Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian

P.C. Cast
“Oh for craps sake. You're not dying again, are you? It's seriously inconvenient when you do that." -Aphrodite”
P.C. Cast

P.C. Cast
“He's not the brightest crayola in the pack.”
P.C. Cast, Marked

Rick Riordan
“Fear can’t be reasoned with. Neither can hate. They’re like love. They’re almost identical emotions. That’s why Ares and Aphrodite like each other. Their twin sons – Fear and Panic – were spawned from both war and love.”
Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Rick Riordan
“Love is powerful. It can bring the gods to their knees.”
Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan
“Love is the most powerful motivator in the world. It spurs mortals to greatness. Their noblest and bravest acts are done for love.”
Rick Riordan

P.C. Cast
“Hey, Venus, I have two words for you,' Aphrodite said.
Venus hesitated and glanced over her shoulder at her ex-roommate. Aphrodite smiled her best mean-bitch sneer and said, 'Re. Bound.' She paused and gave a bithy smirk and then said, 'Good luck with that.”
P.C. Cast Kristin Cast

Rick Riordan
“You will not find love where you wish or where you hope.”
Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Rick Riordan
“Lacy had warned me about Drew the first day of school. Apparently the two of them had gone to some summer camp together––blah, blah, I didn't really listen to teh details––and Drew had been just as much a tyrant there.

~Sadie Kane, about Lacy and Drew of Aphrodite cabin.”
Rick Riordan, The Serpent's Shadow

Rick Riordan
“Piper was maybe the most impressive. She fenced with the giantess Periboia, sword against sword. Despite the fact that her opponent was five times larger, Piper seemed to be holding her own. The goddess Aphrodite floated around them on a small white cloud, strewing rose petals in the giantess's eyes and calling encouragement to Piper. 'Lovely, my dear. Yes, good. Hit her again!”
Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

“What are you and Henry going to do tonight anyway?"
"My secret," I said, and when I walked around to see the look on her face, I rolled my eyes. "Not that. What are you and Xander going to do?"
"That." She gave me an impish look, and I scowled. "What? I'm dead. It's not like it matters anymore.”
Aimee Carter, The Goddess Test

Rick Riordan
“All of them had been give a makeover. Leo was wearing pinstriped pants, black leather shoes, a white collarless shirt with suspenders, and his tool
belt, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a porkpie hat.
“God, Leo.” Piper tried not to laugh. “I think my dad wore that to his last premiere, minus the tool belt.”
“Hey, shut up!”
“I think he looks good,” said Coach Hedge. “’Course, I look better.”
The satyr was a pastel nightmare. Aphrodite had given him a baggy canary yellow zoot suit with two-tone shoes that fit over his hooves. He had a
matching yellow broad-brimmed hat, a rose-colored shirt, a baby blue tie, and a blue carnation in his lapel, which Hedge sniffed and then ate.
“Well,” Jason said, “at least your mom overlooked me.”
Piper knew that wasn’t exactly true. Looking at him, her heart did a little tap dance. Jason was dressed simply in jeans and a clean purple T-shirt, like
he’d worn at the Grand Canyon. He had new track shoes on, and his hair was newly trimmed. His eyes were the same color as the sky. Aphrodite’s
message was clear: This one needs no improvement.
And Piper agreed.”
Rick Riordan, The Lost Hero

P.C. Cast
“Oh, for crap's sake, I can barely look at it," Aphrodite said, turning her head from the archway and averting her eyes. "And I usually love sparkly things.”
P.C. Cast, Burned

Roman Payne
“I'm not ashamed of heroic ambitions. If man and woman can only dance upon this earth for a few countable turns of the sun... let each of us be an Artemis, Odysseus, or Zeus... Aphrodite to the extent of the will of each one.”
Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

“Venus of Eryx, from her mountain throne,
Saw Hades and clasped her swift-winged son, and said:
'Cupid, my child, my warrior, my power,
Take those sure shafts with which you conquer all,
And shoot your speedy arrows to the heart
Of the great god to whom the last lot fell
When the three realms were drawn. Your mastery
Subdues the gods of heaven and even Jove,
Subdues the ocean's deities and him,
Even him, who rules the ocean's deities.
Why should Hell lag behind? Why not there too
Extend your mother's empire and your own....?

Then Cupid, guided by his mother, opened
His quiver of all his thousand arrows
Selected one, the sharpest and the surest,
The arrow most obedient to the bow,
And bent the pliant horn against his knee
And shot the barbed shaft deep in Pluto's heart.”
Ovid, Metamorphoses

P.C. Cast
“I think most people, and I'm talking vamp or human, are shitty. They put on an act. They pretend to be all nicey-nice, but are really just one step away from showing their true asshole-ness.”
P.C. Cast, Chosen

Rick Riordan
“The goddess Aphrodite floated around them on a small white cloud, strewing rose petals in the giantess’s eyes and calling encouragement to Piper. ‘Lovely, my dear. Yes, good. Hit her again!”
Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Haruki Murakami
“The sense of tragedy - according to Aristotle - comes, ironically enough, not from the protagonist's weak points but from his good qualities. Do you know what I'm getting at? People are drawn deeper into tragedy not by their defects but by their virtues. Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex being a great example. Oedipus is drawn into tragedy not because of laziness or stupidity, but because of his courage and honesty. So an inevitable irony results.
[But] we accept irony through a device called metaphor. And through that we grow and become deeper human beings.”
Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

P.C. Cast
“Plus, according to my mother, memories change like people do, especially if there's enough alcohol involved-Aphrodite”
P.C. Cast

Elizabeth Hoyt
“She stepped toward Anna.
“I can get you a night with an accomplished male whore or a virginal schoolboy.” Coral’s eyes widened and seemed to flame. “Famous libertines or ragpickers off the street. One very special man or ten complete strangers. Dark men, red men, yellow men, men you’ve only dreamed of in the black of night, lonely in your bed, snug under your covers. Whatever you long for. Whatever you desire. Whatever you crave. You have only to ask me.”
Anna stared at Coral like a mesmerized mouse before a particularly beautiful snake.”
Elizabeth Hoyt, The Raven Prince

P.C. Cast
“Bird boy kept us out there in the freezing rain while he yammered about the Red One this and Red One that. Darius got Zoey in here despite his help".”
P.C. Cast

Rick Riordan
“To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself–avoid trying to be something you're not.”
Rick Riordan, The Lost Hero

Raquel Cepeda
“If Aphrodite chills at home in Cyprus for most of the year, then Fez must be the goddess’s playground.”
Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina

Erica Jong
“My real despair came because Aphrodite withdrew her favours. Aphrodite needs nothing from me. She always has new singers to celebrate her. So what if they are my students, acolytes, and imitators? So what if they learned everything they know from me? The goddess of love favours the young. She always has”
erica jong, Sappho's Leap

Elizabeth Train-Brown
“all i can think is that aphrodite
was born from the severed penis of a god
– so what would come of my tits?”
Elizabeth Train-Brown, Salmacis: Becoming Not Quite a Woman

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