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P.C. Cast
“Because you are the superhero fledgling. I’m just your more attractive sidekick. Oh, and the herd of nerds are your dorky minions.”
P.C. Cast, Untamed

P.C. Cast
“Zoey~ 'Listen to me, whinning about money and a scarf. Ah, hell! I'm starting to sound like Aphrodite.'
Stark~ 'If you turn into Aprodite I'm going to stab myself.'
Zoey~ 'If I turn into Aprodite, stab me first.'
Stark~ 'Deal.'
Zoey~ 'Deal.”
P.C. Cast &Kristin Cast, Awakened

P.C. Cast
“A double-edged sword
One side destroys
One releases
I am your Gordian knot
Will you release or destroy me?
Follow truth and you shall:
Find me on water
Purify me through fire
Trapped by earth nevermore
Air will whisper to you
What spirit already knows:
That even shattered
anything is possible
If you believe
Then we shall both be free.”
P.C. Cast, Burned

P.C. Cast
“Hey, Venus, I have two words for you,' Aphrodite said.
Venus hesitated and glanced over her shoulder at her ex-roommate. Aphrodite smiled her best mean-bitch sneer and said, 'Re. Bound.' She paused and gave a bithy smirk and then said, 'Good luck with that.”
P.C. Cast Kristin Cast

Kristin Cast
“Sometimes the people closest to you betray you, and your home isn't a place you can be happy anymore.”
Kristin Cast, Hunted
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Kristin Cast
“Stark looked strong and healthy and totally gorgeous. I was distracting myself by wondering what exactly Scottish guys did, or didn't, wear under those kilts when he turned to face me.
His smile lit up his eyes. "I can practically hear you thinking.”
Kristin cast, Awakened

Kristin Cast
“Grandma Redbird: Honey, you have to move past this.
Zoey: How Grandma?
Grandma Redbird: By living the life she'd be proud of you for living.”
Kristin Cast, Betrayed

Kristin Cast
“You know about Star Trek?" came out of Stark's mouth before his brain could stop it.
Again, the warrior shrugged. "We do have the satellite.”
Kristin Cast, Burned

Kristin Cast
“Zoey: Wait! Don't go yet. I have so many questions.
Nyx: Life will reveal to you the choices you must make to answer them.”
Kristin Cast

Jennifer Echols
“His fingers, frozen in midfidget on his good knee, said
Either that or
He wasn't bleeding.”
Jennifer Echols, Forget You

Kristin Cast
“His torn lips didn't stop Stark's cocky smile. "You're my queen, and anyone who says different can fuck off.”
Kristin Cast, Burned

P.C. Cast
“She's really amazing," Darius said as he gazed lovingly after her.
"If by amazing you mean a total pain in the butt, then I'll agree with you.”
P.C. Cast

Kristin Cast
“She's magnificent," Radius said, smiling proudly as he vaulted the steps and followed Aphrodite.
"I can think of a lot of m words that she could be. Magnificent isn't one of them," Stark grumbled.
"Mental and mean pop into my head," I said.
"Manure pops into mine," Stark said.
"I think she's full of shot, but it's too many words and doesn't start with an m, so that's as close as I could get," he said.”
Kristin Cast, Awakened

P.C. Cast
“Well I ain't Dr. Phil, but I'm smart," she said.
"And your shoes are cuter than his," I said, trying to sound at least semi-normal.
"Yeah they remind me of Dorothy's ruby slippers, only mine are wedges 'cause I'm more fashion conscious than she was.”
P.C. Cast, Hidden

P.C. Cast
“We must have a creature made of Darkness to break through the cage of Darkenss that imprisons your grandmother," Thanatos said.
"That creature is me." Aurox stepped forward.
"Oh, for shit's sake! We are absolutely fucked!" Aphrodite said.
Sadly I had to agree with her.”
P.C. Cast, Hidden

P.C. Cast
“A guy once told me that girls' purses reminded him of spiders.”
P.C. and Kristin Cast

P.C. Cast
“She loves him," Aphrodite blurted.
"Aphrodite!" I yelled.
"Well, someone had to clue the dorks in to your pathetic infatuation with him," Aphrodite said.”
P.C. and Kristin Cast

P.C. Cast
“That's what my aim won't miss. The part of my lady's heart I hold as my own.”
P.C. and Kristin Cast
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Alex Adams
“Worst case I'll bring Rain Man here. I'll tell him it's a date.
Aha, so he's cute, then?
Tasty. And smart. Can't beat that witha stick.”
Alex Adams
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“Er machte keinen Hehl aus seiner Absicht, die sich in seinen verlangenden Augen widerspiegelte.
Abwehrend wisperte sie: "Ich weiß, was du willst."
"Hm, ich weiß auch, was ich will. Deswegen brauchst du es mir also nicht unbedingt sagen"
(Zoey & Jin)”
Pu Bea W. Jaksarn, Dance With Me [1]

“These things happen.”
Zoey Porter

“Zoey schluckte schwer und stemmte ihre Hand gegen seine Brust. In einem Shojo-Manga würde die Heldin sich schreiend verteidigen, während der attraktive böse Held rücksichtslos über sie herfiel. In der Realität musste eine Frau gegen sich selbst kämpfen, dass sie sich nicht schamlos hingab, wenn ein gut aussehender Mann sie verführen wollte.”
Pu Bea W. Jaksarn, Dance With Me [1]

P.C. Cast
“Heath was still Heath--cute, but not the brightest Crayola in the pack.”
P.C. Cast