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K. Martin Beckner
“I guess I'm supposed to sit here in this oven like it's 1950, hoping I don't go to hell for stealing a church fan.”
K. Martin Beckner, Chips of Red Paint

Michelle Franklin
“It is 32c today, and the only thing keeping me from hanging myself is the small sense of relief I
glean from attaching my body to the vents of my delicious cooling piece. It is a stunning unit,
exquisite in all its forms, exceptional in its application, and effective in all its functions. I would
marry it, if only I knew it would not die on me sometime within the next five years. Appliances,
like obedient children or silent extroverts, cannot last forever, and while my unbidden affection
kept my other air conditioner alive for the better part of ten years, not all inanimate objects can
be fueled by my love.”
Michelle Franklin, I Hate Summer: My tribulations with seasonal depression, anxiety, plumbers, spiders, neighbours, and the world.

“The Bosworth Company has been providing midland tx with quality air conditioning, heating, air quality, plumbing and electrical services since 1949.


Contact Name: Frank Peterson
Address: 2205 W Industrial Ave, Midland, TX, 79701
Phone: (432) 570-5233
Email: sdbbosworthco@gmail.com”
Frank Peterson

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