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Eric Bowers asked:

Does the series get better? Because I am about half way through the first book and I'm not sure if it is worth the effort to finish it.

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Hiba To be honest. I felt the same about this novel. It became a drag halfway through.
J.F. Forero I had the same problem you had. I stop reading the book, and I struggled until I could finish it. If you're expecting something major and amazing (unexpected) to occur, it won't happen. You actually can see what's going to happen before it does, and the "surprises" that the book has are not really surprising.
Jadrick Morrison The first novel is the best, in my opinion, and that's the majorities consensus. This may not be the right genre for you considering you're questioning the effort to finish Killing Floor.
Erica Brasic No, it never gets better. Quit now!
Ed Some of the books in the series are better than this one imho. I didn't enjoy it as much as, Running Blind, for instance. But it's all about taste at the end of the day. Child doesn't overcomplicate things but he knows how to draw you in and that's fine with me.

You could try another book and if that one doesn't work out either then Reacher is not the hero you've been looking for. :D
Aileen Thanks for asking this. I am about 3/4 through Killing Floor on audiobook. It’s so slow and predictable and cliched I cant decide whether to cut my losses
Eric Vonrhein I couldn't wait for the book to end. Now I know it's not my genre. I think I'll go back to John Grisham's legal thrillers.
Liu Yang I had to put the book down for a while and start over again. I know, it's strange, but it helped me refocus and get to the end.
Rob Robinson The series may not be for you. While the first book is certainly one of the best, I don't know that it is better them later ones. I like Lee Child. I like the way he involves you during the opening of his books. I like his style and prose. But some don't and you may be one.
A It is not. Do yourself a favour and do not even start.
Kumari de Silva I think "The Enemy" is the best book in the series that I have read so far. (I've read three). It does seem like they all hit a slog about 3/4 of the way in - I don't think there was any payoff worth forcing yourself all the way to the end. I figured out the mystery shortly before Reacher did. . . and the book still had 100 pages to go.
Jess Robinson I'm up to book 3, having started at 1. Yes it does improve, I found 1 has some plot holes in it that bugged me. If you like the genre keep going..
Catherine I'm just over half-way and feel nothing is happening. The beginning was good but now it seems to aimlessly plod along.
Lawrence Levine Like all series his books varies But at his bet he is as good a suspense writer as James Patterson The main problem I have with his books is that his hero is too athletic if he made him more vulnerable it would be more compelling- as Tom Cruise did in his Reacher movie
Akash Bansal Read Mario Puzo instead or John Grisham!!
Darrell Wilkinson I think the second book is better. Honestly, I love the Jack Reacher series, but the books are a bit hit and miss. Some are not good at all in my opinion, but mostly they are great, especially the earlier ones.
Fred Well, I've read Make Me, Get Personal, Die Trying, Worth Dying For, 61 Hours...probably more but FINALLY am reading this first novel folks that started this great series, full of intrigue and suspense; fun writing, not all appreciate but you can guess I do. This one's almost finished here and I will be keeping a lookout for more.
Bonnie Galaska Surprisingly, I haven't read the first six in the series. However, I have read 15 others as they became available at the library. Love this character. And even though Tom Cruise bears no resemblance to Reacher from the books, he did just fine in the two movies. Maybe you should start with Lee Child's short stories which are creative and flow. Don't get hung up on grammar or punctuation.
Aaron Arnie would have been better than Cruise Control
Sheena BZA The series does improve and Mr. Child uses suspense and twists in the stories and onion layers of character development. Personally, I thoroughly delight in reading this author.
Charlie I was into the book the whole time, and I wouldn't say the series improves but for me it was an amazing all-around series
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