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Kathy Connors asked:

My granddaughter loves to read and I have just received the 5 books in this series - my question is she is 17 - would this be appropriate to send her after I finished - I couldn't find any reviews

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LMW She will be 45 by the time the 6th book is released.
Goblindoper At 17 she could already be a queen with some heirs.
Mark Goldshtein If you're going to send it to her when you're done, why don't you just read it and decide for yourself?
Krista Definitely. As a 13 year old on the second book, I think it's fine for a seventeen year old. If you're worried about the sex, than this is fairly normal for a book targeted at older teens and adults. My parents won't let me watch the TV show, and I'm fine with that and understand. After about 10 minutes it's fairly obvious that the TV show is a lot more sex-centered than the books. Violence is present, as is iffy social behaviour. But for a seventeen year old... She's practically an adult (at least, to me she is). Hopefully she'll enjoy it!
Sadie Hartmann Having watched the HBO series before reading the books, I was surprised at the lack of explicit sex scenes in the books themselves. The show is FULL of sex. The books are more story driven--appropriate for a 17 year old.
Julia Wharton I just wanted to say that as a society, I find it sad that in order for us to want to watch a show, it has to be sexed up. The show can be about anything, anything, and there's sex scenes everywhere. In some series, it is a part of the story and makes sense. But based on what I've read here, with Game of Thrones it is VERY overdone.
Rebecca I was 17 when I first started reading it.

So you think that at 17, your granddaughter's some cherished flower of purity who shouldn't be reading anything 'inappropriate?' Well, let me tell you that in the United Kingdom, I am an English Literature college student who's currently looking at very sexual pieces of writing. Literally, some of them scream 'sex'.

It's not as gratuitous as the tv show, but that's not the point. If she likes, it she likes it - it's not as if your granddaughter's going to be 'scarred' by anything that's fictitious.

Satisfied? (P.S - Sorry if I come off as rude. I just hate it when adults still treat people my age like naive children. I am a polite girl, but I was just trying to bluntly make my point).
Dani At 17 she'll probably read them whether you do or don't send them, if she really wants to... She's almost an adult.
Stacey Wright The books are not as graphic as the movies....17 is not too young...I love them and I'm 53.
Katlyn Kemper It's simply a matter of maturity. Even at age 14, or 12. It could be considered if your kid / grandchild is deemed able to withstand the content in a mature manner. 17, should definitely be fine.
Charlotte G I think when you have read the books yourself you'll get a feel for how appropriate they are. I was around 17 when I started reading them and have had no issue - there is very mature subjects in the books and often people comment on this more than the amazing story which is unfortunate! That is a tiny part of what's in the story though, I wouldn't let it put a young reader off :)
John Sullivan I know this question is a year old but I feel compelled to answer it anyways. I think the fun thing to do would be to read them at the same time she does, and then you can blab about everything that happens and share different ideas about how you might think things will unfold. I can see it being a great bonding experience, and a great learning experience to help with the mature subject matter if she does have any questions.

Although I guess that doesn't really work with only one copy of each book. But who knows, this might be helpful to someone else out there that might see it.
Betty Eltezam I started reading adult books when I was 11. That was 64 years ago and adult books were not as explicit as they are now but I don't think I would have had any problem with Game of Thrones even then.
Avaminn F'nett I personally think they are fine - I am fifteen and have no problem with the content.
Sharon Hayes These books are not appropriate for a 17 year old young lady. I would recommend books by Sarah J. Mass, Stacey Marie Brown, Rae Carson, Octavia Butler or N.K. Jemisin. Stacey Elliott is also a great author. Mercedes Lackey put out a book called 'Hunter' that better than The Hunger Games. The sex scenes are explicit and celebrate rape of women and men which is vulgar and unnecessary. The books are worse than the HBO series.
Frankie I read them when I was twelve, I'm sure you'll survive c:
Oni 17 is fine. I'd give it a 16+. It's filled with violence and explicit content. However, this series is by no means the most violent or most explicit book out there.
Siddharth Hey! I am 19 and read this particular book a few months ago. From my POV, it seems to be pretty normal for a teen (at 17) to read it. Frankly speaking, the TV Show has over played it. In fact, so to speak, I have found that the book has way way less PG and / or Adult content as compared to the show.

The scenes are short and often veiled behind words. Nothing too obvious, if that's something you are worried about!
Teresa Carroll if I were you I would definitely read it first or at least along with her. I found the book to be overly misogynistic. she might have questions about the sex & rape described the book.
John Peel I'd say so. I'm 19 now, but I started the show when I was 17. Some of it is pretty intense, but this is the age where we have to start being confronted with that so that we can grow up. Frankly, there are a lot of lessons to be learned for people our age in these books.
Kevin Calhoun I think that these books are not appropriate for a 17 year old young
Emma I am seventeen myself, and I have just read them during the time period since Christmas. I find them completely appropriate. But if the doesn't like them she can just stop reading them, I guess. I wouldn't think there's anything that would scar her for life in it.
Crestial Wintersmith It's fantasy. People aren't reading this series just because of the sex, the show maybe but not the books. she'll understand it. Once, I was at the bookstore and I overheard a 40-ish woman asked the bookstore for the fifth installment of this series for her son and I look at her son who're standing behind her looks somewhat like 12, maybe. 17 are pretty mature.
Drakes I think I read it with 15, and I don't think it's too graphic with gore and sex. But you'll see while you read it.
Carissa I started the series when I was thirteen, and had no trouble with the content, nor the comprehension. It depends on your granddaughter's maturity level. It's not as graphic as some might say, either, and it's not porn, and the gore is well-timed, and necessary.
Michelle Self It definitely has some mature content but I think it would be fine for a 17 year old. It's kind of a nice step away from some of the more "teenager" books but it still is enough of a fun fantasy series that I would think she would enjoy it. Of course you'll be the best judge of character once you read them.
Jori Depends on her maturity im 13 and adored the series
Taylor She probably already well knows about things like that, If she has watched the show absolutely she already knows what's going and should be for sure aloud to watch it.
KR Praveen (பிரவீண்) I feel you can very well pass the book to her. If you are concerned about the violence and sex scenes, i was fairly surprised the book is not as explicit or graphic as the show which had a fair share of both.
Amy She is old enough to die for her country.
Basiet Qayyum I don't really know but I am 15 and I have read the book and watched the show.
Nigel Walker If you didn't when you posted this question then do now. Much more detailed than the TV which she's probably watched by now anyway...and the sixth book is still awaited....
Mike She is basically an adult....yes. Pretty sure any 17 year old should know right from wrong, what cuss words are, what sex is, what violence is, etc.
Jeff She's an adult. She can read whatever she wants to read. Yes, your adult granddaughter can stomach, or should be allowed to read (if that's what you're asking..) this book.

And she should because it's gosh darn awesome.
Nael_5 She can read it, absolutly. Is the kind if thing that people always tries the young people not to read violent things or with sex but the young ones know a lot about both so it's not a problem for them. And also is sooo well writen and such a good serie that I think she has to read that and is the appropriate age for it.
SANA hi, can you teel me the name of all five books realy searching every where, wanna know their names so i will order on amazon
Book Hunter Beth Well, if you're reading them, it's probably best to decide on your own. I'm not trying to be a snot, (and I realize this question is over a year old) but propriety in literature for the reader is about as dependent as the maturity of said reader. I know adults that could never read the ASOIAF series, and I could have myself read it while in High School and been unflustered by it. The best judgement is your own. If she's mature, it's certainly a literary masterpiece. If she isn't, perhaps wait a few years. If they're in good condition (and if you have no desire to keep them) they may make a great gift.
Onetruesolipsist A 17 year old is practically an adult. I see no problem with her reading basically anything tbh.
MarthaSquishy I'm reading them at the same age as her and I'm not finding them traumatising, I'm just really enjoying them!
Monarch it's "beyond" the explicit contents
Priory-JS As long as it is not HARDPACT (wink ;)
Adam I'm 13 and am starting the second one.
Noah Wyman I started reading this book at age 17. The book itself, is not very provocative as the show is. Yes, it does give descriptive detail about some sexual activity and bloodshed, but it would be harmless for a 17 year old to read. However, if she is wanting to watch the TV series then there is a lot more that comes to play. There is a whole lot of nudity, and sex scenes in the show. Granted, it is taking place in medival times. But the book itself is appropriate enough for her to read(:
Robert O. I would say 17 should be fine. They certainly have a good deal of adult content, but its negative aspects are rarely glamorized and usually quite realistic. I personally find them amazing.
Dylan Bredeau As somebody who started reading these and similar books at about age eight, I never felt like these books had a negative impact on me. In today's society, the fact that a kid wants to read a book at all is impressive enough that it shouldn't be discouraged, and the children's author Judy Blume once made a very good point that when a young person reads, it's a construction of the imagination, which means that if that young person hasn't been exposed to such words or ideas before, the mind does its own editing on the content at hand.
Stuart McKinley I would say this book is definitely appropriate for your granddaughter to read if she is mature. There are some parts where it talks about " manhood's." There are some strange death descriptions, but you should let your granddaughter give them a try.
Kezeah Deniega I'm 18 and I've finished this book for.. almost 2 weeks. I really loved it.
Alex Guillory What's off limits to someone that will be an adult later this year lol?
Hope Annabelle Clegane This book is disturbing due to detailed death/dead body descriptions, incest, and rape but it is historically accurate to the time period being portrayed and I find that truly refreshing. Also, it is no where near as explicit as the TV show which at times appears seriously directed for the pleasure and good ratings of middle aged misogynists. I digress...no holds barred, it is awesome and if she's got any kind of good taste she'll love this.
Felicity I agree with what others have said. The books do have mature content however for an older teen they should be more than suitable!
Jason Hubbard 17 is a good age for someone to handle the mature content of "A Song of Ice and Fire," just be prepared for a meaty discussion afterward about the themes that many people may have a hard getting through and understanding.
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