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So is this really about animals or is it representing people?

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Vegard Old Major: Karl Marx
Snowball: Trotsky
Napoleon: Stalin
Humans: The czar, the bourgeoise class, and the Western countries
Clara Kyung It's based on the Soviet revolution. This might help:
Yeva Lalayan The book has deep meaning, it represents humans and how do they think. Great book.
Timothy Morrison yes, it is about people.
Old Major = Karl Marx
Napoleon = Stalin
Snowball = Trotsky
squeeler = Molotov
Old Moses = Rasputin
The cat = unknown, perhaps Chaim Weismann
Tori Tys- didn't pay attention in lit class. Orwell wrote it in comparison to communism and the cold war. It was written in the 40s and first published in 1945 to simply show common Americans how communism worked. It was not written with the intention of being "just about animals". Smh.
Robert Wilson Why does everyone forget about boxer and him representing the Stakhanovite group.
Linda I disagree with the last response. I am no literature professor, but I think that Animal Farm is not about animals at all; it is about people. A young person reading it might well miss the points if they are not considering human nature, politics and economic theory. Luckily, it is a good read!
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Vidya This book does represent historical figure. This is an allegorical fable talking about the Russian Revolution. The author wrote this book to warn the world about the corrupting effects of propaganda.
Old Major: Karl Marx
Napoleon: Stalin
Snowball: Leon Trotsky
Humans: Bourgeoisie
Squealer: The media
Handan Yılmaz Political criticism so satire. An important book should be read
Roman It's about insects.
Ruby It symbolizes Russia and the Soviet Union under communist party rule, so yes. Although, you could just see the book as cute story about animals that rebel against their neglectful human farmer, it most definitely symbolizes human society and our different types of rule.
Hippietrek I first read it at 11-all about animals (yet I could gleen to not think some are better than others from it- then I read it at 17,23,30, 45, 50-each time a new perspective (it is a simple understanding how concepts like socialism, Communism, marxism go awry since like all government- an upper elite take control and go away from their noble ideals))
Emily Ferguson I think it is both. This book has proven that the actual animals themselves are based on people from the Russian Revolution. I do not think that a younger kid would understand this book, and think that it just about animals who live on a farm. I do think it is for older people up in high school and above. They would understand more about the moral and the message that Orwell is trying to get across to the readers. I strongly do not suggest that this is a children's book what so ever. This book has deep meaning, and strong message that I don't think that a younger kid would understand. Animal Farm is depressing, and for me I was very moved. It saddened me to read about animals suffering and being slaves to their own kind.
Pashmina Yes. Animal Farm is a book about animals for younger readers and a book with a deep meaning for older ones. It could be relating to differences in gender, race or religion, and is really a very dreary book if you think about it that way.
Vithika This book show how leaders manipulate the crowd mentality. Some people are controlled by fear and some through speeches. Animals are used to highlight the personality trait in leaders and crowd.
Harmandeep Singh *spoiler alert* It represent the animals only but tells us how we are in freedom but still not in freedom. It has a deep meaning if you try to get. We are ruled by pigs
Michelle Maybe read the book? The intro explains why Orwell wrote it. Probably a good idea to use your brain.
Camden Mama I like turtles they are TURTLES.
Remory Perry Yes. Look here for deeper answer — — https://freebooksummary.com/animal-fa...
Mark Morosse this might explain ...
(it doesn't Suck!)

Nikki It's an allegory of the Soviet Union and the Russian Revolution. The pigs are the Bolshevik, the remaining farm animals are the poor, and the humans are (were) the overthrown Russian aristocracy.
Andreea Cretu Very funny.
Dennis Raffaelli It represents Russia under Stalin. Comrade is what communists call each other. The Russian word is товарищ. It sounds like tovardeesh to Americans.

The pigs ruling the farm represents the dictatorship of the proletariat. According to Socialist principles, this was supposed to pass away. This did not happen in the book or in real life either.
Logan Chiaramonte In the beginning, the animals try making the government saying "4 legs are better than 2 legs" but towards the end, they realize they have turned into humans, now stating "4 legs are good, 2 legs better"
Henry Zhang Its actually based on the Soviet revolution like what Clara Kyung said, Napoleon is Stalin and etc. You can look it up on google.
Lobo Loco Because lizards and stuff
Belén Seriamente, hacer toda una crítica hacia la forma en que los animales NO son... Por supuesto que representa a las personas, específicamente el régimen de Stalin.
Michele Evans The personification of animals.
Anika The book is not about animals but people. The main message of the book is how humans get manipulated by these people who rule our country. It shows the way they change their mind after they have the power and treat humans like toys. Each character represents a person from the Russian Revolution of 1917. This book is truly a masterpiece! Everyone should read it.
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Ar haha some of these obvious questions seem to be kids trying to get others to do their homework for them. Now which animal would that be representing at the farm? :)
WILLIAM well it took place in world war 2 so its probably about communism so Stalin, Trotsky, and Hitler,
George Fafalios The main characters in the book are animals. You follow their lives in the farm, witnessing the Revolution and how they take control over it. The message of the book has to do with people - how power can corrupt, how important education is and what the effects of propaganda on the masses are. It's a good book!
Sarah Willmann It represents people and the government. But very good read.
Alexis ksaifi it represents the time when the soviet union was ruled by tzars.
mr .jones (i think thats the name i forgot) - the last tzar (again forgot there name)
snowball - leon Trotsky
Napoleon - joseph stalin
old major - karl Marx
Sarah Marie If you have to ask that, you're probably asking for a text and didn't read the book.
Mariyam How is it that everyone from the 77 answers gives the right answer, yet the one person who's wrong (or joking?) is at the top of the answers.
Marsha This book is based on the Russian Revolution
Prasanth Nair It may or may not represent the Russian revolution but in the broader perspective it's a satire on the irony of civilisation, the inevitable intoxication by power resulting in the misrepresentation and omission of the true spirit of a society, which is equality.
Angie Zheng Yes, it represents the Russian Revolution. Most of the characters represent something or someone.
Rama its about animals that acts like people and there having a war towards human
Lillian The whole book is actually a metaphor on the massive flaws of politics.
Jamie Bigham ...Oh my god...
PHILO SORIA Represents real people and the different types of personalities in a revolution. George Orwell's "1984" is not his only work repeating itself because so does this one.
Rohan It is a political satire... One of my best books that describes how politician think, rule, and represents the tyrannical government...
Bryan Pablo i disagree with tys
Eric Long A great book with the strong idea of author about the politics and society during the WII
Bien Nguyen Put the book back at the time it was written. It was about Stalin, Soviet Union and Communism and Socialism. It's so true even for now in some communist countries.
Cheyenne It is based on The Soviet Union during World War II
Manu its all about politics.
Oleh Chorniy The animals are supposed to represent people, specifically, big leaders during the Bolshevik Revolution in the year 1917 when the Soviet Union was created.
Jiayan(Ian) ZOU It is about animals, you can say like this. But it is not representing people, it is only talking about the revolution happened in England.
E in case you didn't get it, tys O'shea (the top answer) was being sarcastic
Cengiz Çetin Of course this book is referring to people in a society. Every kind of animals refers a character in a story. It is a masterpiece.
Rajendra Mahat A punch in the face to communism and communist leaders.
Paige Canetto Both. It can be read on two levels
Ella It's about the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia some years ago. The animals mostly represent real people.
alison k record Its in the general tradition of a fable combined with Jonathan Swift"s biting satire. Of course it depicts human society, specifically the Soviet State of Joseph Stalin but it is much deeper and more universal than that. I depicts ALL forms of institutionalized totalitarianism, and is probably just as pertinent to the modern day global business take over of the world in its quest of power and wealth. Everyone and everything, including democracy, can be sacrificed for their enrichment and empowerment.
18jackg Animal Farm is about a totalitarian state, specifically the USSR.
Stanford Blutch Kids can read it but I doubt that they will get the idea of the book. You can easily spot the resemblance between the life in the animal farm and a communist state.
Rafael Petry It is not a book for young kids. Animal Farm is a very political and historic book, the reader needs to have a knowlegde about the Russian revolution to understand and enjoy this magnific book.
Naveen Kumar This representing people indirectly using animals. You should try it.
Mikayla Beth I just recently studied Animal Farm in my Language arts class and I will be happy to tell you that Animal Farm is indeed an allegory of the Russian revolution. In fact, many publishers were hesitant about publishing Animal Farm because they were afraid people would revolt against the book or they could get in trouble with Russian authorities.
Hank Hoeft Yes, it is a satirical attack on Joseph Stalin's Soviet Russia. Orwell was a passionate believer in democratic socialism, and was equally passionate about fighting totalitarianism. He fought in the Spanish Civil war on the side of the Loyalists (Republicans, Socialists), and was nearly assassinated by Stalinist Soviet "advisers." His disillusionment directly led to his writing Animal Farm in 1943-44.
Liam A parallel satire on the Russian Revolution.
Lu Yes! Do you honestly believe the author of 1984 would write a story about a bunch of animals while sober and of sane mind without there being any hidden meaning behind it?

It's a satire of the Russian revolution.
The humans - ruling class (capitalist countries, the Russian upper class)
Old Major - Marx
Napoleon - Stalin
Snowball - Trotsky
Narrates the futility of communism and the revolution. If you read the end, you notice that Napoleon ends up acting much like the humans. A metaphor illustrating Stalin's reign and his version of communism, known as Stalinism (all pigs are equal but some pigs are more equal than other pigs).
Benny Tys O'Shea you are so Wrong! This is an allegory of communism.
Mark Animal Farm is a political allegory that represents the Russian Revolution and is a satire on Communism and corruption. It is against Stalin, whom Napoleon the pig represents.
Gorm Reventlow Yes.... and Napoleon is always right
Lynette Houck Whomever is saying this is a book for kids you obviously have never read this book. It represents communism and how ridding yourself of one evil means another can stand in that place. Not for kids.
Remiela Well if you try to analyze it and read between the lines or try to make some sort of analogy in it based on real life (i.e. politics), then yes. But otherwise, it could be read literally, without meanings, whatsoever.
Jack Avis This story is just short of an exact telling of the history of the rise of the Soviet Union. It begins with the prophecies of Karl Marx as told in he form of an old boar 'Old Major' exile of Farmer Jones (Czar Nicholas II) follows the history onwards through the Russian Civil war (the Battle of the Cowshed), the exile of Trotsky (Snowball) all the way to the complete an total corruption of the original principles of Animal Farm where Napoleon (Joseph Stalin) rules over animal farm (USSR) in such an unashamedly totalitarian way he has become one in the same with the humans. Animal Farm has ceased long ago to be a socialist utopia and is less free than before. The book is a scathing indictment for the atrocities that Stalin commited.
krishna1600 Wow.....When does something EVER say it's all a metaphor?
Zahara It is an allegory for Stalinist Russia.
Ken Ngeny Mugungei It was a great book back in my junior high...but thinking about it now, it is a book for a 5th grader...my 4star rating would go for 1984
Emma Each character represents a personality type. There are vain characters, tough characters, shy characters, etc.
Zoë It is a story about animals, but they represent people in an allegorical sense.
Sadie Yes, it's representing people
Berkay of course it is representing people, to be more specifically the soviet russian is critised throughout the novel.
Cassidye Devers The book is supposed to represent Russian history (I think in the 1930's???) where the czar was overthrown and tyrant, Joseph Stalin, took over. That's when the story was written. It's a satirical version of the Russian Revolution.
Katie This book is a satire about the Russian Revolution. About Stalin, Lenin and some other people in the Revolution.
Elena Without a debt representative of people. It is pure humanity poured into the characters, from the pigs to the single crow -- the reflection on social class seals the deal.
Lauren the animal represent people don't you know that
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