Bethany asked:

Should I read it? I read a review that said it was confusing. I've wanted to read it, for a while...but never knew if I should of.

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Heidi Tam Veronica Roth says:
One choice can destroy you.
One choice can transform you.

Think wisely...
Heather If you haven't already watch the movie first. I did and it really helped me to understand what was going on in the book much better.
I've always heard, "Read the book first then watch the movie." I find it much easier and less frustrating to do it in reverse. Not only do I understand the book more but I'm able to watch the movie and not complain about how they skipped this or they left that out. I can watch the movie and enjoy it as intended instead of nitpicking it apart.
Book is great and yes you should read it.
Sasha If you do not read this, or have no interest, you are going to live an incomplete life, without any knowledge of Divergent. So go to the library, get THE MOVIE, watch and enjoy it, and then read all of the books, picture the characters like they are in the movie, and then, you are going to find yourself at Barnes & Noble getting the whole set plus Four. Your welcome and enjoy. So go, don't be on Goodreads all day, and read the books.
Avneet Kaur Hell, yeah!! This book is so great, that I have some chapters memorized. You really need to read it. It's actually not that confusing. The book captures the essence of a mystical sort-of environment, and I just loved it. It's brilliant. I TOTALLY recommend this book even if the cover is not appealing. I'm not the sort of person who reads these types of books (Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc.) and I still picked up this book and couldn't put it down until it was done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ IT NOW, it's so awesome! =)
Phoebe It's definitely not confusing! It isn't too long, doesn't used advanced language, is direct and straightforward and everything happens in a chronological order.
Lisa I did not find it at all confusing. Things happened in the natural order, it was easy to follow, and there were very few character flashbacks. I would recommend it.
Candace Hoffman This and Hunger Games are my favorite book series!!!! So good! The movies I think are awful, but that's me... Not confusing at all, not sure how it could be construed that way?? But YES you should definitely read if you haven't already!
Kianna Well, the books not confusing, more of a harder read if you wanna put it that way. In the began you have absolutely no clue what is going on. There is no explanation and you connately wonder what is going on. However the story is good once you get it. Then again, I have a problem with perfect people, and i felt thats how all the people of the book were. and don't even get me started on the ending of the series. it was absolutely terrible. read it if you want, but i wouldn't recommend it
Elleanor Saunders Yes and not watch the film first read the series it is so amazing then watch the film
kristina Best fiction book I have read and it made me love reading. Sounds stupid, but the book is a BILLION times better than the film. READ the book FIRST!!! Trust me... I prefer watching movies way more than reading (I mean WAY more), but this book stunned me when I compared it to the film.
It's worth your time!! XD
Ayush51 It is confusing at first, but it is much easier to follow along later on. It is a great book to read.
Tarien Van Der Walt Hey.
Divergent is an amazing book. I've read it a million times and every single time I'm swept up into a whirlwind of emotions. Veronica Roth gives me chills and she's such a brilliant, creative and unique writer. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Zakary It's confusing if someone tells you the basic storyline but once you start reading, its hard to stop!
Maximo 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Emma It is not confusing!!!! I read the first book in 4 days it was so addicting. An amazing series!
Kristan Alexander not it it is not confusing trust me. when you start reading you cant put it down and also when you read the book watch the movie
Haley Fry You should read it. It is a great book. If you want to read it read it. It isn't confusing at all.
Madison This book was amazing! It's on my top ten favorites for sure!! I couldn't put it down from the first chapter to the last word. It's not too confusing of a book, but I do think there are a couple chapters I did read twice just to fully understand them, but being the person I am, I do try to read very deep into my books and see any little "secrets" that could be in it! Overall it's a great book and a must read for everyone!
Haley Kamz Yes! You should definitely read it, it like changed my life! no joke! i think so differently now, and it is by far the best book i've ever read!
Shriya Sehgal Bt I really loved this book.......... Its one of the best book series I have ever read
Bethany I meant should have.
Elisa Reka Definitely, and if you are looking for a way to escape your world and go on an adventure, you need to read this book. (Also there are cute guys so like why wouldn't you?)
thedivergenttribute YES. definitely read Divergent, it's not too hard of a read and has amazing character, plot, and world-building details. it's definitely not confusing at all because the plot twists aren't too intricate to have a hard time following the story.
Harshitha Yes, you should. If you like action-adventure books then I recommend this book. If you have read and enjoyed the hunger games book you will enjoy this as well. This book really changed my reading style and helped me enjoy action-packed, sci-fi books more.
Maanya Gadhok BEST BOOK EVER!!! I think you should, but it depends on what you like
Lily.The.Fab. YES READ IT!!!!!!!!!
Chloe Yes you should take it from me it is very gooooooooooood
Booksarebooks it might be kinda long but it's a defiantly a good book to read
Booksarebooks it might be kinda long but it's a defiantly a good book to read
Scarlett Well, it depends on what you like. I personally didn't enjoy this book, but It was mostly because of all the violence. If you like that stuff, go for it!
Sathya Seelam Yes, you should definitely read this book, the plot, characters, and development are really interesting to read! I especially love the character development of the main character, Tris. It's hard to put down once you started!
Eli Guy YES it is one of THE BEST BOOKS
Abigail Schultz I believe that you should. It is very interesting and enjoyable to read. It is a very good dystopian book, especially if you are interested in these genre of books.
Geneva yesssssssssssssssssssssss
Juli Si, ni lo dudes. Es un muy buen libro y bastante entretenido. Sinceramente no es muy confuso, tiene una trama entretenida, no ay palabras confusas. Ademas de todo tiene películas que son de los primeros tres libros!!
Te lo recomiendo mucho
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Mya ah yeah. period.
21augufe I read this book and LOVED it. if you think that it is to hard to understand, then try it again another time. It's probably to hard for you now, but keep on reading books that are in your range, and in a, bit it should be fine.
Abby This is a really good book and I recommend it for sure. It can be confusing sometimes but most of the time as long as you follow along with it the book will not be confusing. So yes, you should read this book the next time you see it!!
Summer I don't see how it is confusing. It is amazing. You definitely should read this book.
Nurni (Leave What's Heavy Behind) Read it, it's amazing. Lots of people hate on it and say the writing's bad and that it's a rip off the hunger games but that's not true at all. And even if you don't like it at first, just keep going , you'll get addicted. I wasn't into or used to dystopian but reading Divergent converted me, so to speak (I used to read really childish books before I read it, and at first I was disturbed because it wasn't some stupid gentle fairy book, but I got through that stupidity and realised how amazing it actually is. Now I read lots of dystopian). For me, I used to stay up really late reading them. It really affected me and changed the way I read books completely. And it gives you a lot of insight into teenage life and society (especially society through the eyes of a teenager). I have to warn you though, the last book is really sad.
Kady at first i was pretty confused too. but after reading a couple more pages, it would seem really interesting. definitely recommend it! :)
Rico A. If you haven't already watched the movie first. I did and it really helped me to understand what was going on in the book much better.
I've always heard, "Read the book first then watch the movie." I find it much easier and less frustrating to do it in reverse. Not only do I understand the book more but I'm able to watch the movie and not complain about how they skipped this or they left that out. I can watch the movie and enjoy it as intended instead of nitpicking it apart.
The book is great and yes you should read it.
Beautiful Chris K Yes you should. Divergent is the #1 book on my shelf. I love Divergent and so should you. But don't watch the movie first if you hadn't already seen it because that would be kind of a spoiler. Read Divergent and don't let know one tell you not to other wise because you'll miss out on all the fun and excitement going on in the book. Ps: After you read Divergent read Insurgent.
Aniston Whitlow Yes. Although it's confusing, it's amazing!!!!!
Atika No, I wouldn't. If you are looking for a great dystopian novel, there are many out there but this is not one of them. It's just a REALLY badly designed knockoff off of Hunger Games
Jay Crenshaw Yea, yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea
Josselyn YES! You should read the book! The book is excellent! I love how Veronica Roth describes the different abnegations and how Tris and Four fell for each other.
Michael Meh. It's a decent series, but not something I would pay to read outside of my tax dollars.
Cheyenne Soards of cource.and yeah just pay close attention and you should understand it.
Lindsay Harrison Yes, absolutely! It's great! Not at all confusing.
Dylan I wouldn't recommend, as someone who usually likes these kinds of books. It isn't good or worth it. Sorry.
Katie I would definitely recommend it. However, it is very violent and there is some romance. In my personal opinion, it is not confusing although it all depends on your level of comprehensiveness I guess. The book is so great though. I love it. The characters are great. It is so compelling. I read it in 2 days. The book is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. But read the books first. They are much better than the movie in my opinion. The only problem is the endings. They are so violent and sad.
Chris Definitely read it. IT IS AMAZING!!!
#1RICKRIORDANFAN people keep saying it is confusing but I think this book is very strait forward and fast paced
Kyle Read it, you can get it for only $.099 here!
Mia Barely confusing at all. 200% worth it. :)
Aishwarya Achu Not confusing as such . just that starting you have no clue whats what .. later the story unfolds n you wouldnt recognise how quick you finished the book .

yES please do read, its a brilliant one choosing this book was one of the best ever choice i made in reading ( i read it before watching the movie.. will watch it soon ; thats when u can relate...)
Zoe S I think you should read it it was a really good book
Avril You should read it, its a really good book. I personally don't think its confusing. I could probably understand most of the language in 3rd grade, and it's pretty straight forward.
Poppy YES READ IT. I know a lot of people say to watch the film first. I didn't and I am so glad. The characters are easy to connect to and I was in tears when it ended because I had to wait six weeks until I could get the next one.
Ireland Russell It is an amazing book! I just finished reading it last night. I stayed up for hours finishing the last few hundred pages. But, if you are a fast reader, make sure you have the second one ready to read otherwise you will be left in a hole of hate and madness. (Like me)
Lincoln Yes. It is not at all confusing. The author doesn't explain everything in the beginning, but that matches the character. She's lived in this world all her life and doesn't explain things she takes for granted, and there's much about the world she doesn't yet know, so you get to discover details along with her and see what she finds important. This is a great read and a great example of good world building.
May Honestly, i watched the movie first in theater and when the movie finished i ran straight to indigo and bought the series, i loved every part of that series.So i say you should defiantly read this series
Areels I don't know why but teenagers like it a lot, i personally found it very childish and stupid
Konstantina✨️ Unless you don't like reading good, intense books or you don't like reading in general, well yeah, you definitely should. It's amazing. <4 (divergent reference)
Anirudh Pai Have no doubt, this book is awesome. Watch the movie if you want some help
ithinkitsme6 Don't watch the movie first. You have to read the book. It's amazing. And it's not confusing at all. The author takes her time in introducing it without it being boring in any way.
Hannah Rose I do not think you should watch the movie first i waited and read the book first because have the stuff in the book they did not put in the movie i love this series and saying they skipped stuff is part OF THE FANDOM EXPERINCE I HAVE A RULE WITH MYSELF READ THEN WATCH
Vera Okay, so i NEVER watch the movies before reading the books, BUT i saw Divergent before reading the book and loved then. Read the book and loved that too. Then I watched the movie again and just thought it was total bullcrap. I read the second book before watching the second movie and regretted it because I would've liked the movie if I hadn't read the book first. They change sooo much in the movies that they're gonna be a HUGE dissapointment after reading the books, but they're great if you haven't read them.
lily:) Personally, I hated the book and thought the main protagonist was annoying. It's not really confusing but not much is explained either...
Andreanna It is a bit confusing but the movie can help explain some things, but the book includes things that never happened in the movie. I would read it, its worth the time.
nadia It isn't confusing! It's actually an extremely good, straightforward and easy to understand book. The plot's detailed, [which is always a good thing!] so if you skip important parts or skim then it may be harder to understand. I read the book when I was 9 or 10 and I was perfectly able to understand it.
Henos Ok I will read it first
Nupur Its not so confusing. If you understand the plot well, you will love the book.
Mélanie Duvillet you have to read it, it's amazing but don't watch the movie before i think it's better.
Melanie I didn't watch the movie, but found the book an enjoyable, fast paced, exciting read - not confusing. I did have to keep going back to the 5 faction names to remember what they stood for, but that was it. Nothing else was confusing.
Sophia LaPointe I personaly don't find it confusing. It is one of the most awesome books I have ever read. I guess it all depends on your definition of confusing.
Kristina Read the book first, I saw the movie at a friends house before I read the book. I was really confused. Yes, the book is a little long, but she explains it so much better in the book. the book isn't confusing, its pretty clear. If you watch the movie first, there's no point in reading the book, you already know what's going to happen.
It is an amazing series, read it. don't forget the extra book 'Four', its really good.
G. Miki I just saw the movie and thought it was great, so I might also read the book and the others in the series.
Mihai Corson Well, if you enjoy Sci Fi, should read it, seen the movie and by my oppinion it is far better than it, and even the movie is likeable, and it respects most actions depicted in the book...
Janet Not confusing at all. A pretty good read. It's not up there with the hunger games by a long shot but still enjoyed it.
Kaninop i feel like u need to read this before watching the movie. Cuz it'll be really confusing.
kiki I think you should although there is a few confusing parts that I still don't get
Celena I watched the movie and i haven't been able to find the book yet but i thought that the movie was good. I got kinda lost in it but i found it again pretty fast. I would read it if i could.
naba You definitely should. Seriously. The book is not confusing at all, but I guess that really depends on the reader. Sometimes it's best to go with your feels-if you want to read the book, go ahead and read it. Don't listen to the reviews :)
Hey There can you read it here?
Helena Well, I wasn't such a big fan of it because it is very dark. To much killing in my opinion. But if you like stuff like that, go ahead!
Javita Yes READ IT. Some reviews can be confusing when the person who writes it didn't really get the story (NOT trying to be mean at all). Ignore that review, read it, love it, and then see for yourself
Kypris Drake So far it's not confusing, there's just a lot to keep track of. As with any new world, you need a score card at first, but then it all makes more and more sense. I'm enjoying the unpredictable nature of the plot in particular.
Amariah Dixon You may have already read it by now--but I'll go ahead and say, my 13 year old cousin read it and she loved it. She said she read it in about a week. It's an easier read than Hunger Games and lighter. I would not call it confusing.
Gwen It's NOT confusing at all!!!!
i don't know if I sound like a person who's obsessed with reading, but i finished it in 2 days and it was just amazingggggg
Jenna This is an excellent book!

The movie is not good at all though. They cut chopped it up so much and a lot of important parts were left out. However, watching the movie first will definitely help you connect with the characters and allow you to put a face with a name.
chloe You should definitely read this book it's great and is in know way confusing if you understand the plot of the book
Kendra It is not confusing! It is definitely in my top two books I have ever read! Read it! You will love it. It is slightly intimidating as it is slightly large, but it won't seem like it when you read it. I think I read it in less than a week. I am not a person that will sit down for the day to read, either. I also watched the movie first (which in a rare-case scenario it is better that way). :)
Maddie C. I actually thought that this book was confusing but the movie cleared it up for me. There is just so much happening that it gets really confusing at times and then you don't understand for the rest of the book what happened.
Avaminn F'nett It's not confusing. Quite the opposite, actually - the writing's simple and not that good. I personally think it's a horrible book (one of the few I couldn't finish), but most people like it - try reading it, and if you don't like it, stop.
Aimee yes you should its not confusing at all its a really good book i recomend it i followed it easy
Christina Wagih I wanna to get a PDF version any links plz ???
Julie I loved it . I found it easy to follow infact i couldn't put it down i wanted more .. Would highly recommend
Maddy Hooper its really great and not confusing at all, its so worth a read! you wont regret it.
DragonTears I think you should read it ;) I loved this book ! I couldn't put it down . It to me was a easy read and not confusing at all ( and trust me hater of all things confusing I would never read a book I found hard to follow ) .
Anca It's not confusing unless you overthink it. The language is pretty simple and the narration straightforward.
Brooke Lorren I love it! One of my favorite book series ever. My husband didn't like it though, for the same reasons that I loved it. It is written from a first person point of view, so there are parts of the book where the character is talking about how they are feeling, etc. Husband hated it, I thought that was what made the book.

The ending of the third book, which I won't give away here, was a let-down... I replaced the ending in my mind with fan fiction written by other people, I was so unhappy with it. However, the rest of the book series was great. I read all three books in about 2 days because I couldn't put it down.
Andy It is a very short book so I would go for it, even if you have apprehensions.
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