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Yes!! We all want to know what the words are!!

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Kai Its totally "nothing ever ends" from the Watchmen. Bear with me here, why would Rainbow Rowell even mention the comic or that line from the comic unless it was significant in some way? Plus, if it were that would be some crazy foreshadowing genuineness.
Also, reading comics together was the beginning of their relationship and a big part of their life together. Its simple, beautiful and would be pretty brilliant writing.
Nazbaz This is from Q&A:

Okay, look. I haven't even told my mom the three words. But let's talk about this for a few minutes . . .

I always knew, when I started Eleanor & Park, what the last line would be. I knew Eleanor was going to send Park a postcard, and that it would be “just three words long.”

And I knew that readers would assume those three words were “I love you.” I want readers to assume that. It’s the obvious answer – and it’s a happy answer. Wouldn’t it be lovely if Eleanor finally said, “I love you”?

But I can’t bring myself to confirm that interpretation. Or to say anything conclusive about the postcard – beyond that I think Eleanor wrote something hopeful. Park responds hopefully. He sits up, he smiles, he feels like something with wings take off from his chest. That sounds like hope to me.

It drives people crazy when I talk like this: as if the characters have minds of their own, and I’m just interpreting their actions based on what I’ve read. I created Eleanor and Park! I should be able to tell you, concretely, what it is says on the postcard.

But there’s something about that moment between them . . .

It’s the end of the book, and we’re getting ready to leave the characters. Their story is about to become their own again. (If you imagine that characters keep on living after you close a book; I do.) So we’re backing away from them, and they’re having an intimate moment. And it just feels wrong to read their mail.

I know! It’s crazy for me to say that! We’ve been in their heads for 300 pages, and it’s a postcard – everyone at the post office probably read it. But in that moment, as the author, it didn’t feel right to read it, or to share it.

The important thing to know about that postcard is that Eleanor sent it. She worked through all her fear and anxiety and insecurity, and she reached out to Park. She sent him something that made him smile and feel wings fluttering in his chest.

Readers often ask me – after they’ve asked about the three words – why I decided to end the book this way. Why couldn’t I give Park and Eleanor a happy ending?

I think I did give them a happy ending.

I mean, I know it’s not really an ending; there aren’t wedding bells and sunsets. This isn’t the end for these two people. It’s just where we leave them.

But they’re 17 years old.

And I don’t believe that 17-year-olds get happy endings. They get beginnings.
Colin Bohl It has to be “I Love You.” She struggled throughout the entire book to say those words to him. I believe in my heart that she finally found the nerve to do it. I won’t allow myself to believe otherwise!
Libby I'm Han Solo ;)
Charlie "my stepdad's dead"
sorry... couldn't help myself. Kinda the best possible ending though. I'm putting that right in my headcanon
Suzanne I know for sure that the words are 'I love you' for one reason.
In Dutch, 'I love you.' is 'Ik hou van jou.' So that's four words. I read the book in Dutch, and in this translation, the last sentence is:
'Met vier korte woordjes.' In English this means: 'With four short words.'
In the English version there are only three words on the card. So it only makes sense that it is 'I love you'
Gwen "You're my sun!" I love you and I miss you aren't clever enough for Eleanor. She says several times in the book, "Park is the sun." This ties into the Romeo & Juliet references, as well as, The Smith's song How Soon is Now. Eleanor thought the lyrics son and heir were actually sun and air. The end of the book says, "Park turned it over and recognized the scratchy handwriting. It filled his head with song lyrics. He sat up. He smiled. Something heavy and winged took off from his chest."
Alejandra Tabaranza As much as I want the words to be "I love you" or "I miss you", I wouldn't be surprised if they were the only three reoccurring words Eleanor says about Park, "Stupid asian kid." (Which would kill me!)
Annie Nicole I personally am all on board for any combination of words that say that Eleanor is still breathtakingly in love with Park. However, my three words are "I'm still yours." x
❀espe❀ I think the words are probably "I love you" or "I miss you" because in the spanish "version" there are only two words, it can be "Te amo" or "Te extraño"
ps: sorry if there is something wrong with the grammar or something, i speak sapnish:(
Bel Georgieva I think "Nothing ever ends" fits perfectly and makes sense but I also thing it was left unwritten because for every person a different sentence makes the perfect ending. That way no one's disappointed because everyone can just pretend it's what they wanted it to be... whether it's 'I love you' or 'I miss you' or 'Nothing ever ends' or a song title or song lyrics, I think the mere fact that she wrote to him was enough for me. It was enough for my heart not to break completely...
Amber Hicks i am kinda thinking she could have written "Dear Park, stop." but then that would be a disappointing ending. If she really did still love him i don't think she would have just sent a postcard saying "i love you", she probably would have said a lot more, and opened his cards. I also feel like in the end Park was still only talking about how sad he was without her and Eleanor wasn't saying stuff like that at all. Maybe the Author did this on purpose so we can give ourselves a happy or sad ending.
M I like to think that its, obvs, 'I Love You' but maybe, 'I'm Coming Home'
Crystal Caldwell I didn't know there was this much debate about it, I thought it was pretty obvious the words were "Nothing ever ends". For her to just say "I love you" would be pretty simple, and not really like her. Their whole friendship started because she was reading his comics basically. They shared a lot of great conversations and moments discussing and reading them together, and Watchmen seemed extra special. She was letting him know she had read it, she was still thinking of him while she read it, and that there was hope for them. I love you would be silly, she hadn't had any contact with him in a year or more. But "nothing ever ends" would have meaning for both of them - they had a connection even when the connection seemed lost, and she wanted to let Park know that.
Starasia It is without a doubt "I love you." It was an obvious and important plot point that she NEVER said it to him once.
Ladyannick Lentacker Be there soon - or - on my way ...
J It's possible (and very Eleanor-ish) for her not to have written anything at all. Maybe she couldn't think of anything to write so gave up. I think she started with something like "Dear Park" and then signed it at the bottom with "Eleanor".
Gretchen "sorry about prom" It would be so her to apologize about something she couldn't control.
Book lover The person who said it was, "nothing ever ends" from Watchmen. i choose to believe that. I don't think she ever really said i love you directly too him, but i love you is just so blah too me so predictable. the person who made this book is anything but and i think 'nothing ever ends" was perfect for them. It was the perfect happy ending for Eleanor and Park.
Mockingjay1407 I have asked myself this question soo many times since finishing the book, and most days I love that Rainbow Rowell left the choice up to us, keeping her own thoughts a secret. I guess on the other days I don't like it so much, because whenever the book pops into my head, another possibility for the three words appears, all changing depending on my mood. Scrolling down through all of these, it's cool to hear what everyone else thinks though :)
Lyzel Llewellyn It's not "Park, just stop" because he already stopped writing to her.

She needed to explain why she didn't call nor write back. I think it's "I love you" as a way to explain that she's letting him go because that would be better for him.

For most of the relationship, they really didn't know each other. The discussion about "Romeo and Juliet" was a big clue to the reader. They needed each other to feel good about themselves. That's not really love. Love is doing what benefits the other person even if you have to make a sacrifice to do it.
JulaThePula For some reason I never thought of the words 'I love you', I thought of 'Please don't stop'
Charlotte Whiteing I think it may just be "Eleanor plus park"
Amber I think it's "I Need You".... "I Love You" is too important to say on a postcard, and Eleanor understands that.
Arshee It couldve been 'I miss you' i think that's more practical
Tony Talbot "Sexy Bruce Lee"
Lisa I don't think it matters what the words were. The fact that she wrote to him was enough for him.
Simmi I was reading through these, and based on what Rainbow Rowell said as well as my personal thoughts, here are my favorites:
-"Nothing ever ends"
-"Dear Park, (empty space) -Eleanor"
-"I loved you" (that makes me so sad goddamit)
Rohini It has to be a song because it filled Park's head with the lyrics...
something from Smiths ' Well I wonder'
Rachel She says "I love you" because she was always too afraid to say it out loud to him.
Shannon My first thought was I love you. But Kai below says "nothing ever ends" which I think is a great option as well because it is an inside joke and something they love to do. (read comics). Either way, I think that Park understood that she does love him and in my head I'm going to assume she finally kept in touch with him and let him in fully.
Nanar Avedessian I think it could be whatever you want it to be , if you want it to have a happy ending then it's something like "I love you" or "See you soon" . If you want it to have a sad ending it's probably like "Park , just stop" .
Carrie G I think it was "I miss you." Those were some of the most important words they said to each other earlier in the book and they would tell Park that things weren't over between them. "I love you" is a possibility, but maybe too much after not talking or seeing each other for so long. I do like Darla's suggestion of "Nothing ever ends," though! I do NOT think it was "Dear Park, Stop." That would change the whole tone and theme of the book. And it would break my romantic heart!
Shashi There is one DOUBT that I have about the 3 words being "nothing ever ends". Park thinks in Chapter 57 what Eleanor would've thought about the final issue of the comic 'Watchmen', which came out a couple of months AFTER she left. So, the words 'nothing ever ends' were published after Eleanor left. And honestly I don't think Eleanor would have read Watchmen after moving away from Park & without him by her side. It would have been too painful for her. She wasn't even opening the letters, packages and postcards Park was sending her! So, I don't think she would've been aware of those ending words of the comic. I haven't read Watchmen & am just basing my analysis on what I read in the novel. So, I dont know whether my analysis is right or wrong. But, this is why I feel that those three words couldn't have been "nothing ever ends".
Leeann I like to think that its something like Im Coming Back, or Come Get Me or Im Coming Home or See You Soon
Shannon I need it to be "I love you". Eleanor never said it back to Park and it makes so much sense, they're teens in endless love. call me a hopeless romantic, but if it's not I will burn and die.
Geneveve Perhaps the words are "I'm going back" since it was mentioned that she did not enroll when fall came. But I do agree with Dalal :) it's quite logical to connect the comic. I really love the book! Job well done Ms. Rainbow Rowell! ;) I do hope if this book would be on the big screen... The true 3 words on that postcard be said outloud.
Kate It could be so many different combo's……..

Like: you saved me, I am okay, when school finishes, come and visit, it could be the title of a Beatles song or a Smiths song - endless.

I love that it isn't neat and finished, I can roll the different words around in my head and think of where they could lead.
Noelle I know! We'd all like it to be "I love you," wouldn't we? it's obviously something positive because of his reaction, but I guess we'll never know. *le sigh*
Sam it's most likely "nothing ever ends"
Fact 1: Rowell brings up said line out of no where
Fact 2: To quote Rowell herself: "I don’t believe that 17-year-olds get happy endings. They get beginnings." If it were "I love you" that would be an ending but nothing ever ends is the exact metaphor both Eleanor and Rowell would use
Fact 3: "This isn’t the end for these two people" that means the words have to be more hopeful than "I love you." Why? Because saying I love you is how a lot of people say goodbye. when saying bye don't you also say 'bye! love you"
Fact 4: Let's just theorize on why she never said she loves him. Honestly as someone who has had trauma in the past it's hard for me to say it too, there is no way missing someone is gonna make you get over that. This girl has been broken by her past so she's not gonna get over it that fast.
Fact 5: Eleanor is an amazingly different person who refuses to be bland. She would think of something to make him smile more than "I love you" ever could, with a reference showing that she paid attention all that time ago. Honestly, it would make 0 sense for it to be the obvious answer. It would make 0 sense for Eleanor to even say that. It's Eleanor. She's a geeky dork whom we all love and she would say something geeky to let Park know she's okay and still thinks of those times. So either it's "nothing ever ends" or "I'm Han Solo."

(also a little side-note: it can't be anything sad because he read it then smiled, quote: Eleanor hadn't written him a letter.
It was a postcard. Greetings from the land of 1000 lakes it said on the front. Park turned it over and recognized her scratchy handwriting. It filled his head with song lyrics.
He sat up. He smiled. Something heavy and winged took off from his chest. )
Inês Oliveira
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Filipa Pedroso I scanned the comments to see if there was any mention of Portuguese, but I didn't see any. In the Portuguese translation, it also says Eleanor wrote two words. But this doesn't make sense at all with "I love you", because for us that's one word only "Amo-te". It could work with "Nothing ever ends" as translated to "Nada acaba", though
Lindsay I usually don't answer but I have to add my thoughts as I finished the book 10 minutes ago and am still fully obsessed with this world. I don't think it would be "Dear Park, Stop." The book says he still writes but stopped sending the letters so there is nothing to stop. As much as I love "Nothing Ever Ends", I doubt she would be able to read Watchmen without him. She couldn't even open his letters or listen to his music. She couldn't read Watchmen without thinking of him and she didn't want to. "I love you" is very possible but so not her style (she's Han Solo.) A recurring theme was always missing each other; I feel it said "I miss you." It physically hurts that we will never know.
Sariah So, I've rad a lot of the comments. And I'm going between "I love you" and "Nothing ever ends." Those that claim the three words are "I love you" make a strong point abotu the translations adding up to "I love you," and I checked to see if "Nothing ever ends" is two words in Spanish, and it isn't. But then I also thougth about how translations can be wrong. I've read so many translated books where one word was different, and the meaning completely changed. And amyeb that's what happened here. Honestly, I wouldn't mind believing that those are the three words - "I love you," but the only reason I have such a hard time believing it is is that it seems so out of character for Eleanor. And putting "Nothing ever ends" seems much more special. Also! The translaters could have easilt misinterpreted and thought that it was "I love you," like most people do. Remeber: Rowell said that she didn't tell anyone the three words, not even her mom. So, it's very possible the translations were incorrect. I'd liek to believe it is "Nothing ever ends." it's just much more "Eleanor and Park."
Katelyn Johnson i think it could be "across the universe". this is a song by the beatles & it makes sense that she would quote the music she showed him. also, part of the song said "letter box" so yeah haha. i'm probably totally wrong but i figured i might help someone else get to the right answer. :)
Chuck "I killed Mufasa"
Jane Weitz it could be anything TBH i myself , when finished it , i just clenched it my chest nd was staring at the wall smiling thinking what the words could be until my brother came and broke my trance ... anyway coming back to point ....... the words could be anything i mean i could be "I love you" or rather "I miss you" or "nothing ever ends" or "you're my sun" or "I am back" or "I am yours" or anything ........all in all there is one fixed thing and that is that the author leaves it on the readers she lets them imagine it and have anything they like to fit in ............. and in the end they both had a happy ending park was happy seeing the postcard means they did got a happy ending that's all that matter right then let's just chuck the fact that what the words were ......... right
Kvothe Me ha encantado. Estaba buscando algo así, que no fuera la típica historia de amor en la que una chica tímida se enamora del típico chico perfecto y él se fija en ella porque es "diferente" a las demás.
Jemma Saunders I personally feel like "I love you" would be too obvious and it's just not like Eleanor to say those words in that particular way, having not seen Park for a year. The words bring Park a sense of hope, so I think that it must be something along the lines of "I'm coming home" or "come see me", something that gives potential for them to come together again. Not sure what others think about this idea but I like to think this could be it!!
Melodie the last three words could have been "I love you " or "Nothing never ends" but knowing Eleanor is might be "Stupid Asian Kid."
Mel The first words that popped in my mind were "I love you", but "nothing ever ends" from Watchmen fits Eleanor's quirky personality much more. As much as the end left me longing for more, I loved it. There are rumours of a sequel and also a film. Let's hope so!!
tan I feel like this is totally up to you and what you think about the characters. As much as the readers struggle and think it says "I love you" we all know the characters can get quite irritated so it could have been anything. As Rainbow Rowell discussed in an interview it could have been, "Park just stop" or "Leave me alone." It is an open ended thought where the readers really come into play.
Renee Johnsen I was wondering this myself and since she never said "I love you" that would be a great ending. But didn't she start a letter to him that said Park, Just Stop. There was a whole passage about not ending, just stopping. Either way, pretty sad.
Jacki Snowden I think they were I love you. I'd like to think they end up together once they're done with school. I'm going to think that's what happens.
Nettle I think it's "I miss you" as that was their thing. But another (which is less likely would be "I can't breath") because they were always saying that being without each other was like not breathing so...
Leyla I thought it might be along the lines of 'eat your face' or something like that because it was mentioned she wrote that on her letter for Spanish. Also, I don't really think it's like her for her to say I love you because that just wasn't really her character.
Leonore Honestly? I don't get why everyone wants to know a finite answer.

I love how the answer can be so many different things. Anything from "I miss you", "Come see me.", "I am better", "How are you?", "I'm coming back".... Maybe it's even a song recommendation? I don't know, I really like that part.
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Safiya I honestly believe it's something kind of random like 'your really cute' or 'your hair's cute' because of that letter she was writing near the beginning of the book may be as more of deja vu that even all the problems they had her stepfather running away all of it that they are still at that same moment in their relationship that their bond never faded and never ended that it's frozen in ice or stuck in time in a way
Silvia Sáez It's totally 'I love you' because throughout the book Park says it all the time and the narrator points out that Eleanor never says it, so the time had to come.
Pamela Paterson She said 'I love you' because she had never said it to him. That is my hope any way.
Angela chicken noodle soup.
Kayden I looked at a website and it said the three words were, Smell. You. Later.
Aubrey how can I read this BOOK??? Can somebody help me PLEAAAASSSEEEE!!
Colin Kim I love you.

In Spanish it is 'te amo' with 2 words, like in the Spanish translation.
In Dutch it is 'ik hou van jou' with 4 words, like in the Dutch one.

It only makes sense
Gera It's obviously "I love you" or "I miss you" since in the spanish version, it says there are only two, which applies to the translation of those words I mentioned.
xhilarate Although "I love you" seems to be the most popular last three words, and I really hope these are the last three words, it seems a bit too expected. Eleanor and Park were against the norms which makes that ending a bit too cliche. Even though a big part of the book is Eleanor trying to tell Park that she loves him, I feel that Eleanor would write much more than just I love you if that's what she wrote. Also, Eleanor is really witty, so I am pretty sure she must have written something unique, or something that only the two of them can relate to.
Persassyizdabest I'm also on board with the "I love you" answer. The way Park smiles and is so happy, gives me hope and no matter all the other negative interpretations I read, to me, the three words will always be "I love you". <3
Cornelia Creado It's "I love you". Since she never said that to him throughout the book
Lauren Wazontek It has to be, "I love you." She never said it once, and she struggled when trying to write to Park because she couldn't express her feelings. What better way to convey it than those 3 words?
Gabriel Leitão It must be "I love you". She never said it in the entire book. But then again: why not say that before? She had to wait for a long time before even answering him!
Read On! I just assumed it was 'I love you' because Park had said those words to her and she'd never reciprocated with the same.
Riane i THINK the three words Eleanor wrote to Park was "I love you" because throughout the whole novel, only Park was the one to say " i love you." which is kinda depressing but all the less, a reason why eleanor wrote i love you on the postcard to remind Park how much hardship they went through together.
Caryl Ycasas Must be "I Love You" the words she couldn't tell him before :D
Tracy Martin I wish they would add a warning to the book ratings. Warning - requires you to finish the story. I read for enjoyment, to get lost in other worlds, to step out of decision making required of my occupation. I do not like fill in the blank endings after I have committed to a story. If I could write, I would write, but I read to enjoy a complete story. This is the second book in a row where I am left to 'decide my own ending'. I do enjoy reading the others reviews at least on how you guys concluded your ending. Thanks for picking me up, when the author dropped me!
Allan Luna I don't know. I guess it's up to interpretation by the reader. As for me, I definitelly think it's "I love you", the one thing she didnn't ever get to say to Park before leaving.
Kageyama Tobio It has to- no NEEDS to- be I love you.
I won't accept otherwise.
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