The Intelligent Investor
A Random Walk Down Wall Street
One Up On Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings
Security Analysis: Principles and Technique
The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor
The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns
Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
The Four Pillars of Investing
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger
Beating the Street
Why Are We So Clueless about the Stock Market? Learn How to I... by Mariusz SkoniecznyBerkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders by Warren BuffettF Wall Street by Joel PonzioThe Little Book That Builds Wealth by Pat DorseyCommon Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings by Philip A. Fisher
To Read - Investing (Basics)
5 books — 1 voter
The Most Important Thing by Howard  MarksValue Investing by Bruce C.N. GreenwaldQuality of Earnings by Thornton L. O'gloveWhat's Behind the Numbers? by John Del VecchioFinancial Shenanigans by Howard M. Schilit
To Read - Investing (Advanced)
8 books — 1 voter

The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens by David   GardnerDream Big by Mukesh JindalDream Big  by Mukesh JindalThe Teen's Guide to Becoming a Millionaire by Kent StuverThe Crystal Cave by Mary  Stewart
Money Books for Teens
11 books — 8 voters
The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing by Taylor LarimoreThe Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. StanleyThe Intelligent Investor by Benjamin GrahamYour Money or Your Life by Vicki RobinThe Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias
Best Money Books for Millennials
10 books — 5 voters

The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing by Taylor LarimoreUniversity of Berkshire Hathaway by Daniel  PecautA Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. MalkielThe Snowball by Alice SchroederMoney by Anthony Robbins
Books about investing
7 books — 2 voters
The Art of Startup Fundraising by Alejandro CremadesThe Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas TalebSeeking Wisdom by Peter BevelinInfluence by Robert B. CialdiniMargin of Safety by Seth A. Klarman
Investing And Wisdom
41 books — 35 voters

Roger Lowenstein
Buffett's methodology was straightforward, and in that sense 'simple.' It was not simple in the sense of being easy to execute. Valuing companies such as Coca-Cola took a wisdom forged by years of experience; even then, there was a highly subjective element. A Berkshire stockholder once complained that there were no more franchises like Coca-Cola left. Munger tartly rebuked him. 'Why should it be easy to do something that, if done well two or three times, will make your family rich for life?
Roger Lowenstein, Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist

Brandon Turner
As you build your real estate empire, don’t get lost in greed and ambition. Whether through your money, your time, your knowledge, or something else: give back.
Brandon Turner, How to Invest in Real Estate: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Getting Started

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