Drawing is a form of visual art that makes use of any number of drawing instruments to mark a two-dimensional medium. Instruments used include graphite pencils, pen and ink, inked brushes, wax color pencils, crayons, charcoal, chalk, pastels, various kinds of erasers, markers, styluses, and various metals (such as silverpoint). An artist who practices or works in drawing may be called a draftsman or draughtsman.

Botteghe di Tokyo 東京店構え. L'arte del disegno di Mateusz Urbanowicz
Little Big Nate Draws A Blank
I Can't Draw
Drawing on The Dominant Eye: Decoding the Way We Perceive, Create, and Learn
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The Hobbit Sketchbook
Linus the Little Yellow Pencil
Making Comics
Morpho: Fat and Skin Folds: Anatomy for Artists (Morpho: Anatomy for Artists, 4)
I Think, Therefore I Draw: Understanding Philosophy Through Cartoons
Rock What Ya Got
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Morpho: Hands and Feet: Anatomy for Artists (Morpho: Anatomy for Artists)
Sketch Every Day: 100+ simple drawing exercises from Simone Grünewald
The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Keys to Drawing
Figure Drawing for All It's Worth
Drawing the Head and Hands
Perspective Made Easy (Dover Art Instruction)
How to Draw What You See
You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less
Figure Drawing: Design and Invention
The Natural Way to Draw
Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter (Volume 2) (James Gurney Art)
How to Draw: Drawing and Sketching Objects and Environments from Your Imagination
Fun with a Pencil
Drawing the Head and Figure: A How-To Handbook That Makes Drawing Easy
Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
Creative Illustration

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Brenda Ueland
When Van Gogh was a young man in his early twenties, he was in London studying to be a clergyman. He had no thought of being an artist at all. he sat in his cheap little room writing a letter to his younger brother in Holland, whom he loved very much. He looked out his window at a watery twilight, a thin lampost, a star, and he said in his letter something like this: "it is so beautiful I must show you how it looks." And then on his cheap ruled note paper, he made the most beautiful, tender, lit ...more
Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit

Brian Froud
I've been actively engaged with mythic imagery ever since I picked up that Rackham book, but it really came into focus for me when I moved from London to the country. As I walked the extraordinary landscape of Dartmoor, I looked at the trees and the rocks and the hills and I could see the personality in those forms...then they metamorphosed under my pencil into faeries, goblins and trolls. After Alan and I published "Faeries", he moved on from the subject of faery folklore to illustrate Tolkien ...more
Brian Froud

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