1. The formal definition is that text should consist of arguments and debate, rather than simply present factual knowledge. Non-fiction studies, arguments, views.

2. Many books (mainly fiction) with a school setting have this tag.

See also:
* education
* high school
* school stories

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The Republic

I still feel glad to emphasize the duty, the defining characteristic of the pure scientist—probably to be found working in universities—who commit themselves absolutely to specialized goals, to seek the purest manifestation of any possible phenomenon that they are investigating, to create laboratories that are far more controlled than you would ever find in industry, and to ignore any constraints imposed by, as it were, realism. Further down the scale, people who understand and want to exploit r ...more
C.A.R. Hoare

August Wilhelm Schlegel
As the poets for the most part had their share of scholarship, it gave rise to a curious struggle between their natural inclination and their imaginary duty. When they sacrificed to the latter, they were praised by the learned; but by yielding to the former, they became the favourites of the people.
August Wilhelm Schlegel, Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature

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